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  1. Can someone please explain how the heck we can Tie to Italy, but lose to GHANA?!?!?


    Italy BEAT ghana 2-0... and we tied with italy, but we lost to ghana.



    Somthing is messed up there.


    Oh Well, that's pretty freakin awsome that ghana won. it's their very first year in the world cup, and they already are in the quarterfinals.


    talk about Pwnage. i bet all the other teams that didn't make it feel pretty crappy right now. (except togo, ivory coast and Trinidad&Tobago. it was there first year)

  2. i'm going to sue all of you just for the hell of it.


    you want to know why americans sue so much? because were so money hungry and "let's not offend anybody" now. has anyone heard that sombody sued for spilling coffee on herself? now that's just being greedy. it's your own fault, dumbass.



    and actually flying scooter, i beleive that it is the sidewalks fault for him getting struck by lightning. if the sidewalk hadn't built itself there, the man would not have been there, would he?





    Me and two of my friends (first picture) were jumping on the trampoline. then one of them jumped right on i guess was the perfect spot, and SNAP her and my other friend fell straight to the ground. they didn't get hurt, but it probably hurt a little. i was standing on the side that didn't fall, so i didn't get injured at all.


    i seriously wish i had this on camera. it was so frekain hilarious when it happened just watching my friends go up, down, up, down, up, down, and not back up again. but now it really sucks because i have no more trampoline.


    does anyone else agree that we are the only kids that can say they snapped part of a trampoline in half?

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