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  1. I was all ready to come in here and go I only rode Banshee this year as my new coaster. Then I saw the rest of the list and went *doh* so I actually had to think about this. Banshee and Lightning Run are 1 and 2 but I'm not disclosing which is which because I think I liked them both fairly equally. Banshee, a solid B&M and it hauled a$$ at night. Lightning Run, not what I expected, but I distinctly remember laughing, the whole time, and getting off and walking right back on. El Loco, LOVED it. I know it's small/short, whatever, but different elements I haven't experienced was tons of fun. Thunderbolt so awful I forgot I rode it. And I guess this would also qualify it for biggest disappointment too. Has the potential to be awesome, but rough and uncomfortable and I just don't even know what to say/describe. It's just bad. ETA: I forgot about Cocoa Cruiser, and I rank a kiddie coaster better than Thunderbolt
  2. Great TR chuck! If I enjoyed haunt type activities I think it would be good fun, but I don't so I'll just keep enjoying pictures.
  3. I totally agree with you on the bathroom thing. I can't imagine it would cost too much money to add toilet seats, locks on doors, etc. Just a little sprucing up would really brighten up your day. Even Kristen was avoiding having to go as much as possible! As for the one train operation though, I find Knoebels one train operation still goes faster than more parks multi train operation! Bathroom behind Cesari's is the least disgusting and yes, I will walk through the entire park just to get back to that bathroom. (One of the few places that has seats on the toilets). But besides that Chuck thank you for the amazing Knoebels report. That day was awesome. One of the most fun days I've ever had at the park.
  4. I mostly use my laptop or a desktop. If I see that you guys posted a video through FB or Twitter when I'm on a mobile device I kind of make a mental note to check out the FB page when I get back to my laptop. Only if I want to show people crazy rides I've been on at parks I've visited do I use my phone or iPad. I also get the weekly subscription emails from YouTube and it'll tell me how many new videos TPR has posted. I rarely use playlists because I find them annoying. I don't like how they autoplay especially if I'm keeping up with something like TPR's videos most items in the playlist I've seen and don't need to see them again at that time. Other times I just want to check out random TPR videos and i generally end up with 2 or 3 tabs open in my browser with YouTube on it. (one tab open with the video list and another with the actual video so I can close it out when it's done and pick my next video. An yes I'm sure there is an easier way to do it but that's what I do.)
  5. Yeah, I think we all felt guilty for laughing that morning. See now that would have been neat to know about all of that.
  6. ^David, should we tell chuck about what they told us about the kid statue?
  7. Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom. So much better than expected.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to Robb, Elissa, and Kings Island for a pretty Kick Ass event. The Beast walk back was awesome, and as well as seeing Diamondback. The night time ERT holy crap. Insane on all 3 coasters, and the lunch put on by KI was delicious.
  9. ^ I was there with my mom, so I didn't do anything on the Nitro side of the park. She can't handle heat well and we had to leave early, but I can tell you the El Toro Line was non existent. Walked right up into the station. I had heard Ka was at about an hour around 11:30ish, when I finished riding Zumanjaro. There were some school buses of camps, but it really didn't seem super crowded. I think a lot were at hurricane harbor. Don't know how much that info will help you.
  10. I was at the park today, ended up getting there during passholder preview of Zumanjaro. Walked right on, it was about a 10-15 minute wait, but they called for a single rider and I got on the next train. The two Ka to one Zumanjaro seemed to be fine as I noticed that they were getting ready to launch Zumanjaro before Ka was completely finished. I enjoyed the ride. Great addition to the park. Also enjoyed the Off Road Safari today. I paid for the Soarin' Eagle, I thought that was a fun little upcharge. couldn't see the bears, but on this humid day, the breeze felt amazing.
  11. I'm hoping to get back to the park later this week. Glad to hear that it's still a decent ride. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  12. I stopped by Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights this week. I didn't even think to go down and check out the other pier. I think I was more shocked driving down from Point Pleasant to Seaside Heights, You could exactly tell where everything went from being rebuilt to various stages of repair to hasn't been touched since Sandy. But Casino Pier looked pretty good.
  13. hoping to get back to GA sooner than later this season. Looks like it's going to be a pretty fun ride. Can't wait to give Zumanjaro a ride!
  14. ^Thanks, I do have a roommate so like you say costs shouldn't be too bad. Thanks again for the info!
  15. Yeah I saw Charlie commented on my FB status exactly as I posted here. I can't wait to meet him! And I can't wait to see everyone else too!
  16. ^What was the price of the Hampton Inn? And how close is it to the park? I think I may have the OK to do this with work. Any other hotels close by that could be recommended? I know there's a bunch listed on the KI website, but I'd like to hear from my fellow TPR people what they prefer.
  17. Last ride was Indimadator 305 at Kings Dominion during Coasting for Kids!
  18. Here are some pics of Ragin Cajun from Saturday afternoon. A little bit left to do before it can open.
  19. ^If you are talking about people from the park who took pictures, I would look at the parks Twitter or Facebook pages to see if they updated throughout the day.
  20. I had a great time this year down at Kings Dominion. Thanks Chuck for sending Robb awesome pics of us during the day! Only thing I noticed was we didn't have a GKTW family there. Though we did run into a family who has a daughter who had leukemia as a younger child and as part of her make a wish worked with GKTW. They thought it was awesome that we were riding for the charity all day long.
  21. Stopped by today, and I really don't think it'll be ready for a bit, unless it magically gets a station. I'll post pics after I get home from C4K. Also saw another TPR member today too! I hope they had fun!
  22. Wahoo! That's an awesome total! Congrats to all, and I hope you have fun tomorrow and Sunday!
  23. Just did a rough count it looks like we've passed $40k raised and are close to $41k raised. I'm sure Nick will have the actual totals soon, but nearly $41k is awesome. Team TPR Rocks!
  24. Great TR Chad! Maybe just maybe I can figure out how to squeeze getting there this year in.
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