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  1. ^We always tell people to wait until the trip board is open and I post "Ok, you can now book your flights."


    That being said, if you found some super amazing airfare around those dates and were okay if something ended up moving up or back a day then that would be okay as well too. I'm going to solidify and open up the Scandi Trip Board by next week so it's probably best to just wait until then. I want to buy my airfare now as well since I'm seeing SUPER great deals!


    Awesome Elissa I want to get serious about looking for business award flights for the long haul I will await your go ahead!

  2. I don't think there is such thing as a short line at Fuji-Q.


    We had a freakish day....... 6 credits and rapids before 12pm without FP. Then used FP for Fujiyama and re-rides on Eggyjanitor and Doubledonga.


    Doubledonga and Eggyjanitor were freaking insane.....loved them both.


    Robb was sending out info via text before the park announced...for example got a text to say Eggyjanitor had opened. Got in line and 5 minutes later park announcement to say it had opened and ppl ran from everywhere.


    Elissa took one for the team and was an amazing FP whore for the day!


    20 mins to get in Haunted Hospital longest line of day.


    With Robb and Elissa's expertise and commitment to get us on as much as they can, fortunate weather, low crowds....kill me for saying it but I loved Fuji Q and I will probably never return unless they add something I just have to ride. Was a memorable day with some great moments and I know a return visit would ruin it.


    I will do my very best to do a trip report once I catch up with work. I can't promise much coaster analysis and pretty photos but I think I captured a good cross section of Japan and my own stupidity.

  3. Pretty much every ride you didn't like and it comes off that you kind of hated the trip.

    Yeah, I pretty much thought the same way. And like, if he doesn't like our trips or what we have to offer, he probably shouldn't do them anymore. Maybe I'm just reading it totally wrong, or I don't get your style of writing, I just find the report to be kind of obnoxious towards us.


    --Robb "Just calling it like I see it." Alvey


    Robb I think it is just how AJ writes and comes across. Now don't everyone start hating on me but I am going to generalise a bit here. I'm an Aussie, yes we are all breast fed fosters beer and box on with kangaroos. A generalisation but hell 90% true!


    Now AJ is studying to become a Mechanical Engineer.......lets be honest they are a different breed! I am in the customer service industry to, we build and install people their dream kitchens and as soon as I meet someone who is a mechanical engineer and start dealing with them I know straight away. They over analyze, they are VERY literal and you learn to adapt to deal with them. But at the end of the day even when I am standing in their maginificent new kitchen while the wife is telling me how great it is the husband Mr Mechanical Engineer is pointing out something so miniscule or irrelevant I will actually ask them if I am on candid camera.


    End of the day Robb and Elissa put on a first class....let me rephrase that Elissa puts on a first class show, nothing classy about Robb or us male contingents on the trip buts lets be honest thats what makes them uniquely TPR.


    AJ keep wiriting your trip reports, maybe round up your scores and in future if you were ever to write about the Anchor Bar or bonus Niagara Falls trip in the future. Just say how awesome it was that in the face of MArtins closing on us, Robb and Elissa managed to organise in the smallest amount of time a side trip to the Falls which is still stunning even though I have been there before, say you are not a huge fan of wings but to be able to go to the original birth place of them was fantastic..... you are a smart and nice guy I am sure you get it!


    Aussie "Also calls it like he sees it" Steve

  4. Great pictures, but why so much negativity for a great trip?


    Cause its bloody AJ, come one you just gotta laugh that some people just don''t get it!


    imagine if we had Goggles and AJ together on the one trip, sh*t I would have had to drink ALOT of beer then!


    I am to lazy to write trip reports but all I can say is if you ever thought of doing a TPR trip, just effing do it, amazing time, met some amazing people, had some classic effing laughs, even Amber had grown on me by the end. Oh yeah rode some kick ass coasters to!


    And remember....drink beer MF'ers

  5. After 4 years of lurking and checking the TPR forums daily I thought it was time to say hi.


    My name is Steve, I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I have ridden 191 coasters and love visiting the USA.

    I met my now fiance "Priscilla" in Tampa Florida in 2003 while visiting friends. She lives with me here in Australia



    I do not have a local park but being a yearly visitor to Florida, Busch Gardens and the Orlando parks are what I consider

    my regular parks now.


    I love coasters, anything Disney and I design kitchens for a living!


    We are heading back to the USA in October for 5 weeks, for Halloween and Theme Park goodness and visit my home away from

    home and my future inlaws.


    One day I would love to do a TPR trip

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