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  1. Interesting comments I see on here... I think that this project looks neat. If the project turns out being like some of the renderings (aerial renderings) above, that would make sense to me. Though the only employee parking lot I see is in front of Dueling Dragons, and with those pictures, the employee parking is not to be touched.


    Good deal though, it will be cool to see something different for once, too bad that Oak Tavern restaurant is getting torn down, I kind of liked the archentecture on it, but I'm sure the new land will make me not miss it.


    Who else will be happy as long as the Fountain doesn't get touched?



  2. Some of the titles listed can be seen as Sci-Fi... but they're probably Sci-Fi horror films to me. Okay, heres some of my 'favorite' horror movies, not in any particular order.


    Alien & Aliens, SAW 1-3, The Fly (Original & Remake), Event Horizon, 28 Days Later, Dead Alive, Evil Dead 1-3, Creepshow, Blair Witch Project, Bad Taste, Dawn of the Dead (Original & Remake), Night of the Living Dead (Dont care for the remake, LOVE the original) , Descent, Hills Have Eyes (Original & Remake), High Tension, The Wicker Man (Original), The Ugly, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (I suppose I kindof like both...), Return of the Living Dead, Re-Animator, Cabin Fever, Hellraiser, Sleepy Hollow, Village of the Damned (Original & Remake)


    Wow thats alot of horror movies.



  3. I never got the whole "HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray" format anyways... of course I dont have an HD-TV is there THAT much of a difference between either of the two?


    Its hard to believe that from competition, being obsolete would cause them to pull out of the race, though of course this is a big sale. Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs costs are higher than regular DVDs so maybe if people choose not to buy Blu-Ray it could be a big loss of money I suppose.


    I thought marketing it, especially by putting the Blu-Ray player in the PS3 would help spark sales on it anyways. Oh well, fortinutely I never bought any, I'll stick to regular ol' DVDs where I know those wont flaw, at least for a good while anyways right?



  4. Wow, that water slide is cool! Thats at Boardwalk?? I managed to miss that somehow on my visit... unelss its new, because the last time I was at Boardwalk was like two years ago.


    Anyways, looks like you guys are having a fun time! Thanks for keeping us updated with the TRs and photos. And enjoy the vacation with your kid while she's that young, it will be a solid memory someday, and then another she'll be sitting right next to you riding the coasters with you!


    Thanks for the updates, keep us posted! Glad you guys are having fun



  5. Wow, I just saw this last night; and a couple of other friends and I are going to see it again tonight... I was looking forward to Planet Terror like crazy, so it must have been why I liked this more. Although I AM a Tarantino fan, I just didn't enjoy Death Proof as much, it was cool though...


    The trailers were the best part, we were crying we were laughing so hard, bloody awesome!


    Trailers Rating: 10/10

    Planet Terror: 7/10

    Death Proof: 6/10



  6. Matt, Ive actually only been to two Disney Resorts in my entire life living here!


    We have stayed at the Boardwalk Resort once with my aunt and sister, two uncles, and grandparents (which is an amazing resort with an amazing atmosphere might I add), and the Key West Resort which is also, very, nice. Its like a good getaway from the world, and the Key West Resorts are very personable like a little home, very cool... I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay though! Have Fun!



  7. thrillrideseeker, I apolojize for the late reply here, but hopefully some of my information can be helpful.


    First off your not moving to a bad state here... I mean theres alot of old people, and random mixes of everything, but you have alot of awesome theme parks and depending on where you move to the prices for rent and monthly charges AREN'T too bad...


    However gas prices are high (but I assume in other states they're alot worse) close to I believe its around $2.70, or somewhere along there...


    Milk is very expensive, around $3.69 for an OFFBRAND gallon, and if your into drinking the organic stuff, then its around $4.69-$5 a gallon. (which I would NEVER buy) If you ever need any questions on groceries, your talking to the right guy, I unfortinutely work in a grocery store doing grocery organizing and grocery stock.


    -Justin (I hope your move down here turns out good, Good luck!)

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