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  1. In case some people were wondering by turning Demi off.


    Demi- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhGEO9XDmis




    Demi is my new favorite. She is much prettier too. I hope she'll crush Miley some day, just some day...!



    I swear, some of these preppy girls creep the hell outta me. "I got a really emo shirt today. Like emo-masing. NINJA TURTOLZ!!! TEH MUTENT KINDZ!!!"




    Ok then.... Yay! I just added Demi as my avatar! I really hope Miley doesn't continue this way. She is making herself look bad. I guess that is good in many ways though!

  2. DANG! This is turning out to be more of a horror movie...


    Who ever thought Batman would become of this?!?!


    I thought the same thing! The 1990's joker was more funny looking like a joker. Now this joker all creepy looking and 2 face is just disgusting looking especially with that muscle looking thing going in front of his teeth. That's just plain nasty!

  3. I got this from CoasterFusion.com that SixFlags announced a video that thye're going to do partnered with Brash Entertainment. It will have mini games, your own custom characters, prizes, and more! I'm guessing this is leaning more on the kids side ofcourse but just thought I'd share it. Here's more info on it- http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20080605005326&newsLang=en It sounds rather boring ofcourse. It will be available on PS2, Wii, and DS.


    What do you think of this?

  4. True. I actually made this not really to share usernames but to get certain times when we can meet as groups instead of just PM'ing each other but if you feel this topic needs to be closed then please do so. Thanks.


    O, and I'm on right now too.

  5. I was searching this topic and found nothing so I decided to post it up! (Please tell me this isn't spamming if so please lock it). Anyways, i Made this topic so everybody could share there Yahoo! IM usernames so we can chat live at a specific time and date. Just set up a time and date and try to get as many people on from TPR so we can have a great time! In fact I'm on right now and I'll be on for about another 30 minutes if nobody shows up today.


    My Username- ragingbull1



  6. Ugh, sorry I keep getting Hotel Breakers and Breakers Express mixed up. I meant Breakers Express not Hotel breakers. Thanks for the tips! I'm doing the 2 day package that comes with 2 full day tikcets, 2 star light tickets, free parking, and more! First day I'll arrive there a little bit late and check in, go to the mall for a little bit then use my Star light ticket with my dad. Then the next day I'll be using my full day ticket. I'm going at the end of July, 28th- 30th. It should be pretty fun!

  7. Is Hotel Breakers right next to Castaway bay? How's the service there? Also, I heard Demon drop was somewhat rough at the bottom like it hurts your back. Is that true?

  8. I'm just curious what to do at CP. I'm going in about 2-3 months. I went there once last year but only got to ride three coasters, TTD, Disaster, and WildCat then a bad storm hit so we had to leave early. Last time I stayed at Kalahari but now just to save money we are going to breakers express. Is Breakers Express any good and nice at all? What are some of the rides flat or coasters you recommend?



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