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  1. While TPR was screaming on rollercoasters on their group trips,I was traveling to England for seeing my dad`s new boat!When we travelled from Heathrow Airport to Southend,I saw an sign with Adventure Island.It was an quite surprise,but then I didn`t care,until we arrived on the beach,and my dad pointed out that Adventure Island was on the same street as our hotel (it was an long street next to an beach)!We was arriving on an thursday,and soon,we came to the park 5:40 PM (It was a mile long parking next to the park and it was nearly FULL!) on the saturday,7th July 2007.I was most exicted to their new rollercoaster RAGE,that is Englands first Gerstlauer Eurofighter (Oakwood is in Wales,if anyone complains that I`m wrong!).We didn`t sadly enough get to ride anything until nearly 6 PM due to that my dad wanted us to wait.Why?Well,the praise 20 pounds for an wristband (gosh,these things were expenisve)!But when the clock strikes 6 PM,the wristbands are for half of the price!

    Now to the park:

    Wristbands controls how long people are,red are for kids below 1 meter,green are for people between 1 meter and 1.2 meter,and blue band was for people over 1.2 meter.My little brother and I got blue bands,so we can ride everything in the park!First up was Green Scream,it was near the park entrance and the ticket booths.It was fun,but seems like the supports can`t hold it so well.When we approched the station we thought the ride was over,but we got one lap more!

    RAGE was next.You can hear that it sounds sometimes so Shishishishi when it goes through the inversions.I was a little scared when we was up for the vertical lift hill.I shut my eyes in frightment,then,after the 97-degree drop,it was the most awesome ride ever!But I realised that Eurofighters can be very,very shaky!And I also realised that when you go through the barrel roll,it goes so slow that your butt starts leaving the seat!

    We encountered many after rides like the most awesome slide ever!There are three (two blue and one green) slides in one.The two blue ones are regular and races down the course,but the green one was incredible!It goes through an dark tunnel in spirals and steep drops,and it goes fast!

    One thing that was disturbing is that they had a "turtle swinger ride" that looked like the one from Bon-Bon Land!

    We didn`t ride the freefall,in the queue it suddenly broke down and we leaved.

    We walked to the other side of the park,I rode "Barnstormer" an Zerier kiddie rollercoaster.

    "Ramba Zamba" was my first Disko ever,I realised that when you go on it,you must take belts on,and then,a back protector thing smashes you in the back so it hurts,my little brother said it was painful when it hit him.Otherwise,the ride was fun.

    We didn`t go on the pinfari coaster,but we walked back to RAGE and the green slide,we ride them again,and then we leaved,after two hours and 20 minutes within the park!


    We came back to the park again some days later to play their themed mini-golf course!My big brother got very lucky,he got two hole in ones!


    Southend-On-Sea is a good place to go,it has some good shopping places,it has an aquarium,it has mini-golf,game-arcades all down the way and an awesome amusuent park!

  2. Hello,I`m Xtremecoaster,and I joined here today!This will be my first park,so please be a little nice!


    Outside Honolulu,Oahu:

    Hawaii has long been known for it`s sandy beaches and tropical paradise,now,Joshmen & Co has layed out plans,for Hawaiis first ever amusuent park,or "Hawaii park" as they call it.Hawaiiland will be a fun park for the hole family to enjoy,and will have both thrills and chills.The major attraction in this park will be the Hawaiian Tower,that towers over the park and gives an fantastic view.Three rollercoasters are planned for grand opening,one Intamin Half Pipe called "Surfer",an Zerier junior coaster called "Twister" and an Vekoma SLC called "Riptide".This all new park will begin it`s construction already tomorrow and next year,we will all see Hawaiis premier park,Hawaiiland!

    Yup,It seems to open next year,hope they will go good!

    The parks logo!

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