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  1. I thank you for your synopsis of the system, though I already understood it.


    "S&S" uses a system like this on many of their rides, including the "Screamin' Swing" and Powder Keg.


    And as many negative reviews as there are about the X-Car's comfort, I still really want to try one.


    Yeah, S&S Screaming Swing is the one I was thinking of. I believe the X-Car restraint is patented, which would explain why S&S's works differently.


    You'd think, after riding two of the things, that I would have remembered who made it...


    I know there are a lot of complaints about the X-Car being uncomfortable (I myself have yet to ride one, though I would definitely like to), but this looks like a wonderfully sick update - I can't imagine what being that free during an inversion would feel like.


    The restraints are the whole idea behind the X-Car. It's designed from the beginning as an OTSR-free looping restraint. The way it works is slightly kind of like a European handcuff -- it's an elliptical curve that passes increasing through a ratcheting catch, thus tightening, and yet fitting more or less symmetrically about the waist.


    It could stand a bit more padding, but it's a neat system. And I've been inverted in one for 5 minutes before.


    Someone has a system somewhat like this, where it's a standard lapbar, with a translating ratchet that tightens the entire structure. It's less elegant, but seems to work about the same. I don't remember who had that, though. I want to say Compounce's Thunder and Lightning does.

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