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  1. The reason CCR was removed was because it had serious leak issues, was poorly constructed, and cost a TON to maintain. (learned that when I shadowed the park's engineer) One thing that bothers me about Hersheypark is that they really do have almost no more land left to build within their current land. Hopefully they find a solution soon or their crowd issues are going to get worse- that's the number 1 complaint we get and the reason their rating went down on trip adviser.
  2. Im working at hershey (worked today) this year and today it was running great through the test runs. The Howler is up and running so it will be open for the very first day, along with a new coldstone in music box way. Velocity and Impact Effect have been renamed Beyond the Dragon Gate and Lightning strike. also- on the new park maps it says: LOVE hersheypark? join the club! Members recieve hot savings, cool contests, and insider info: and more! Just text HPFanClub to 68247 or visit Hersheyparkfanclub.com This is on the park maps, and i also registered so it is legit. I can also confirm that there is a lazy river and wave pool going in for sure, and i have a hunch that Tsunami logo we say back before Fahrenheit was released may be for the wave pool. also i noticed that the lift for Fahrenheit was VERY loud and sounded alot like shaking aluminum foil. I actually kind of liked it... makes it sound scary. They are also going to take your pictures but i'm not sure where. according to Hershey, it may be a good idea to try and get there on may 21 when the park is open to 6- Fahrenheit will most likely be open... but im not sure, so don't get mad if it's not! Also- the park offices moved along with HE&R's offices in the old country club building (the stone building with the lighthouse in front) in the old golf course **(NOW PARK PROPERTY)** along with the lumber yard next to that and some buildings in downtown hershey. these are all next to the Hershey Press Building (old department store>restored>shops and HE&R headquarters) Remember when hershey recently talked about building that new hotel? And also, hotel hershey is getting renovated, added on to including an indoor ice rink, small water slides, and new restaurants and guest rooms in addition to what it already has. That further seals the fate of the Hershey Arena. Along with a bunch of condos in the woods. HE&R ceos talked about making downtown Hershey more fun... a new museum, shops, hotel, theater, and new landscaping where ideas. that leaves the hotel and more shops on their list of to dos. just some random thought to point out.
  3. Hershey wasn't allowed to let anyone under a certain age do the preview thing for the fahrenheit. Ohhhh well cangrats to those lucky 11! Im just as excited for you as i would be if i got to ride it! I don't really know why... i just think it's cool how Hershey did that! Ohh yeah and does anyone here like the new logo? I think its cool but i still think its odd how they're going to keep the pinwheel on the ferris wheel.
  4. The nantimi 11 e-mail was for people 18 and older due to insurance reasons. A parent would have to come along, and the insurance company thinks us 14 year olds are liabilities or something stupid like that.
  5. My favorite candy is Hershey's Take 5, Reese's Peanut butter cups, RPBC w/ Caramel, Hershey's calssic, and Hershey's Skore bar. And of coarse it's all Hershey's candy, I live in hershey and wake up to the smell of cocoa beans and roasting Peanuts. (I'm not lieing, you gain 10 pounds every time you breath!) I swear I'm not biased! Living in Hershey and all that good chocolatey candy goodness, working in chocolate world, and all that hershey stuff has nothing to do with me Loving hershey! I love chocolate world! CANDY CANDY CANDY
  6. okay, let me start with this- Yo yo yo dawg, yo knowa that that tornadoo slide ays the tallest and the fastes slide ever? M'a hommies 'n me were all like omg, this is so cool!! and- OMG, did you know that GB is like, so the tallest coaster ever, like OMG! Like. some emo chick- I heard this one guys neck broke on SR when the train fell of the tracks in that second upside down thingy (Points to zero g roll) A smart person- Wait, does this ride go upside-down (looks at the sign for superdooperlooper) Me- no, not at all Person- oh well, that sucks , thanks anyway Me- how did you like it? Person- Yo, that ride was off the hizzle yo. That loop was amazing! Fat Hick- excuse me, but where is the reesees extreme rollercoaster racer? (I think, ok, it's pronounced reesais, not reeseys, and its CUP CHALLENGE, and it's def. not a coaster!) In line for lightning racer, some hick goes WOW! I can't wait for my turn on thunder comet! I hear it luanches from 0-200 in 2 seconds! (I wish i could wipe those last 2 from my mind)
  7. I hope they landscape or theme the area under the coaster, or it'll end up like on of SF's parking lot coasters! And hp08 and nanatomic, meet me in aim PLEASE! nanaomic, check pm for my screen name
  8. Don't worry, no point in bashing you. You didn't do anything wrong, but the people who bashed me, look out! And does anyone know if the Howler is from idelwild? Just curiouse! like my new avatar? (me on ferenheit)
  9. I got the video as well. It surprised me actually, I thought it would be another clue! And befor anyone complains, I'm updating my site now. Ferenheit looks amazing1 I can't wait! OMG I CAN"T WAIT!!!!
