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  1. Soren, I'm glad to see you are having a blast down here in Florida. I'm sad I haven't gotten to see you since the first night! Hopefully we'll get a chance to hang out again. They have us Goofys working WAY too hard, haha. I'll need to stop by the Germany pavilion sometime soon!
  2. They have a machine at the Magic Kingdom (WDW). The arcade where Space Mountain dumps into. I played it once, it was okay. I'm too used to joystick and such.
  3. I have some strong feelings about this season. I don't find the talent this season as good as some others. Mandisa was the best on the show. No one could compare to her singing ability. Its a travesty that she got voted off. I can bet the other Idols are glad because she was some heavy competition. I'm not making a point to watch the show any further since she got eliminated. If I'm home, I'll watch, but I'm not going to record it. I'm not a fan of Chris by any means. He is boring me. Bucky was horrid. Elliot can sing the same thing every week, or so it sounds. Kellie can't sing anything. Ace sucks. Please vote out all of these people. The only three contestants that are worth watching at this point is Katherine, Taylor, and Paris. Otherwise, I'll just not watch.
  4. Nice pictures. I don't know how I feel about the ride, but I do enjoy normal Disk-Os. I just do like idea of themeing a ride around Survivor. I'm a fan of the show though. I don't remember Katie, what season was she from? And if Stephenie was there, why no photos. She's a cutie.
  5. Some Character LOVIN. The Robin Hood gang. The Sheriff of Nottingham wants all your money. Some TPR members aren't paying their taxes! Foulfellow is getting foul with Suzy and Perla!
  6. Are you for reals, that they are building Go-Karts near Grizzly?! If so, that is horrid. They need to plant some major trees and get it back in the woods. Where do you enter Grizzly at now? I won't be able to visit PKD this year since I'm in Florida, but its not like I'm missing much. I rather go when FoF is open.
  7. It actually isn't too late, more than likely. You may have missed the presentation and interview at your school, but look on the website for a E-Presentation and they will schedule an phone interview with you. www.wdwcollegeprogram.com for more information.
  8. Inside Man was a wonderful movie. It kinda reminded me of Phone Booth but at the same time was different. A great ending and movie overall! I just got back from She's the Man, and it was actually enjoyable. I was skeptical because it looked like a chick flick/typical plot movie, which is may have been, but it was enjoyable. I wasn't disappointed.
  9. I'm actually writing from Chatham Square, one of the two apartment complexes (besides International like Soren). I'm currently on my second program. My first program I was in Operations at the Living Seas and a Soarin' Greeter. When I first was told I was going to work the Living Seas, I was disappointed because I had no idea what it was, but it ended up being one of the best attractions to work! The experience of your job also comes from those you work with and what you make of it. You can be one of those CPs that complain day in and day out and have an overall bad experience because you cause it to be that. This program I'm in Entertainment. I'm absolutely in love with my job. I get to make kids days and interact in ways that some people cannot. Soon I should be in training for parades and shows! The housing is very nice. I'd highly suggest Chatham Square over Vista Way. People from Vista are always coming over and get jealous of our apartments. About the overall experience...obviously I enjoyed myself if I'm back on my second program. You learn a lot both in a professional means as well as getting to learn more about yourself. You really do return home changed, for the good hopefully. Some people are unable to change because they are so set in their bad means, but some can grow and learn. You'll learn by those you live with, make friends with, and where you work. Its a wonderful experience. I should be going full time with the company after my program ends in August and working towards in-state tuition. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to post here or simply PM me. I'll do my best to answer them for you!
  10. While at DAK, it was time for silly photos, and this was my favorite! Gotta love the Mickey Gloves. And, the typical "Jeremy looks sexy at his 'job'" photo. Dang, I'm "foxy." Ha, pun INTENDED. The Yeti has engulfed my head!
  11. Why doesn't everyone seem to hate Gwazi. I personally enjoyed it. I forget which side was better, but I thought they were still great rides. Especially at dark, they were excellent. Meh, maybe I'm just crazy. Great Photos guys! Keep em coming!...if there are anymore!
  12. We all watched Illuminations together! Well, I was there, but between Mexico and Norway watching it with some family! I wish I could've taken part in the silliness, alas work has me captured. Of course, you guys didn't visit Foulfellow or Tigger at MK. Hateful. Thats my favoritest Poppins of all.
  13. Well, Soren and some other guys from Germany are back from our adventure at Wal-Mart. Sooo...here are some photos of our little trip. So, there aren't many photos, but how many can you take at Wal-Mart, honestly! Hopefully Soren will be getting a laptop soon so he can post his own trip reports. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come from him or myself! He got here safely after an 30 hour trip. He's not currently staying at the International Program housing (the Commons) because they are full. So, he's in the same complex I'm at. Well, enjoy the photos. From Soren and myself, BYE. Finally checking out all the goodies! Soren and Stephen getting some quality water, but NOT sparkling. We think our second photo came out MUCH better. Take 1: Mark, Soren, Myself the American, and Stephen
  14. Soren and I are headed to Wal-Mart in just a few minutes. I've got my camera incase he doesn't! I'll try to get the pictures up tonight but I gotta pick someone up from the airport and I've got Tiggering to do tomorrow at 9:30!
  15. Well, if I'm his ride to Wal-Mart or Target, we'll be sure to use the Wal-Mart on 535. It opened last year, and its closer than the other. The Target near the other Wal-Mart is the only Target I know of.
  16. Well, I'm not sure if I'll buy one until I hear everything and give it a try. I think one of the cool aspects of the system is how you'll be able to buy old games online, from NES till Gamecube (?). Plus, we can play our Gamecube discs on the system. It'll be great to buy all those classic games and not have worry about blowing out the cartridge. I'm hoping they decide to use regular size discs opposed to the mini discs. I think they are because the slot looked bigger than mini.
  17. Soren, I wish you a safe flight!!! I hope to see you within the next few days when you bank in on that ride to Wal-Mart! Oh, how sad, I'll be the first TPR member you might meet since your trip in the US (we won't count those who visit you in Germany). I'll leave a good impression. *prepares US traditional welcoming whipped cream pie to splatter in Soren's face* See you at Disney soon! - Jeremy
  18. Hey Soren, what day do you arrive here in Florida and when do you have to check-in with the program? Just curious. Jeremy
  19. I forget where I tried Cheerwine but I thought it was GREAT. I wish it was everywhere!
  20. I LOVE Survivor, but I think naming a ride after the show seems quite foolish. What happens after the show is finished and no one knows what it is anymore. Also, what if the guests want to ride and they don't want to get wet and participate in the "challenge." I enjoy the Disk-O, but I agree, I don't see how adding a hill in the middle makes it a roller coaster. But, I'll add it to my count. I think this theme should get voted out.
  21. The latest and greatest... A rare sight indeed. No, not I at Disney World. But, with no guests!!!
  22. I was totally at DAK yesterday as well! I got in line for Everest around 1:50, just before the line closed off at 2. The wait time said 50 minutes, but ended up being just 20 minutes. I was quite glad. We also had a job, but not at Everest, but at the Safari. We pulled a Deanne and forgot to give it to the CM. So, my friend kept it as a free gift. We are bad CMs. Here is a picture from the day. The group with the Pooh group (I'm in the Orange Hoodie)!
  23. You best watch out or I'll call security. SECURITY! We have trouble makers on the forums.
  24. I've ridden the coasters at Disney (besides RnRC) with my new contacts and haven't had a problem. That includes Everest. I don't have much experience but the true test will be Rock-n-Roller Coaster. I haven't gotten there quite yet.
  25. I love the Country Bears! Big Al and I are like, BEST FRIENDS.
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