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  1. Dont forget Robb's products are also being sold at Burger King right now in happy meals


    CoasterCrazy, the gaming industry is a good start, I know the forum wasn't addressed to me, but I'm going to college next year for computer graphics and game design, possibly to go work for some company like Atari or something.


    If I dont end up in that field ill end off going to another computer technician field of some sort, theres so many things to do when you take a course through college on computering, its amazing



  2. whoah.. whats weird was I was going to request a "One time I ate pancakes" tagline, and before I could even go through here I saw a topic on "pancakes"


    Thats just freaky man... already my mind is corresponding to the randomness of the Alveys. :shock:


    -Justin EDIT: Thanks Elissa! Your the best

  3. Holy crap... who would have guessed that it would only have been a matter of time that since the main rated 'R' feature in this year's DVD that he would make a screename after it. :shock:


    Hi, I'm Justin.. and im not wearing any socks right now


    -Justin "who needs a good icon and signature really bad!"

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