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  1. Quick question if anyone knows the answer.


    I am going to purchase the Platinum Pass online and will be going to Kings Island tomorrow. Do they make you process your pass before you can enter the park or can you enter the park and do the early walk back and then have your pass processed during the day?


    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.





    edit: Nevermind. We got there early walked right into the Season pass processing area and walked out in 3 minutes.


    Diamondback is quite the nice ride.

  2. I have a question for the people who rode SOB in its first year of operation. Was it always a terrible ride? Did you get off the ride the first time and immediately come to that conclusion or was it kind of average and deteriorate over time?

    Just curious.


    Rode it exactly once the year it opened after waiting three hours. In ten years we never did get back on it. It was that bad.


    Hell, I'll even ride Mean Streak when I go to CP...there is never a wait.



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