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  1. ^^Remember that Tatsu's max drop is 124 ft. The initial drop is only 111ft.


    Thats pretty cool. What part of Tatsu exactly is the max drop; does that count the pretzel loop? (Sorry I'm unsure of...) I know it has a huge looking pretzel loop, but unsure of how high it is... I also don't know how high Manta's is, but I'm sure its probably bigger than the S:UF clones?


    On the other hand Manta sure is going up fast! If I remember correctly, some of the other B&M flyers have had speedy construction like this as well... Well I'm definately excited to ride this next year! It does look like a really fun ride, and I'm excited to see what the final results will look like.



  2. Hey Robb, I hope this works out for you! 22lbs in 25 days is quite impressive, and hopefully the results can be just as good again this year.


    How well is Wii Fit working for you? I was hoping to get one sometime, just a matter of finding one and being able to afford it at the same time (maybe Christmas); until now I'll just have to stick to Wii Sports.


    I've actually been trying to lose a little weight here recently myself... most of my problem is when I'm doing so good I'll crave the food so much that I'll eat it, then keep eating it, so I guess I just need to eat in moderation more. I also have a problem with going out late with friends and eating.


    Good luck with the rest of your routines!

  3. I just saw Hotel Rwanda for the first time the other night. Great movie, kind of reminds me of Schindler's List in some ways. 8/10


    OT: A little...: Is anyone going to see Quantum of Solace on Friday? I'm excited about it, I really enjoyed Casino Royale and want to see this despite it's bad reviews.



  4. Wow its been awhile... but hey, the park closes on my birthday!!! lol. I am actually surprised this hasn't happened a long time ago. Everyday I drive by theres barely even 20 cars in the parking lot...


    I don't really know how well a reinvention of the park is going to take for it to actually succeed. It might have potential if its done right, but there is A lot (A LOT) of work that needs to be done for anything spectacular to happen there. And while I would hate to see it close down permanently, I just don't know if it's going to be possible for this to be done well enough for people to keep coming back, instead of a "one time we've seen it, lets go" kind of things.



  5. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing! That was really cool to see some great shots of Busch Gardens, its truly an amazing park as well as gorgeous; and you've seemed to capture the very images of the park very well.


    You really can notice the skyline of the park from the cable cars, I didn't know if Griffon would be of any affect to it at first, but the more I see pics, it really fits in very well.


    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Most of my friends can tolerate me pretty well. Though I suppose I can bring up a chat about anything, so I'm not totally obsessing about theme parks or coasters ALL the time; most of the time when I do, they dont mind. Although, couple of my friends have even got the hobby rubbed off on them, and share somewhat of an interest though they're not as much into it as I am.


    My parents and most of my family knows about my theme park/coaster interest and think its cool. Grandparents have taken me on trips, and the family thinks its a neat hobby so they're not bothered by that. My dad is an extreme theme park/coaster enthusiast as well; so we often do alot of traveling to parks and stuff like that. Kind of cool to have a father that has a same interest as you. Most kids dads share a baseball hobby or something but we always do the theme parks and coasters.



  7. I can't believe they named a sub Crusty Seaman. my word

    I can, afterall this IS Disney; The company that put "SEX" in the sky on Lion King, and a giant man-part-shaped castle in Little Mermaid, then the naked lady poster in Rescuers


    Nothing surprises me with these disney gimmicks, and they're done intentionally.


    -Justin "You one eyed critter!" - Lilo & Stitch (and Monsters Inc.)

  8. Wow Jahan, Great TR! Thanks for sharing! There was alot of reading, and the captions of the photos were pretty funny (Great photos BTW).


    That really sucks how they're blocking California's Screamin' by putting that building in front of the loop... I mean its no big deal, but that kindof defeats the purpose of seeing the mickey on the loop, no?


    Disneyland appears to be very crowded, its like that over here too, the other day I couldn't even walk around Magic Kingdom without having to bump into people every 2-3steps. So I think I'll wait till fall to go back and hope that its not as jammed as it is in the summer...


    The Submarine ride looks okay I guess. I haven't been on one of those since WDW's version of 20,000 leagues, but I was like 5 when I last rode it and loved the ride. If its like Epcot's version of Finding Nemo like everyone says it is, I definately wouldn't get hyped over it. Epcot's version is okay, but its like riding a storybook. And I thought it would have more animatronics in it than it did, and not just projections.


    Thanks for the TR!


  9. I don't know if this has been posted or not but Screamscape has done some quick "research" on a photo(s)... (Dont know if they were released ones) and found some matching points to some of the maps that were posted in other replies, have a look:



    Coming from Jurassic Park to the Harry Potter entrance.



    Overall view map? or Top... Aerial View



    One last aerial shot.


    Again, sorry if this has been posted, its not groundbreaking news or anything, kindof a neat find from comparisons.

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