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  1. I love the first idea of having Pandemonium in that spot! It looks perfect, at first I couldn't even tell it was fake. The second idea would be a good, lower-budget option. I have to be honest, I'm not fond of the last one. If Batwing does get removed, I hope they build a newer coaster somewhere else. That area is so flat and plain, it doesn't need a coaster. I would focus on filling up gaps and developing land. If I were in charge, I would do this; paint the drop tower (I don't know the name) a more appealing color. I would also landscape better and replace asphalt with pavers. I would also build a Skyscreamer where Two-Face used to be. That whole area is awful looking, along with near Joker's Jinx and Superman. They need a lot of work...
  2. Thanks guys, you have helped out a lot! I have a few more questions: I want to know the same thing, only strictly about water parks. Example; what type of slides should be at every water park? What are your favorite water park themes? ect... And lastly, I want you all to chose between two options for each question. 1) Park's major steel coaster/flagship attraction: An Intamin Mega-lite OR a B&M Wingrider. 2) Park's wooden roller coaster: More family orientated GCI out-n-back OR Beast type wooden roller coaster (modern day though.) -If you choose B&M and Beast type, the park would have a Vekoma roller skater or small coaster for children. -If you choose Mega-lite and GCI, the park gets a roller skater or smaller coaster PLUS a family coaster (Wild Mouse or spinning.) 3) Park's drop tower: S&S combo tower OR Intamin gyro. -If you choose S&S, it would be taller, plus have special lighting for a show. -If you choose Intamin, it wouldn't be as tall nor would it have lighting, it would however have better capacity. 4) Besides the drop tower, the park needs more thrill rides: Zamperla Giant Discovery OR S&S Screamin' Swing. -Between the two, I'd assume they are both equally priced, but giant frisbees usually seem to be more crowded and visually impressive then Screamin' Swings.
  3. Or why there is always a pillow... Why does TPR even have that emoji? "Please delete me!"
  4. Hey, guys! As the title says, what are amusement park necessities? In other words, what things are needed to make the perfect amusement park? This doesn't regard major destination parks such as Universal or Disney (meaning no extravagant theming.) For example, if a park were to be built, what would absolutely have to be included? Down to every detail if possible, such as "a park with a centralized landmark", or "a water park that has a swim up bar." I also would love to hear what type of attractions you feel are needed. Lets be realistic here, no aqua-trax or having tons of coasters. And think of other things besides coasters, a park needs to be built with families and children in mind also! In case anyone is wondering, I am asking these questions for a college project! Thanks!
  5. Soak City should be worth visiting this upcoming season because of the improvements. Usually Soak City is very busy until the last hour when people flock back to the dry-side, so I would wait until 5pm to go to Soak City. With a Platinum or Gold Pass you get one hour early entry to rides such as Invertigo, Diamondback, Flying Ace's Aerial Chase, and a few other Planet Snoopy attractions. I would start the day off by riding Inveritgo since it has low capacity and draws people in with it's front of the park location and bright color scheme. Next I would get Flying Ace out of the way and get a few rides on Diamondback before the park opens. Next go to Firehawk and Flight of Fear for park opening because they both have hour+ lines on normal occasions. FYI, the best experience on FoF is the front seats of each car, near the front of middle of the train. For Firehawk I like the back for the loop inversion, but it really doesn't matter on this ride. After finishing up X-BASE, I recommend heading up Coney Mall while riding Windseeker, Vortex (best seat is BY FAR the front seat of the last car, 7-1!) and of course Backlot Stunt Coaster. Generally by now crowds will have taken over most of the park, so lines are getting longer everywhere. What I would do is head down toward Action Zone, but riding both sides of Racer (I like the very front seat and the second to last seats the best) and Adventure Express on the way. Action Zone is the busiest section of the park most times, so everything should be 30 minutes+. Do not skip Delirium or Drop Zone, these two rides are my favorites anywhere! If it is hot out, Congo Falls is located in this area. If you like Skycoasters or Slingshots, usually in the morning tickets are only $5-$10, you can buy them then and ride whenever. Top Gun is tucked away by Son of Beast, it won't have a line so you can get plenty of re-rides. Like any Arrow coaster, I love the second to last seat, great air on the first drop! By now I assume you're hungry, I usually get Skyline Chili or Panda Express, but there are many other options, plus there are restaurants outside of the park including a Chipotle! By now I also think its around 4pm, so Soak City is dying down, a great time to ride all of the slides with small waits! If you like water rides, White Water Canyon is right by the train station, making it quick to get back-and-forth from Kings Island to Soak City. Once it gets darker, Planet Snoopy dies down making it the best time to pick up any other credits or checking out the dark ride. Coney Mall is beautiful at night, you should have time to get a few rides in over there then a night ride on Diamondback before ending the night on a night ride on Beast! For the second day you basically get to re-ride whatever you want. Top Gun is great a night ride along with Adventure Express since they are in a wooded area of the park. And also remember that no trip to Kings Island is complete without a visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower, have fun!
