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  1. [quote name='"Midgetman82"I have heard from reviews from other water slide enthusiasts that that specific slide is a little violent anyways. You hit the water in the shutdown late instead of an easy transition and deceleration.

    I'd rather expect someone to put up a new warning sign or something.


    I have been on that particular water slide plenty of times and all that is correct. The slide is very intense' date=' you hit the water really hard and at a high speed.


    If they had, say, a long straight section before the splashdown trough, they could have a gentle deceleration before ramming into a foot of water vagina-first, minimizing injuries. As in, have a shallow, inch - deep trough run comparable to the normal slide that leads into the pool or splash lane, giving an opportunity to slow down so the water does not damage the female anatomy.


    That would help but in this case it is almost impossible to modify the slide. Therme Erding is an extremely compact indoor waterpark in which the slides are all interwined and corssing each other multiple times. This plus te fact that there is hardly any room at the end of the slide for an expension pretty much kills the idea of adjusting it.


    Warning signs are already all over the place when entering the slide, even sings pointing out that women should be especially carefull.


    Lawsuits are probalby one of the reasons why this restriction has been applied but keep in mind that, in case of an injury, there is no way to sue a waterpark in Germany for even close to as much as you could in the US.


    While I don't think it is necessary to ban females from the slide I can still understand why the management decided to do so.

  2. Sorry for the off topic post but I also would like to comment on the "how intense are rides in which country" issue.


    Yes. It's a culture thing ... In the US we have a system that allows people to sue for ANYTHING really, and that alone keeps parks from building/running some rides like they should.


    I can only agree with that and what Robb said since I noticed pretty much the same thing during all of my visits to the US.

    Here is a good example when it comes to water parks.


    Me and a friend have been to this awesome water park called Area47 in Austria last summer. Here is an overview picture and two videos of my favorite rides there. By the way, their diving platform ist ajustable and can go up to 88,5 feet. Non professionals are allowed to jump from up to 65 feet which is a total blast!

    Now Imagine rides like that at Splashin Safari or Hurricane Harbour for instance. I just could never see this kind of park and rides work in the US since the average visitor would most certainly hurt themselves and sue the carp out of who ever is running the place.

    In Europe on the other hand stuff like this works just fine so yes, I do think nationality has something to do with peoples fears of a ride.






    2.) Proslide MatRacer (New Attraction for Soak City)

    An Eight Lane MatRacer will take the place of the old Speed Slides in the waterpark





    Wait are you saying the will remove the two slides with the two awesome pops of airtime, IMO two of the best slides I have ever been on to replace them with ordinary and lame matracers?


    That was the only reason for me to visit soak city while at cp.

  4. Well, I never ride any flat rides in Munich because I can ride them at our local fairs here in and around Augsburg at a lower price with longer ride cycles.

    Therefore I only do the big coasters.


    You actually can get a beer outside of the tents. For example at the Beergardens most of the big tents have or at the smaller bar stands.

  5. I rode it today and since my expecations were really low I was pleasantly surprised!

    The ride is fun but the rattle just sucks. You would think after HRRR Maurer has fixed that problem but they still seem to be unable to deliver a smooth ride experience like Mack does.

    The X-Cars just don't live up to what you would expect form "German engineering".


    Freischütz is still a good addition to the Park.

  6. I wouldn't pay extra admission for the KI water park because is lacks a couple of really good slides.

    CPs Soak City has at least the racing multi drop slide which may be old but still kicks ass!

    A bigger wave pool is still just a wave pool which most people will probably only use when they have to take a ...


    Kings Island really needs another major coaster, something like Ispeed, a Diving Machine, Inverter etc.

  7. I am not so sure about this.

    The fasttrack system at Alton Towers and Thorpe really sucks since it is expensive but not expensive enough to prevent the big crowds form buying it. Therefore the regular line suffers a lot.

    I hated my two (very busy) days at these Parks. Hopefully it will turn out fine for KI. Apparently the whole system works for Six Flags where it never bothered me at all.

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