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  1. My home park would be SFKK, but I haven't been there in like 3 years! Not when Holiday World is an hour or so away! King's Island is about 2 hours away. And Beech Bend is about 1 & 1/2 hours.
  2. Ah, my park list is rather pathetic so far this year...just not much money to go anywhere! Anyway: Holiday World King's Island Cedar Point That's it I think we will end up at Dollywood and SFKK before the end of the season anyway. Next year we will definitely hit more parks! Amanda
  3. I agree about Jen, can't stand the girl, but it looks like she's gonna get what's coming now the Evil is HOH. I would have evicted Joe over Evil, BUT Joe was quite amusing to watch. Also I think Danielle could win it all. Amanda
  4. New York New Jersey Pennsylvania (lived here) Maryland West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Tennessee Kentucky (live here) Florida Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Missouri Kansas Oops...forgot Washington DC
  5. Cool pics. I have seen some of those ships in VA in the Chesapeake Bay, but I don't think they were nearly that large.
  6. Saw Harry Potter last weekend. Much missing from the book, but definitely got the main points across. Umbridge was just a horrible horrible woman! I think my favorite movie so far though, but I also really liked Chamber of Secrets. Planning on seeing Transformers this weekend, so my boyfriend's friends don't call him a loser anymore for not seeing it!
  7. I'm Amanda and I am new to posting here (obviously). Anyway I live in Louisville, KY and have been into coasters the past few years. My first coaster ever was probably the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood and my most recent new coaster was Maverick. Planning on a trip to Dollywood sometime soon and a Pennsylvania trip next year (Dorney, Hershey, Knoebels, Kennywood, Idlewild, Lakemont, and Delgrosso's). I grew up in PA with some of those parks! I love checking out TPR and all the awesome trip reports, so I can dream about where I want to go (would LOVE the Europe trip)!
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