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  1. I get bothered by stuff that goes backwards... I rarely get scarred on any rides, but going backwards really gets to me for some reason... Particularly Dejavu, I think that ride scarred me more than anything I have ever been on.


    SheiKra was allitle nerve acting too at first, hanging on the side of the track that high in the air.... pretty neat. Dont think anything else bothers me though except those dreaded Skycoasters, I couldn't EVER do one of those.



  2. The park just needs unique stuff to that area, like a Maurer Sohne spinning coaster instead of the crazy mouse also found at Disney. Or instead of grabbing a Roller Skater found at both Disney and Universal, why not go for a Zierer Tivoli?


    Derek, I wondered the EXACT same thing. When I heard they were announcing a spinning coaster I was hoping (praying) it would be a Maurer Sohne. I dont know why he chose to go with Zamperla, maybe it was cheaper, but I dont think it was necessarily a good idea, considering we already have one in Florida. The other thing thats dissapointing is how he praised it to be so highly themed and then just added a "Galaxy Spin" sign to the top with slightly themed UFO cars...


    I'm not sure if he even notices that stuff or not! I always wondered what his opinion on other parks are/were considering that alot of his attractions can be found in many other parks; like I mentioned above.


    I mean alot of people would fight it and tell you that the reason he can't build anything big is because of the city, but you dont need HUGE coasters to make a good park... he could STILL do something unique like said. Even a smaller version of an Intamin rocket like Kanonen? Or what about an Intamin Half-Pipe? I know he has Disko but that would still be something like no other park has! Even an Invertigo would be a step up considering there are NO shuttle coasters in Florida and the whole "going upsidedown backwards" might spark at least some attention.


    -Justin (Sorry for the OTHER long post)

  3. I dont mean to sound like the bad guy here to start a debate (even though thats not what I'm trying to do) but Im sorry guys, I REALLY dont think that by adding Starliner and a new area is going to help improve the park that much! Infact... I know it wont...


    Now I'm not saying I HATE Cypress Gardens, but I would definately choose other parks before it. I guess the main thing is that I was just dissapointed that it didn't turn out better than I thought it could have.


    Going to Wild Adventures over and over, I thought that Cypress Gardens would have a nice backyard theme park feel to it, even though Wild Adventures is a small backyard amusement park, it STILL seems to have a nice feeling to it? I just dont get this at Cypress...


    Its like he bought a bunch of carni rides and slapped them down ontop of grass, posted fences around them and called it an "Adventure Park"? Now dont get me wrong... Im not completely HATING on the park, it just doesn't have enough to satisfy my needs, or continue to go there. Infact, I am a local myself and have not even attended the park since a couple of years ago.


    Did Kent improve the park? Yes, its definately better than it was before... Is it what it should be? No, it could have been something ALOT more than it was... I mean I'm glad that he's finally announced to build the Starliner (if it actually gets built) but I dont think just that is going to bring in crowds.


    The fact is that this park has way too many rides slapped down that aren't of high quality to bring people back, infact... 'most' of the rides in the park can even be found in other parks in Florida (Rampage = Flying Unicorn, Inverter = Old Town, Swamp Thing = uh... pretty much the same thing as Rampage but inverted?!?!... Galaxy Spin = Primeval Whirl!?... etc.. etc.. etc.. you get my point)


    I'm glad to hear that he's trying to improve, but he really needs to do alot more if he wants to get his attendance up and not file for bankruptcy.


    Maybe I'll go back when he accepts passes from ANY park if he's that desperate... but for the most part I'll stick to Disney & Universal. I even drive by the park at least 3times a week and still never visit.


    -Justin "Sorry for the overused and huge post guys..."

  4. ^^ LMAO! I'm beginning to think he's actually Mr. BW&BB in disguise!


    --Robb "About to ban yet another Cypress Gardens fanboy!" Alvey


    wow... I didn't even KNOW there was a such thing as a Cypress Gardens fanboy *scratches head*


    Anyways... I'm glad to see they're announcing something! They're in long due for something, was the last thing they got Superman Tower of Power? I liked that...



  5. I'm sorry guys... I dont mean to sound like I'm going with the crowd and agreeing with everyone here, but IMO, this is really the weirdest thing that I've EVER heard about...


    I just got done reading this on here, and thought I would go to Screamscape and check it out, and sure enough... I mean is this actually CONFIRMED??? If so, whats the point?! SheiKra is fine how it is, its practically bran new, and Busch has a floorless coaster less than an hour away!


    I mean, I'm sorry... I just dont know what the point is. Floorless has never added any excitement to the ride IMO. I mean theres GOOD floorless coasters out there, but modifying a coaster with regular trains to add floorless ones is kindof crazy... Does anyone know if they will be adding the 10 passenger trains or will they stay with 8? Station may not be wide enough, and same with the support width, but wow, this is weird..



