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  1. I'm going to be the oddball as I voted for the original. I think the "We love theme parks..." is too long for a tagline. The header is something you only take a quick glance at it and the original tagline seems to work for this purpose. I actually like the sentence and could see you using it other places...shirts etc., but I think for the top of the web page simple is better.


    And let me say I appreciate how you always ask for your users feedback...I wish other sites were as open with soliciting comments.



  2. I had a blast meeting up with you all for Club TPR day at 6FStL Tuesday. As usual, an awesome time was had. Thank you Robb & Elissa for planning an excellent event. Also thanks to the staff at 6 Flags St. Louis for taking care of us. The walk back, ERT and lunch was fantastic!


    It was great to meet up with old friends as well as shake hands with an all new group of people. Take care, and have a ball on the remainder of the Mid America trip. I look forward to catching up with you all in the future.


    Thanks again Robb & Elissa. Without you two, I would still be a shivering, naked, shell of a human being, living in his parents basement, huddled up in a dark corner, only escaping every so often to roam theme park midways cold and alone, longing to share my adrenaline fueled urges with anybody. You have provided me with host of friends as well as a warm shelter where I am no longer afraid to spew my adrenaline forth unto the masses. Thank you for taking me into the TPR bosom, and allowing me to suckle upon its firm, and overflowing awesomeness!


    Guy "Yup! That just about sums up how I feel!" Koepp


    What Guy said!!


    Had a blast meeting up with everyone and seeing old friends and making some new ones.


    Weather could have been a little warmer!



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