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  1. Regarding on how crowded the park gets, it is really difficult to say. Last Tuesday I was there and it was busy. We ended up with a gold qbot and our wait times were 30 mins, much less than waiting in line still so we were grateful for that. The wait for Goliath alone was about 120 mins, and it looked like the other coasters were about an hour (or more) wait. I went to the park yesterday to meet up with some friends after work, and we waited only a matter of minutes for Whizzer, and decided to do the single rider line for Goliath which was about an hour. The posted wait time for Goliath yesterday was only 90 mins, but it could have been less. I think as you get closer to school starting you'll find that the crowds will be less, but that's just my opinion.

  2. I love skip-the line systems including Gold Regular Flash Pass but Platinum Flash Passes are pretty terrible and I totally understand why people react the way they do.


    I like Flash Pass and i'm always happy to have that option when I'm visiting a park I haven't been to but the idea of letting people re-ride screws everything up. Most people go to parks in groups of more than 2, and when people re-ride in one of the rows a group is lining up for it either leads to a mad scramble to find 2 people who want to go ahead of them or in most cases rows going out empty and it kills capacity. This effect is amplified if a group of 2 is trying to ride with another group of 2 and let people go ahead of them to even it up (which happens all the time) and now the next few trains are equally screwed up. We got the Platinum Flash Pass once at Magic Mountain and on most rides we felt like complete jerks for screwing everyone up. Re-rides really shouldn't be allowed. As far as I know Six Flags is the only park that offers them.


    I am going to have to disagree with you about re-rides screwing up everything. When I was there on Tuesday (using a gold flash pass), whatever ride I was at, the employees would let the rest of the guests waiting know about the platinum pass re-ride policy (if there was a plat pass group riding). I saw a lot of groups with plat pass too. With the employees letting people know of the re-rides, that would give you ample time to rearrange your group if needed. I just think of the re-rides as an added bonus.


    My friend and I purchased a gold qbot on Tuesday since I had an add a friend for free coupon. I'm glad we did! The park was busy and it made our day much more enjoyable. I didn't hear anyone make a complain when walking through the flash pass line, and really I don't care if they were upset or not. I've waited in line before while loads of people with qbots have walked passed me. Yes, SF is expensive, but so is Sea World, Universal, Disney and Cedar Fair. If a family is there on vacation then there's a good chance they will spring for a skip the line pass. If you're a local, you typically don't unless it's a busy day and you have a friend or two in town and would like to enjoy your day (like I did). It's all what you make out of the situation.

  3. Just catching up on some things here, and wanted to add my two cents (take it for what it's worth).


    She got the height band now and all should be well. I though they usually place an ID card gently on a child's head as a straightedge to see where the child is at. Should be an easy call, but sometimes it is a close call as evidenced by the fact she got on Goliath and Eagle okay. That is why the wristband is a good bet before going on rides just to be sure.


    When I worked at the park many years ago, we did just that. Take our ride cert badge and gently place it on top of the child's head. Now they have these plastic right triangle things to use as a straightedge. After KT received the wristband Viper ride ops should not have pressed the issue any further. In fact, when I used to work there we had a stamp that we could have stamped the child's hand. So many parents asked for it and if we didn't have one, we would direct them to guest relations to obtain one so they wouldn't have to get measured on every single ride. Kids kept riding and parents were happy.


    It honestly sounds like these operators get off when they decline a person to ride. There are some people in the world that seriously get a sick pleasure of making someone else miserable and that's exactly what this sounds like. The operator pressed her head down and they still declined after she got a wristband. I'll bet the only thing they look forward to every morning before going to work is how many people they'll deny the ability to ride.


    As a former ride op I hated telling kids no. Then again I worked at Iron Wolf and I was saving them from head bashing, but I still hated telling kids no. Yes I have had my fair share of kids cry, but I always made a point to look them in the eye to tell them that if they keep eating vegetables and listen to mommy and daddy they will grow faster and be able to ride next year. One child was so upset I just had to give him a hug to try to make him feel better. I did have my share of parents yell at me because their child was too short but that just showed ignorance to me (on the parents part because the kid would always look at mom and dad and wonder what the heck was going on). I actually had to tell a midget that she was too short to ride! Yes a midget! That made me feel worse than anything! So no, I never "got off" when having to decline someone a ride.


    This whole issue really does come down to training. It seems like today's ride ops are trained differently from when I worked there, and I understand that times have changed since then. Consistency is key in running a park though.

  4. So, was anyone at the park when the tornado sirens went off today? We drove through the storm coming home from Indiana.

    I was there and the park handled the situation very unprofessionally and honesty did not even care about the park goers and their safety. They did not tell you anything or where to go for safety. Very sad.


    I worked at the park many years ago, and there were a few times that we had some very severe weather (rain, thunder, lightning, tornado sirens going off and the sky did turn green). Several announcements throughout the park were being made and all employees were advised by their supervisors where to direct guests to in order to seek shelter. Sad to hear that it wasn't the case yesterday.

  5. So far I am not a fan of this game, and I can't think of a single good reason why. I love the show though so I want to like the game, but I just can't get into it for some reason. Am I the only one that feels this way? It's OK if I am.