  6. I never really use to like drop rides that much, but in 04' I went on a crzy trip and rode very dropride at every park I went to (except Hellevator at Kentucky Kingdom which was closed)


    The old Intamin ones are even enjoyable for me, not only the 1st gen. but the ones like Drop Zone but have multiple sides, I really liked Dungeon Drop at Astroworld.


    I also really enjoy Tower of Terror, Scream! at Fiesta Texas, Superman Tower of Power, Drop Zone at King's Island, Power Tower, and even some of the smaller Space Shots. Dr. Doom is also fun, but its very short... I think it use to be a double shot? Not really sure though.



  7. The Wicker Man [2006]- It wasn't good at all. It is a horror film...but it is actually just annoying.


    I was wondering where I could find some news on this... I actually haven't heard ANYTHING about it (which doesn't seem to be really good news). Anyways, I didn't care much for the old one though, usually re-makes end up ruining the movie, so in this case it wouldn't be ruining anything better?


    I just watched United 93 Tonight. Wasn't sure what to think... when it came out I was really against this movie, thought it was just a marketing disposal and a way to make money off of a film that shouldn't be made as soon as it was (Since 9/11 just happened only 5years ago). But when I gave it some more thought, I thought it might be good, it kind of made me think more of what some of the families and people that lost someone in 9/11 had to go through; and even remember 9/11 allitle bit more.


    Sorry for boring everyone,


  8. I think more "Powder Keg", "California Screamin", and maybe one of the Eurofighters like "Speed."



    Funny you say that, I was thinking the same thing... infact I was talking to someone the other night and talking about how this ride strangely reminds me of Powder Keg. Both have a launch, kindof western theme, lifthill (though Maverick's is a little bit different) and go all crazy through the woods and stuff... I guess?


    Anyways, I think Maverick will be cool, I think Cedar Point needed something like this, not a huge record breaking coaster, just something small and enjoyable. Although I guess its not really SMALL considering the ride seemed to be pretty long.



  9. I don't know if I should blame universal for marketing what appears to be a fireworks show, or blame everyone else for thinking that it's just about the fireworks.


    Well one thing, Universal DID market it as a Firework and Laser show at first when they sent out the cards in the mail from it, I remember reading "New Laser & Firework show coming, Universal 360'".


    I mean as I see it, I really did enjoy Universal 360', but alot of people that come and might expect to see a Firework show would probably clearly be dissapointed (Like I mentioned... for a firework show it really is nothing) but I get where your going with it.


    Sometimes the cool visuals are a good thing and sometimes they're not, I think Universal did pretty good with it in speculation of having a good show to put on. I wasn't even sure if I would enjoy it at first, being that I hate the little part in Epcot's Illuminations when the globe comes out onto the lake and shows the pictures with the water effects (I mean not that its necessarily bad looking) but I do feel like it was dragged out too long... and maybe I thought that if an entire show was put on like this (Universal 360') that I would be bored.


    -Justin (I DID like Universal 360', or what I saw of it anyways...)

  10. ^Oh so you like watching video montages with occasionally a few fireworks?


    I guess so! But I didn't even really see it all the way through, so the amount of critiscm that it recieves from alot of people may be that they saw the whole thing and I didn't... but I mean what I saw I liked, I liked how the music and stuff matched the movies and stuff, but I guess for a "firework show" it really isn't that much.


    Its definately not as good as the original Firework show at IOA for sure, and I dont remember the original Universal one that much honestly... Universal is kindof a debateable park to me to have a huge firework show off of anyways, the only time I did see the original show, firework shells were falling all over the ground everywhere because they're so close from the sidewalks to the water.



  11. Hey Reed! Thanks for the update, those were very interesting pictures... You know that flea market "Market World" is like 10minutes from me, WTF! its seriously a very scary flea market, the only times that I've been there I wasn't sure if I would escape alive...


    Anyways, I didn't realize their carousel was a brass ring carousel, I've never been on it, the only times that I HAVE been there, its been closed, and its in a very very very ghetto section of the flea market... (well thats not hard to imagine I guess)


    Which side of the Suess Train ride did you get on? I guess the track ends up turning into a Gemini but we rode on the right side (cant remember what color it was really) and I didn't see much theming except for some stuff at the end... it gave some pretty neat views of Suess Landing and even IOA though, and the whole onride speakers talking about the alphabet was pretty crazy weird... haha


    Glad you had fun at Universal Orlando, I really miss going there since I dont get to go as much, my friend and I went a couple of weeks ago and got to see the Universal 360' (but not all the way through) and I actually quite enjoyed it.



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