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  1. What exactly was causing the damage to the trains? The the sheer force or was it something with the shaping/snap?


    I believe the track put too much friction on the wheels, causing them to basically melt away.


    Pretty much, yup. It's the combination of the high forces and the duration they're applied - plenty of coasters pull 4-5G's, very few of them do so for more than a second or two at a time. I305 pulls that straight through that entire turn, and before the reprofile that was probably somewhere around like 7-8 seconds worth. Now it's probably closer to 4, and then the forces begin to decrease a bit as the train loses speed. It's still enough to force all the blood in your brain down and cause the greyout, but it's done wonders for the wheel longevity!


    Reason why on warmer days there is water sprayed onto the track between the brake run and station......

  2. Andaconda was the second looping coaster I rode first being Lochness. Since it open Andaconda has been one of my favorites. This past season I can say the coaster is way beyond her prime. Chain slipping, nasty rattle from train undercarriage, to low ride count has plagued the ride. I hate to see it go but as long as it is replaced with something worthy of the almoßt 10 acre plot ok by me. Just make it fat person friendly though.

  3. I think you all need to remember that Pat Jones (Kings Dominion GM and VP) and other high ups were walking around KidZville in the spring with blueprints in their hands and taking photos.


    With that in mind the teaser is hinting to one large Planet Snoopy... which is exactly what the park needs.


    I was there few weeks after there season opening and was about 20 guys running around with plans and pointing things out. I stopped one of them and asked what they where up to and he wouldn't give a straight answer. With that said I can put 2 and 2 together and have a idea that Planet Snoopy is getting a face lift . Now what the record thing I could only imagine. Maybe they been listening to KDFANCOASTERFAN and they will build another B&M coaster!!!!!!!!! LOL

  4. ^You're correct. When they removed Hypersonic, they lost that record. Now all they need is a launched ride over 300 feet tall - take back the launch record, and tie for the most rides over 300 feet!


    Be kinda hard to take tallest launch title in USA with out going 460 feet and 130+mph. Shockwave has beenup for sale once before but now it is one of a rare breed still in operating. I would like to see a good old twister woodie or a coaster that really isn't of the norm on the east coast. As far as launch coasters 3 is enough. Also Volcano is getting a new station to help with increased capacity. Avalanche has ran 3 trains a few times this year but due to the seating of the trains nothing is going tofix it's capacity. I do remember FOF having a good capacity at one point during it's first year's. But haven't rode jt much since so have no clue to what it is now. I posted a google earth pic of the sohth end of park which shows they could build almost another total area there.......

    Just my thoughts.

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