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  1. I just saw on the local news station where apparently the department of agriculture has closed down the Tornado water slide in Splashwater Kingdom. Accoording to the story, one or possibly two people were injured on the ride on Saturday. The suspicious part is, one woman who was injured waited until Tuesday to call the proper authorities to tell them of her injury. So in other words, she didn't tell anyone at Kentucky Kingdom, meaning she more than likely waited until she called her lawyer to see if she could get any money from this situation, and was not very seriously injured to begin wi
  2. I wasn't saying civilized in the sense that those nations who were not necessarily Christian were uncivilized, acting like animals, crazy, mean, stupid, whatever. I said it in the sense that laws of pretty much every civilization to ever exist on the face of the earth (ie every civilized nation), had laws based on a moral code that came from the rights and wrongs given to us by the Christian god. After all, it's not just in the U.S. or other so-called Christian nations that murder or stealing is considered wrong, but in pretty much every nation. Infact, generally the only exceptions to th
  3. As a Christian, I felt that I should respond to some of what has been said, and maybe try to provide a fresh perspective on this whole big debate. First off, yes I am quoting the Bible in some places to provide justification for some of the things that I say. But it is because I am a Christian. You will probably laugh at me for using this analogy, but it is kind of similar to us as coaster enthusiasts spouting off statistics to a roller coaster due to the statistics that are published by the park- it’s all we have to go on. If the park tells us it is a certain height, unless we have some decen
  4. I went to SFOG yesterday with my mom and dad. I rode Goliath, but because my mom is terrified of larger coasters, we were able to leave all of our stuff with her. I did notice the lockers, but not having to use them, I didn't make much of them. Although, I did notice two employees posted there who were bouncing a basketball back and forth across the queue that goes through the lockers, causing you to have to pause as you were walking through to not get hit by the basketball. The main problem on Goliath is that they make you take your flip-flops off. People don't go in line barefoot, so
  5. Yet another death on a theme-park type ride, even though it wasn't at a theme park. news.aol.com/story/_a/teen-dies-after-falling-from-ride/20070715065209990001
  6. I took the following picture and overexposed it and brightened it up. Can anyone else see the two figures standing side by side looking over the fence of the pool? (In the right of the picture).
  7. They finally released the name of the girl. Thirteen-year-old Kaitlyn Lasitter is currently being treated at Vanderbilt Children's Hopsital. At last update, she was in criticial condition. If you want to leave her a note, you can do so here: http://www.whas11.com/perl/common/surveys/display_full.pl?poll_id=12001&site=whas11&vaction=voting&thissite=whas11
  8. One time me and my friends were riding Monster Plantation at SFOG. Obviously the ride is not that scary and isn't meant to be scary, but right at the end when the red eyes glow above you one of my friends leaned over and said "boo" to my other friend, who is quite touchy. She let out a huge scream and all the little kids on the ride were looking at her like she had some kind of problem. On the same trip we were riding Ninja. It was an unbearably hot day, so when we get to the top of the lift hill, my friend (the same who screamed on MP), said something like, "wow, nice breeze up here," and
  9. Well, everything you said made a lot of sense, and kind of made me rethink about it. But think about a ride-op. You're probably 18, 19, or 20 years old. All of a sudden, this happens. This, as most of us have said, is one of the last things you expect to see happening on a ride like this. Therefore, the one with the ability to stop would have been in shock, so even if e-stopping the ride at the top could have helped, it would probably have been very hard to do mentally.
  10. My mom said she heard an interview on the radio where someone talked about seeing it happening, and then "seeing shoes fall." Unfortunately, well you know. On the maintenance issue, as someone mentioned the maintenance guys at SFKK love their job. I have seen them around the park several times, and there are many of them who are there from season to season, meaning that they enjoy their jobs and take pride in the park, so they would do everything in their power to try and make sure something like this didn't happen. Come to think of it, there are some of them who might be quite devas
  11. Yeah willski, in the end, we don't know either way. A teeny tiny part of me wishes I had been there so I could know what actually happened instead of having to try and figure it out from eyewitness reports which, as it was pointed out, weren't exactly the sharpest people in the world. But then I come back to reality and realize that I am infinitely more glad that I wasn't there, as I can't imagine what seeing something like that in person would do to me. Think about the park employees who were for the most part finally getting plugged into their park and being encouraged to take ow
  12. Yeah I completely understand what you're saying. I'm just wondering how much weight (obviously 1/3) but how much actual weight each cable supports as it is being pulled up. I'm sure the cars are quite heavy to be able to attain an exciting speed during the drop. So you've got this really heavy car suspended from three cables. Obviously the cable snapped quickly, meaning that 1/3 of the force of the weight of the car would have been in that cable when it snapped, because it snapped to quickly for the other two to take over the extra force, and therefore didn't have time to negate the
  13. Maybe I don't understand what you're saying, and maybe you don't understand what I'm saying, so I'll try to explain myself better. I think the cable itself snapped. Not at any attachment point, but the cable itself snapped. If it had snapped at an attachment point, yes, the entire cable would have been jerked up, and the reaction of the car moving down would have obviously been negated by the other two cables and/or the locking mechanism at the top of the tower. The cable that did the damage had to be outside the tower at the time. If the car is near the top, very little of the cable
  14. While watching the 11:00 news, on WLKY they showed a close-up of what looked like part of a snapped cable. That is the first actual picture I have seen of it. Let's go through this. You're being pulled up the tower. Even though there are three cables on every car, each cable is still under pretty high tension because the cars are heavy plus you have the weight of the riders. A common theme among many of the eyewitness interviews on the local news involved not only the cable snapping but the car dropping. It would have been impossible for the car to drop if only one or if even two cables s
  15. That news video on WHAS 11 is kind of haunting to watch, because you can see a guy down there cleaning, and you know what he is cleaning up, but you don't want to think about it. It had to be while the car was going up. I'm not all that familiar with the cable system on drop rides, but it could have been that the cable snapped, causing that part of the cable and the catch car to drop until the mag brakes stopped it. I watched the news video closely though, and it looked like all the devices that latch to the cars to take them to the top were at the top of the tower, meaning that they were
  16. Yes, she went to University hospital, which is the only level 1 around here. A reporter at the hospital acted like they were already talking about the procedures to reattach her feet, so that sounds promising. This is the official statement released from the park: “At approximately 4:45 p.m. a ride malfunctioned in the park, and one person was injured. EMT’s responded immediately, and she has been transported to a hospital to assess the extent of her injuries. We are investigating the situation in order to determine all the facts.”
  17. The only story I saw with an actual age said she was 13 years old.
  18. A kid they interviewed outside the park said something about a cable snapping. Obviously just a kid but who knows. They are interviewing the PR Rep soon so we should know more.
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