  10. Appology accepted. I just wish some people wouldn't have been so mean to me! People called me stupid, lier, and some even went so far as to start rumors anout my site being shut down and that I stole videos from HP and put them on my site! I hope you all think I'm credible now though, especially those who said i was a fake, and even more so the rumor starters! And the ride looks great. Turns out I was correct about both things, along with knowit! You all owe him an appology too! I'm excited for the Howler, although it is a little unnoriginal for HP. Does anyone know if it's from Idelwild?
  11. I've never been sure of a flat, I heard that from knowit. I just asked if anyone else knew about it. I do know about the coaster though. 50% legit? I havent lied yet, so don't make it sound like I am. You guys need to cool it. If you don't trust me, wait until the official announcement. I'll post info at 11:15 ish on my site, HOWEVER- I am not responsible if the e-mail w/ official stats does not go out, OK? That does not make me lier. All I know is what type of coaster it is and about some of the elemements, the lift mechanism, and certain firsts for the ride.
  12. I know it's hard to trust a fourteen year old, but I was supposed to get that e-mail earlier today! I know it makes me look dumb, but I don't want to post info that's stupid that would make me look stupider. I wanted to post statistics, not made up ones, so I left it alone.
  13. Ok, you want info? This is all I can give you... NANTIMI is REAL- real as in done by Hersheypark real New coaster- vert lift intamin Why won't I give you more? Uber secret e-mail telling me not to. That's why.
  14. First of all, I had no release videos on my site. The videos of existing rides I had were not copyrighted, and they all had credit given to the people who made them. My site is still there, and the only reason I havent posted the info is because I havent gotten the e-mail telling me official stats, and I will not tell you if I am told not to share by Nantimi. I have not lied, I do not work for HERCo, and I have not wasted your time. I may or may not have gotten some e-mails from nantimi telling me not to share some info, but I have not lied. I do know what the ride is so don't say I'm lieing just because I have'nt told you. Why would I post a release that has no statistics, no specific info such as name, and why would I lie. I'm getting sick of people bashing me, and I think I may just stop posting! And where did you get the Idea that I have lied, stole videos, and now are starting rumors that I have release videos and that my site is now shut down? Heat wave was the page name, not the ride name. read the former posts tomgsae, and don't start rumors. STOP STARTING RUMORS AND BASHING ME A N D calling me a lier!
  15. Those videos all had credit given to them, and I haven't goten this e-mail yet- Now is not the time for formal contact and there IS more to come. For them 9.27, you 9.26. more later. from
  16. I meant LSMs, not LSMs, sorry. I agree completely, it would be redundant and cool. especially if you accelerated up hill. You could get some pretty sweet air on that top hat! Also, the launched lift hill would make it possible to travel through the inversions without needing to build tall, since HP has the height restriction.
  17. My website, www.freewebs,com/hpfansite3/ will anounce the new ride asap tommorow. (I e-mailed nantimi a while back) Anyway, a vertical lift hill with linear indiuction motors is perfectly viable, and I can't see how it would be painful. And wicked has an intense launch? It looks great but the launch doesn't look spectacular.
  18. We can be sure it's an Intamin! The ride possitively won't be a kiddie coaster, the teaser on HP.com is still too hyped up to be something dumb. Remember Turbulence? That ride didn't have a teaser. The ride IS worth the hype.
  19. SDL was BUILT BY intamin, designed by Anton. So, I actually do know what the ride is, and I do know alot about HP. You can doubt me all you want but that isn't going to make the truth a lie. I know what the ride is, and you don't have to believe me, but don't tell me I'm lieing. It's not like you know.
  20. Maybe the numbers 26 and 27 are reffering to the top speed of Hersheypark's new Intamin kiddie coaster loaded with and with shaped cars, all surrounded by huge statues of . Butt seriously, my website www.freewebs.com/hpfansite3/ is going to give you the scoop on the 26th. I e-mailed nantimi a while back and they said I would know on the 26th. If that is so, my site will have an update on the 26th at 3:00 pm, 3 hours after the e-mails are sent out!
  21. Can you PM me your e-mail? My dad helped me upload it and changed the name. We had to screw around with the fire wall, and yahoo mail had a problem with the file (I'm not allowed to screw around with the anti-virus crap). I'll try to post it one more time. Making a fake piece of a puzzle? Why would I spend that much time trying to trick you? I do have a life. And I'm good at coputer crap, but not that good!
  22. Ummm, Photo shop? Whatever happend was because my PC gave me a hard time about downloading the image. I didn't change a thing! Does anyone know about a member named "Rydel"?
  23. Just because I know what it is doesn't mean I can't have fun. Here it is- (it IS an Intamin)
  24. I recieved my e-mail but my piece o' crap yahoo mail and my old e-machine pc are being dumb. It won't let me get beyond the Getting Site Information part of the download, and it's only 5k! UHHHHHHHH! I asked them to e-mail it to my other account on verizon. If anyone can help, that would be appreciated!
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