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  1. I just get in the car and take a drive over for some rides on Sheikra. Year round parks are so nice. Everybody in Florida loves the winter season.
  2. Cool, looks good. I was wondering when they would get to testing the ride.
  3. Always a shame when things like this happen, but if you don't belong there you shouldn't be there. Granted accidents do happen and humans are pretty good at getting in to accidents. Small Update, Seems the woman may have died today from her injuries however they cant confirm at this time. Apparently the sheriffs made an announcement but its unconfirmed at this time by the news station. http://www.wesh.com/news/14726804/detail.html Correction: The Orange County Sheriff's Office provided WESH 2 News with incorrect information regarding the condition of a Disney worker who fell from a ride and was injured on Saturday. Although the Sheriff's Office originally said the Disney worker died shortly before noon on Thursday, as of 12:35 p.m., they would no longer confirm the statement. WESH 2 News regrets the error.
  4. From what I was told by PTC the reason for the 4 wheel single seaters is to distribute the weight better so that there is less force on each section of the trains. They are also displaying a trailered version of the same cars with out the from set of wheels something more like the MF trains that GCI uses. I have some photos from the show up on mysite. Camera didn't do so well inside. Go here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventIAAPA5.html Always a great show. I was going to go back for more today but didn't make the trip.
  5. I think the photos are overpriced anyway. As said some parks are already offering online copies of the photos. For me one of the reasons I get the onride photo is because of the cool looking binders that most parks have that your photo comes in. If you are going to do something like this then you will need a type of idenitification card to hand to the ride attendant or in park photographer so that a collection can be made. Then there is the issue of how much do you have to pay to have the photos collected or just to use the service. How much to pay to look at the photos then download them. Then if I want to print it out at home I would have to buy special paper, printer and ink just to get my photo on paper. If you lowered the prices of the photos at the parks more people would buy them. 12 to 15 dollars for a photo that ususally is off color or low quality is a bit much as alot of parks dont have the good quality capture system or printing ablitlity.
  6. And Disney never wanting to tarnish there image or reputation, responds. Its not fat people. I love how the world always has to be politically correct. http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/Quirks/2007/11/10/disneys_small_world_gets_bigger/8155/ Quote below. Officials at the South California amusement park said fiberglass buildup from years of patching -- not overweight riders -- is causing boats to become lodged at two spots in the 41-year-old ride, near the Canadian Mounties and Scandinavian geese, the newspaper said
  7. ^ My guess or my hope would be that since the ride was so recently announced that they just haven't gotten around to getting a web page put together. Plus I would imagine that there is minimal work happening on the work site. Hope to see some new Voodoo stuff soon although it will be a short construction time line due to the size of the coaster.
  8. Thanks, Mike. I had not seen the ones on the flicker site, I had seen your update with the photos from mid October.
  9. Hope they have new photo updates often. The large logo is pretty awesome looking. I like the way the graphics have been put together. Would like to see some photos of track and current work other than a few photos of dirt. Although thats all part of the construction and I am guilty of a few pile of dirt shots as it is. I know Newsplusnotes or maybe it was some where else that had a few photos of the new yellow track, so anybody else come across any other photos.
  10. Thats about the stupidest thing I have read today. Are the parks still going to be called Busch Gardens. I wonder if this is just the beginning of the seperation from the Busch corperation. So that the seperate division can go on its own.
  11. Do imaginary friends count. Mine goes riding with me all the time. Better keep that fart down wind of me, oooo whats that smell, cant you smell that smell.
  12. Guess for me dead bodies anywhere would be unpleasant, if you drive a car enough in the US you will see 1 or 2 bodies anyway. On the pointless part of being a credit whore. Well I guess its what you make of it, I keep track because its my hobby and like to keep an idea of what and where I have been on. Memory starts to fade after a certain age like after 21. So at 40 I don't remember what the top part of this tread is about. J.
  13. Had a chance to stop by the park this morning for a few rides and some photos of Jungala. Work is really moving along. Here a couple photos from today. I have 6 more on mysite along with my ongoing collection of photos here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new2008bg.html
  14. I cant ever understand the over theming of a roller coaster. I mean its a roller coaster. If I want lights and special effects I go ride a special effects ride. Plus where on X do you really have time to enjoy any type of light display aint the ride disorinting enough. X was great the way it was a tunnel just doesnt make me want to run out to SFMM to ride it. Plus I bet the special effects will be in the station house so you have something to do as you wait in the long 90 minute line.
  15. Sheikra all the way.. The carousel turn around the station house out of the immelmann along with the hang time in the immelmann and the second drop into the tunnel. Griffon, the extra wide trains make it more susceptible to bouncing around. Plus Griffon just seems less powerful as in overall Gs on the body. Plus the fact that Griffon should have had a 250 foot drop for a first drop down into the ravin instead of the second drop. Griffons water splash was like an add on and desent seem to fit the area or have any way for people to be in the splash zone like on Sheikra. Plus I never could stand a cloned ride I mean come on you spend all that money on a coaster that is the same as at your other park. Like most coasters getting built now adays, it seems that they lack creativity and just give you a product. Even Sheikra they could have done so much more then what they did but those are decissions I dont make.
  16. Glad I got to ride it a couple years back. It was one of those days that it opened about 1 pm. I think over the next few years there will be a few more differnt coasters removed from other parks. Still wondering about SFMM. I am guessing its on the todo list along with flashback. I am just glad I got to ride all 3 of the Vu's at the differnt parks.