    A lot of people don't like it because they expected it to be the same as Simpsons and it's much more involved. With having to have workers, leveling up, leveling up characters, unlocking skins, it's a lot more in depth and some people just want a more casual game.


    I love that it's more in depth and takes a long time to do things as it gives me something to do.


    Elissa, I will agree with you on all points you mentioned. When I found the game in the app store two days ago I honestly thought it was going to be a knock off.


    I've been giving this game a little bit more love each day, and in turn it is growing on me. It will fill the void of me having to wait 4 hours for someone in Springfield to complete #1's tasks.

  6. I don't know I didn't discover this game until yesterday. I'm currently on level 4 and just finished up one of the Jerome quests.


    So far, I like this game. I have a Kindle, and I do hope that maybe in the future it will be released for the Kindle, but for now I'll play on my phone. I won't let that deter me from continuing.

  7. Just watching the test run makes me want to ride it more. Is the construction crew done now? Or are they going to be there through the testing process to?


    I would imagine that the crew would stick around for testing, just to work out any "kinks" the ride may have. I know the ride will have to run for awhile before the state can sign off and before anyone can set foot in the train.

    They still have to put up a support for the zero-g stall and they have to finish the last section of lift hill stairs.


    Ok. I wasn't aware those two things needed to be done yet.

  8. Just watching the test run makes me want to ride it more. Is the construction crew done now? Or are they going to be there through the testing process to?


    I would imagine that the crew would stick around for testing, just to work out any "kinks" the ride may have. I know the ride will have to run for awhile before the state can sign off and before anyone can set foot in the train.

  9. ^I didn't think you were but after re-reading my comments I sounded a little biased and quick to judge. I'm glad everyone had a pleasant stay there. I'd imagine you were at the hotel closest to the park. It does look nice and that would be the one is stay at since it's close to the water park.


    Mt O can be a good park. I do enjoy the outdoor water park more than anything there. Posideons Rage is an awesome wave pool. I just hope they put some money into the rides and develop better operations.

  10. I'm as terrified and horrified of Mt. Olympus as the rest of you, but just to be fair, we stayed at one of the converted motels last year and it wasn't bad at all.


    I don't know if we just got lucky, but it seemed at least somewhat redone, cleaned up, and safe. It certainly didn't have a lot of amenities or frills, but I've stayed in worse places (and was really expecting the worst!)


    I wouldn't expect any of their hotels to have a lot of frills or amenities. I'm glad you had a pleasant stay at the hotel last summer. I do apologize if my comments seemed biased. I always read hotel reviews before booking, and of course there may be a bad review for a hotel that I absolutely love and I just chalk it up to a bad experience for that reviewer. This would be the same case for Mt. O. There have been good and bad reviews, and I wouldn't mind staying there one night, especially during the winter since there are some great deals.

  11. ^ because there's no immediate return on investment from good operations like there is from slummy motels. They don't see the long term goal, just the get rich quick schemes.


    Ahhhh...yes the get rich quick scheme. I forgot about that. I honestly don't think the hotels would make any money though, especially for the condition they may be in. Again, I've only seen the outside not the inside. I have a rule about hotels "If it looks good on the outside, then it's nice on the inside" or so I would like to think.

  12. I was in Wisconsin Dells over Easter weekend. Those that have been there before know that there are so many old hotels in that town. When I say "old" I mean the ones that need a lot of TLC. The owner of Mt. O has bought 20 or more of these older hotels. Now I don't know if any of them get an interior refurbishing, but right now they're getting the good ol white with blue trim repaint. Why buy all these hotels over the last few years and not put any money into better staff and upkeep?

  13. Anyone else notice the Squidport tile glitch has been fixed? I had a tile there, and now it's gone so I had to start over. I had a feeling it was going to come to an end!


    I downloaded the Christmas update, I just haven't had a chance to go to other towns yet. So far, I like what I see.

  14. I saw clips of Ignite online and it was just... bad looking. The plotline was strange, I mean what does the Chicago Fire have to do with singing and dancing to today's pop songs? Plus the singing I heard was worse than the average theme park singing. But it was probably slightly better in person.


    I agree with the Glow in the Park Parade comments. That parade was amazing. I saw both SFSTL's and SFGAM's and they were both high-quality, especially for Six Flags parks. And then both parks got rid of them for no apparent reason. I mean, they were always bragging about how long it took to create the floats and how expensive they were, and then they only use them for 2-3 seasons.


    I agree with you about the songs and plot line of Ignite. The technical aspects of it is really cool. Canada's Wonderland has a similar show. When I saw it, I believe it was about the history of Canada set to music (no singing). If Ignite was something along those lines then it would be a better show. Also, I was under the impression that Ignite would be the "pre show" to Glow in the Dark. I was a disappointed when I didn't see a nighttime parade. I think if they added a parade the whole thing would be been pretty awesome. This is just my two cents though.

  15. I miss Mexico soooo much! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's really bringing back some great memories. I really want to head back there, especially to SF Mexico. It's one of the best SF parks I've been to. Everyone (employees and guests) were nice. The food was good too - especially the churros!


    I remember taking several pictures of Gary on those green meeting spots. I thought it had something to do with lost and separated families meeting there. I also never noticed the green arrows at SF Mexico. Thanks for teaching me something new!

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