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  1. Year 1


    A small new town called Mainville in California,wanted to give tourists and coaster entusiasts something to come for.That`s why one of the smallest parks in the U.S,opens today here.California Beach has nearly 15 rides and attractions.The three star rides is Wild Mouse,and wild mouse-rollercoaster manufactured by Maurer-Shöne,an classic wooden-rollercoaster manufactured by Philadelphia Tobbogan Coasters.And at last,world`s first modern Flying Turns coaster!

    The modern Flying Turns for California Beach was born two years ago when the owners of the new park began planning.An old concept of the classic Flying Turns was fund in an employee`s locker.The employee said that his grandfather was manufacturing one of the Flying Turns and kept the concept when the coasters dissapeared.Flying Turns quickly become the media`s most interested coaster,and California Beach got lucky enough to finish the ride before Knobel`s,that will open later this year.

    Welcome to California Beach!

    Well,the park will be pretty crowded today!

    And here it is,Flying Turns!


    That was the parks presentation,now I will release the download!


    NOTE:This is an scenario,lay it in the scenario files.


    PS.Post trip reports!


    CS needed:

    Jcat`s Mouseworx

    Jcat`s Steelworx

  2. Wonder Island had an indoor spinning coaster operated from 2005 to 2007.Tt was replaced by an single dark ride.RCDB says that due to this,it may be that the ride never has been operating.


    Also,the Screamin Squirrel,was not reported operating in 2006.In 2007,people has seen an completed track,but an unfinished loading section.It has not been seen any activity on it recently.

  3. Rides I want to be removed:

    1.TIDAL WAVE (I hate it more than any coaster in the hole park!)

    2.Kaena Point Falls (It`s an pointless ride,nearly exactly the same layout as The Falls and looks boring!)


    Rides I want to stay:

    1.Tantalus (It owns!)

    2.Zhambi Zidewinder

    3.Red Zone

    4.Tropicana Tower

    5.Hawaiian Swings


    Rides I want to be in the park:

    1.Water Park

    2.An kiddie coaster

    3.Premier Lim-launched coaster

    4.Freefall Tower

    5.Wild Mouse



    8.B&M Flyer

  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any detailed information on the new ultracoaster about to begin construction? You know the kind of thing, design drawings, CAD images, or just general info. I think it's being installed at Cedar Point but I may have that wrong. I know that it will be the first in the world to top 500 feet, and also the first of this breed of super tall coaster to feature an inversion. Just hoping you knowledgable folk out there can fill me in with more info!

    Hello?Any proof on this crap?You must show an proof before posting what you`re saying.You can`t just say that and don`t come up with any proof,and then blame us for "don`t following the news",that`s just dumb!

  5. My categories of worst coaster/rides:


    Shakeness-RAGE (Adventure Island)

    Well,what should I say?It shakes so much after the loop so I get headache when my head hits the Over-The Shoulder Restraints all the time!You gotta strech the head forward so it hits the air instead,and you`re safe from an headache!



    Okay,this is not an rollercoaster,but the ride is so uncomfrontable and it pushes me so hard that my stomach is pushed back for half an hour!


    Rough-Rutschebanen (Bakken)

    It`s not very rough,kinda okay,but I haven`t ridden as many different rollercoasters as you credit whores does,so it`s the roughest ride I experienced yet.

  6. Aren`t TPR starting the Midwest USA Trip soon?I haven`t heard much about it lately,are they even going to have an Midwest USA Trip this year?It`s only less then an month to the Japan trip!

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