  17. While it is good news I have to wonder if its just a marketing ploy to get a better deal for the land they are renting in the stadium deal. Seems funny to me that in all the time of CF, have they ever announced a coaster more then a year and a half out.
  18. Seems the park may get closed if they dont comply. It does say the park is going to help the injured. http://www.bangkokpost.com/News/25Oct2007_news02.php Siam Park has been given 10 days to submit the safety records of its amusement rides or face closure following an accident on Tuesday which killed one rider and injured five others. Thanita Phraewanit, assistant director of the Khan Na Yao district office, said the office has asked the fun park to submit a report on the safety of all amusement rides and machines by Nov 2. The park will be ordered to close unless the report is handed to the authorities by the deadline. She said the city's Public Works Office would send officials to check whether the amusement park has been granted an operating licence. The accident happened on the Indiana Log ride, one of the park's most popular attractions. The six victims were riding in two boats gliding down a slope when the power supply malfunctioned. Water pumps on the ride failed, leaving no water for the ride's carriages to float on. As there was no water to cushion the impact of the boats as they raced down the slope, they careered straight through the stop area and crashed, propelling one woman from her seat. Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin has ordered officials to inspect all amusement parks in Bangkok. However, Bangkok deputy governor Banasopit Mekvichai explained it was difficult to regulate some amusement parks, including Siam Park, because they were built before the Buildings Control Act was brought into force. The Interior Ministry, however, is in the process of drafting legislation to control all amusement parks across the country, she said. Police yesterday pressed charges against two staff of Siam Park in connection with the accident. Pol Maj-Gen Pisanupong Yukthathat, chief of the Metropolitan Police division 4, said Thosapol Nak-usa and Supalak Thadthong, who were responsible for controlling the rides and electricity systems at Siam Park, have been charged with recklessness and causing death. Chaiwat Luang-amornlert, Siam Park chairman and founder, blamed the accident on the power failure. Siam Park has provided initial financial assistance of 20,000 baht to the family of the dead victim. Police spokesman Pol Lt-Gen Pongsapat Pongcharoen yesterday visited 10-year-old Supattra Wong-anu, one of the injured victims, at Nopparat Ratchathani Hospital and gave her a birthday cake. Her stepmother, Pacharaporn Khongkarian, 34, died in the accident. The park's assistant director, Noppakan Luang-amornlert, gave her a gold necklace, an amulet of the Kuan Yin goddess, a doll and a life-long membership to Siam Park. The park also promised financial support to see her through to university. Supattra and her family were celebrating her birthday at Siam Park when the tragedy occurred
  19. Here is an update. Seems it may be operator error as somebody in the pump house didnt warn others that a pump was going to be turned off. Thats at least what its hinting at. http://nationmultimedia.com/2007/10/25/headlines/headlines_30053681.php We believe there was a co-ordination mistake among staff," Metropolitan Police Division 4 commander Maj General Pissanupong Yutathat said yesterday, "But we are gathering more evidence and the investigation is ongoing". He declined to give any timeframe about when the investigation would be completed. Two officials, Tossapol Nakusa and Supalak Thadthong, have already been charged with recklessness causing injury and death as they were supervising the water pump and generator for the fatal ride. On Tuesday, a woman died and five other people sustained injuries because two boats on the Indiana Log ride collided. According to the police investigation, a disrupted power supply caused a water pump to fail - so there was not enough water to cushion the impact of the boats plunging down from the start of the ride. However, the staff who supervised the water pump and the generator failed to inform the ride controller who released the ride as usual. "By normal practice, if there is not enough water, the boat must not be launched from the top," Pissanupong said. Lots more information in the article if you want to read more about it.
  20. It says that a pump failed for a short bit and caused the accident. http://etna.mcot.net/query.php?nid=32340 Six persons injured in amusement park ride accident BANGKOK, Oct 23 (TNA) - Six persons, including a nine-year-old girl, were injured when a roller-coaster style water sluice passenger boat fell from the crest of its artificial hill at a crowded amusement park on the outskirts of Bangkok on Tuesday. The accident occurred at midday when the boat-carriage fell from the top of the railway trestle-like structure some 20 metres above the ground. Siam Park deputy manager Noppakarn Luang-amornlert said the accident occurred because of a sudden drop in electrical power, which caused a water pump to fail to control the water level for amusement park ride to float upon. The six injured persons were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment, with three victims still being treated. (TNA
  21. Thats funny, when I first saw the photo of the train I thought the same thing, it just looks like that because of the wrappers. Anyway I like the blimp front nose styling on the train. I wonder if it follows the same design all the way down the sides and if it has any type of tail feature on the back of the trains. Or maybe a color difference in the back.
  22. Had a chance to stop by the park over the weekend. What a strange place for an amusement park. Sure doesnt seem that much to the park or they still have a ton of work to do. Shot a few photos of construction. Here are a few, more here if want to take alook http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new2008hr.html
  23. You can see a few other photos in this news article. Its an article from last year but there are a couple photos you can see. http://www.bonitanews.com/news/2006/jul/12/residents_find_little_amusement_delays_keep_fun_pa/
  24. Its a small little park with a pink roller coaster. There are a couple of photos of it on RCDB. I have been following the story for several months. Its hard to say if the guy is just getting another delay or if maybe this time he can get the money situation straightend out and get the park open. He owes alot of people alot of money. It would be good for the area if they could finally get the park open.
  25. I pick Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Over Georgia. The final brake run as you hop the last hill and you fly into the brake shed, its always a put your hands down and duck moment.
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