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  1. Folks I've been enjoying the commentary this whole time. The boobs and scooter exchange gave me a good laugh. Great to see the pinball machines (know that was for Cameron) and thanks for yet another of shot of Magiquest. Much appreciated! Some bloody good work getting this stuff captured and posted. Well done!
  2. Gav, Great job! What a truly awesome and smartly designed water park!
  3. Stuff I like so far: Looping Waterslide Magicquest Stuff You all just made my day!
  4. I'm sad to see this and will get over there in the next day or so for more pictures. Based on what I saw earlier this year, Pippin has just sat too long to even be salvagable or awfully close. The way that section is torn off, I wouldn't bet on analysis for anything. More likely "Oh, it's an old damaged coaster, we HAVE to tear it down now". Kind of like purposely damaging something to get the scratch and dent price.
  5. ^&^^ Ah, was not aware of this, but contratulations still hold true especially year after year.
  6. You two have to be most happy to see your videos used for demo reels at IAAPA. That's a very cool accomlishment and a testament to TPR's quality. Congratulations!
  7. I've been bitten by the World of Warcraft bug here recently. I have a level 27 Priest Engineer. This is after having a level 29 Druid (named Grizzlyriver, with a Dawnsaber mount named Rampage) and just trying out several other races, classes and professions. Also have a level 10 Forsaken warrior...named Leeota...as in Madam Leota...as in Haunted Mansion.
  8. Another entertaining update. And the not speaking of winners and losers sounds like a good call, no matter how things turned out.
  9. Great coverage! Makes me really want to go back to Hershey, especially for this.
  10. Lemmy from Motorhead had a great line once: "Everybody's looking to be offended....They want to be offended. They offend me by not being offended themselves..." Rampage. Instigating chaotic violent behavior or a shamless plug for a park that has Cedar Point's old fountain? You decide.
  11. That's good to see. Sadly, Memphis Zoo had a baby elephant for a day or so, and then the mother accidentally gored it with her tusks while trying to help it. There are a few zoo enthusiasts here, particularly ones involving trains. Thanks for putting this up.
  12. This is probably a "well DUHHH!" but Facebook for Blackberry is really useful. I post and check updates mostly from this verses my laptop. Also, if you don't have a picture for someone in your Blackberry address book, this app will use that person's Facebook profile pic as a caller ID pic. Also great for uploading the occasional random picture.
  13. Terrific shots as always and thank you for the rapids pics too. This has made the day a bit brighter.
  14. Larry, I remember either CTU_Agent or BamaRob had shots of BGT Congo River Rapids from a year or so ago. Also, spaceace12 has several shots of Six Flags St. Louis Thunder River. Hope those leads are a help. There's a slim chance I might get out to Six Flags St. Louis this next summer. If so, you'll have 'em. Cheers!
  15. atem122, good find on that website. Very cool to see that test run.
  16. This was a treat, as I don't get to see these parks much. Thanks and well done! Oh, and these guys are just plain creepy. O.o
  17. This doesn't look good...and I LIE like a rug! The food at Old Mill was just out of this world. That was our first night's dinner last year. Great to see all those shops again. Thanks Erik!
  18. Always glad to see water park stuff. This one looks like fun. I'd go.
  19. - Wes (Chuckles) Wes, you just made my day. Thanks! The new trains are cool and I'm sure they'll improve the ride, but Elyssa has point about the metal bars. Also, when I picture Voyage, the current PTCs come to mind. The new trains make it "feel" like a different coaster, or it leaves a different impression. Granted, this may be no different from going from older boxy style trains to Millenium Flyers on other coasters, but I just notice a different impression. Even so, improvement is still improvement and 2 treats for next year is even better. Thank you Holiday World!
  20. Some nice and creative detail thus far. Or dare I say "sparkling"?
  21. For those who haven't gone, it really is a fun event. Our family had a terrific time last year and I even got to meet up with fellow TPR member carolinacaniac and his friends. If you get the opportunity, especially with friends and family, go for it. And OMG the food...
  22. Ah, one of my all-time favorites. Cool photos and always happy to see this park.
  23. That new Disney ship is insanely cool! Love the water coaster idea and the themeing discussed. Also very cool that it launches on my birthday in 2011. No doubt, this would be a fun cruise to take.
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