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  1. I would love to see more Coaster Expedition.



    1. Coaster Expedition is fun to watch... and then watched again.

    2. Leaves more mystery to the coasters.

    3. Get to see more assortment of different types of rides.

    4. Some times girls in bikinis.

    5. Its real! All the fun in the video as almost like the real thing.


    That is all I can think of now but im sure ill come up with more.

  2. For the majority of park visits, say-during New Hotness, that solely include those on the tour, what is ERT typically like? Does it typically include morning/night and multiple ride ERT? (I am attempting to envision a more intimate, private ERT session on say- NTAG, Outlaw Run, Millennium Force, etc).


    This past year I went on my first TPR trip and I got a taste off all types of ERT. The larger chain parks ERT was like the ECB ERT but the smaller parks it is more "intimate". If I remember correctly when we were at Waldameer we even had the ride ops and the VP riding with us. Personally I love it when ride ops ride too but overall as long as Robb is there it will always be a good time.

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