  6. There is plenty of room left. On the top of my head I marked six spots. Some of which would require removal of an existing thing. 1. Parking lot: This would go where there is currently a parking lot. Also above Disaster Transport and possibly on the beach. 2. Tents: Relocate tents, this would be on the beach by Windseeker 3. Antique Cars: Remove cars and relocate Cedar Downs, this would interact with Raptor and could either begin near Blue Streak, or Iron Dragon. 4. Employee Housing: Relocate housing to Sandusky or near hotels. This would begin near Iron Dragon but cross over the road by the marina. 5. Hotel Parking: Build parking garage closer to maintenance shops and have plenty of room for just about anything. The road will still exist, just travel under the coaster. 6. Back Maintenance Area: Somehow move all of this storage area somewhere else (maybe inside Mean Streak where some stuff already is, and under Gemini?) This would be a ton of room. Very quick observations, not thought out too well or intended to be realistic, but the point is there is room at CP or a coaster. Although I am not thinking this track is for CP.
  7. I just found out I am going to Clearwater Beach on spring break. My spring break starts March 31st. and ends April 8th. Being near Tampa we will for sure be going to Busch Gardens. I have been once, in 2006 when SheiKra was still fairly new. I remember it being pretty empty, the longest we waited was around fifteen minutes for Python. So I am wondering if that is usual for this time of the year. What is the best day to go between April second and the sixth? What kind of crowds can I expect? Tips? What rides should I ride in what order? And lastly, rides aside, what are the best attractions there? When we went, we only saw a few animals, this time I would love to experience everything. Thanks!
  8. Just for fun I decided to quickly see what Bizarro would look like at SFStL. Please excuse the fact that it looks sloppy. Located next to Skyscreamer, I think this would be a good location. Opinions?
  9. This is awesome news! As you can see in my signature, Georgia Cyclone is one of my favorite wooden coasters. The ejector air you can experience in the back car is insane! But due to its roughness, it was hard to re-ride. Not anymore! Can't wait to return to SFOG!
  10. I am not sure if it has been mentioned, but Google Maps has updated the area around SFMM somewhat. Its not 2011, but probably 2010. Really cool to look around and explore! http://grab.by/bbM8
