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  1. Yep, me too on digging The Usher backstory. This idea has a similar cool factor to the undertaker type lead character from a few years ago. I liked that one as well. Looking forward to all the pictures from the events, especially the stilt walkers. Universal has always done an awesome job on those.
  2. Dragon's Tail looks like a fun ride and looking forward to more of the cruise ship. Enjoying the report thus far.
  3. Glad SFoG has means to deal with wierdness like this, however, things look pretty bad...like SFNO bad. The damage report, etc will be interesting to see. More importantly, my heart goes out to those who passed away from the floods. Will keep good thoughts for the weather letting up and things returning to normal.
  4. The RPG Geek in me is definitely interested in the themeing, and yeah, I like to shop too. I'm looking forward to this new area in a relaxed way. Honestly, I don't think the Kuka ride will be OMFG-amazing, but I do think it will be differently fun when compared to things like Spiderman, or other dark rides. While all the Potter themeing and possible Magiquest stuff could be fun, The Wizarding World just doesn't hold a candle to Wes and Unicorn Power. Now THAT, is quality entertainment!
  5. Had a terriffic lobster dinner there with the folks. Admittedly, I count fair kiddie coasters and am sad. Hey, I'll take it where I can get it. Anyway, back to yet another great set of updates. Enjoyed this round and much appreciated as always.
  6. You know, I always really dig the randomness and fun of Japan. Things like the burger capsule machine, etc, are just cool. And you can definitely see the Robb and Elyssa's personality traits in KT by her expressions. Did I ever get a laugh out of that! Thanks for another entertaining update! DOINK! Eat your heart out Megalon!
  7. That gave me a great laugh this morning. Thank you! Bummer the coaster in "Anal Bead Tower" was down for upkeep. Even so, lots of jems similar to "Mind your sreps...". Glad everyone is having a good time. Enjoying the pictures here. So...Posiden...not so Furious are we? Hmm....
  8. Echoing everyone else, this Happy Valley park is bloody impressive. And the NinJew picture of Joey rocks!
  9. Looks like another classic TPR trip and a whole lotta fun. Thanks for all these updates amongst the busy-ness over there. Lotsa fun to see. Best to all on the trip!
  10. I'm with DiSab here....grooooaaaannnnn! Thank you for a good chuckle today cfc.
  11. Looking forward to seeing you on your pass through Memphis. Girlfriend and I are trying to get down there and Baton Rouge to meet up with Astroworldfan and see Dixie Landings. Let's trade emails and numbers at some point so we can meet. Back to topic, have a terriffic time there and enjoy!
  12. About 200. It's mostly podcasts and I just ditched some old tv show episodes. Yeah, I'm slackin'
  13. My gut says SFKK could get Geauga'd and go water park if this latest rumor is true. Conversely, it will be interesting to see what goodies we get from the possible water park expansion.
  14. ^ You're A Good Man Charlie Brown is actually a very entertaining play. My high school did it one year, and I'm proud to say I have Snoopy friended on Facebook.
  15. Ok, Robb, you and Tyler have really gotten me interested in these HHN things. I liked last years whole Bloody Mary theme and this year's is pretty cool too. Looking forward to the trip reports from this event, especially the stilt walker costumes. Very cool all around!
  16. Some good pictures and makes me really miss SFoG all of a sudden. Thanks for sharing these.
  17. Always glad to see another B&M Hyper and an interesting move to to do an Intamin and a B&M rendition. Glad to see both parks get a cool ride and new icons. Carowinds gets bonus points for the downloadable videos along with the always appreciated net-swag. I'm a fan of ride logos and concept art, so things like this make the day brighter. Big thanks!
  18. Aww man, you just don't know how badly I wanted to come out and hang with everyone. My layoff happened right before that part of the trip and I was scrambling for next steps and what to do. Glad everyone had a good time and the Rapids shots are much appreciated. Really bummed and sorry I couldn't come out. Would've been a lot of fun.
  19. With a start this epic, I can't wait to see the rest. Great stuff!
  20. Hey man congrats on a great TR! Was just telling my girlfriend yesterday about your IOA Jurassic Park "Not a good place to text" picture that had me cracking up a year or so ago. Well earned front page.
  21. Guy, I got a good chuckle out of this one. Many thanks! My compliments on the Coaster Dynamix model. Very well done. Since the real trains appear custom, the B&M trains used in the model are a good proximity. For that matter, the Diamondback model was also very well done. Already choosing a spot for an Intimidator 305 fridge magnet and lanyard.
  22. You have a point here. It looks like a blend of Mega-Lite, MF, and Maverick. Definitely next gen. Ok, that lift is just plain HUUUUUGGGE! Hey, another great ride to look forward to in 2010. Congrats to KD!
  23. Years ago when my girlfriend's daughter asked me to go in the hamster tubes/suspended soft play fort at Chuckie Cheese, I had a good time. The nice thing about it was that it was built for adults and kids. There was a good bit of room for me to fit through. Really was amazing the whole thing hung from the ceiling. Really, we're all big kids here in some form or fashion. That's why we still go to parks and act goofy. It's fun. Whether it's a water park, amusement park, or what have you, it's still a big playground for little kids and big kids to enjoy. And that, was you warm and fuzzy philosophical moment for the morning.
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