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  1. ^I had the same issue with Gatekeeper's restraints (but not with Wild Eagle's); however, I think that issue was resolved with Cedar Point's ride (so maybe B&M has applied it to the other Wing coasters, too).


    Gatekeeper was brutal when we rode it. I rode at the end of that season and they had improved or at least allowed me to breathe while waiting for the train in front of us to unload.



  2. Calling it the six flags of Norway might have been a bit harsh on my side, and yes every other park on that trip was outstanding, this was the one that was a bit of a let down.


    I think it was the loading of the Vekoma ( over 15 mins ) to dispatch the train.


    And then getting to ride twice because the Op couldn't stop the train in the correct spot.


    Tusenfryd was a great park but it was definitely being run different from my 2006 visit.


    Hanno...love the photos! Can't wait to see the rest.



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