  11. I was just at KI last night and Scrambler was operation. So no, they now keep it open.
  12. Although I wish the expansion could of came with a new slide, I'm very excited! I may not be the biggest water park fan, but Boom..Ugh, I mean Soak City is very popular (Actually most water parks that come with park admission are), so this definitely will bring in a LOT of money! I'll start off with the entrance, it looks very welcoming and permanent, where the Boomerang Bay entrance looked cheap and temporary. The new wave pool is HUGE! I know Great Barrier Reef is always packed, so this will be nice to have two options! I am most excited for Action River. In 2008 I went to Schlitterbahn Galveston, they have "Torrent River", and it is INTENSE! Seriously, if Action River is anything like it, you will spend probably half your time in it! Lastly, anyone notice the new path leading to Snowy River Rampage? I was thinking it may have been an error, but part of the new Action River is that non-swimmers can interact, probably meaning shoot water. Just like White Water Canyon, this will probably have a new viewing platform on the new path leading the Snowy River Rampage. This path will be highly appreciated by me considering SRR is my favorite slide in the park, I will no longer have to walk up/down the steep stairs that have leaves all over them! I'm very impressed with this announcement, and I can not wait to visit next summer at Soak City-the fun and only (in Southern Ohio)
  13. Just for comparision, Windseeker costs five million. So we can eliminate a Starflyer/Windseeker meaning "a new twist to a classic".
  14. 1. Déjà Vu (SFOG) 2. Firehawk (KI) 3. Thunderhawk (MA) 4. Invertigo (KI) 5. Ninja (SFSTL) 6. Carolina Cobra (Carowinds) 7. Nighthawk (Carowinds) 8. Boomerang (WOF) 9. Roller skaters (IoA, SFGAM, SFKK, CP) 10. Reptards (KI & Carowinds) 11. Ninja (SFOG) I wish I could include Battlestar Galatica, it looks awesome!
  15. At first I wasn't too sure about this, now that we know the full details I love it! I no longer have to plan to go on an empty day to ride everything. Although it's still $50, it seems worth it to me! I'll definitely do it! You got to think, all they have to spend on these are a little advertising, banners and signs around the park, maybe a few extra employees, a web developer to add this to the website, and the actual wristbands. After that is paid off (in no time), it's all profit! This could get us something in the future! I'm trying to see how it works though. The website says to enter through the fastpass entrance, on some of these rides I don't know where that'd be. It's probably just the exit. I really hope to see other Cedar Fair parks to get this, and I hope it's available during Haunt (maybe even add a fee haunts to it)!
  16. Intamin Wingrider, Furious Baco clone? Whatever it is, I'm excited to see a real layout. But seriously... Monkey Kingdom? Only in China.
  17. Ride either an Arrow looper in the second to last seat (one with a none curved drop), or a drop tower. I feel the heaviest amount of airtime/freefall on those.
  18. Awesome PTR! Nagashima Spaland is very high on my list of parks I have to visit before I die, this TRdid a great job showing the park. I always wondered why they have two frisbees... Also, what is the ride by Steel Dragon 2000? It's some type of antique car looking ride, on the park map it's by SD200's station and the parking lot. Anyways, great as always! And also Japan has some fucked up things!
  19. I'm a guy who likes guys, and only guys.
  20. Host/busser at Max & Ermas. I used to be a server/busser/cashier at McAllisters Deli. My dream job us to be a public relations manager at a theme park.
  21. Kings Island's Facebook and twitter confirmed Windseeker will be opening tomorrow at 9:30 for gold/platinum pass holders. I'm going tomorrow, so excited!
  22. Ive always wanted a bag of crap! How exactly can I get one besides emailing Dan. Or is that the only way?
  23. I could ride anything as many times as I wanted, until an event at Kings Island (Ride Warriors Weekend). I rode Diamondback 19 times in a row. At about the 15th I felt sick, by the end of ERT, I was near throwing up. After that night I had trouble riding Diamondback even once, and marathoning coasters. I took Dramamine for a while and it started to go away. Now not only can I ride Diamondback as much as I want, I can ride ANYTHING, as much as I want! I can do spin and puke rides now too! I reccomemd Dramamine!
  24. I visit KI many times per year, and I can say that Diamondback has had some 'rattling problems' since it's debut in 2009. On my first few rides on it, I noticed it rattled a little bit after the hammerhead turn. Since then its only gotten worse, and actually gotten more areas with rattling. It's not unbearable, but its certainly able to produce a headache after a few rides in a row!
  25. That was a pretty funny video! I've always wondered, if someone from far away entered these types of contests, it's up to you to get to the park right? For instance, if I were to enter and win, I'd have to fly to LA and get to Knotts?
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