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  1. Nitro and all of the other coasters were running yesterday according to the app/queue-times.com. Jersey Devil and El Toro are still down; JDC has yet to reopen from the RMC-ordered shutdown, and we all know what's going on with El Toro.
  2. I didn't realize how similar some of the Windseeker and Ferris Wheel pictures were; I'll edit them down. Sorry that you had to scroll through 5 "duplicates" at most. When you're putting up a ton of pics you don't really pay attention. If you notice in the Valravn pictures, they're actually all kinda different, following the train through the course. @prozach626Thanks for the backup brother.
  3. You didn't ask what the announcement date was, you asked when it was going to get an announcement date. Semantics, my friend; they're important.
  4. Photo (-TR), August 19th through the 21st So, I was at Cedar Point the above dates. Nobody really needs to hear my wait times, and there really wasn't anything notable about the trip (aside from what I'm about to mention), but here's a bunch of photos! I honestly can't remember what the entry way looked like before this.... A rare sight indeed! Millennium Force's station without a grouper! Poor Dragster. Next up will be a whole bunch of pictures of the "Cedar Point Nights" event that was held on the beach, and was generally free for anyone (really only had to pay for food, drinks, or games). Some night shots of Windseeker. Why does it seem like this one has a much better light program than the others? Amusingly, this one does not keep the base structure (the blue part) for the emergency escape platforms at the bottom of the tower, as I've always seen on KI's and KD's. I've seen the yellow "arms" near Gatekeeper, but never the blue base part. Some night shots of the Ferris Wheel. When did they upgrade the lights on this to a programmable LED system? Now, some night shots of Wicked Twister. RIP. And now some night shots from the Skyride. How have I never noticed the wing lights or red eyes on Gatekeeper before? The irony of them issuing a FL+ wristband with Dragster on it, when its days at the park may be numbered... Some more shots of Wicked Twister, taken before my final ride. And so long, Cedar Point...until Halloweekends! BONUS! A night video of a complete Wicked Twister cycle! VID_20210820_211542565.mp4
  5. Yeah, and parks often hook up Robb/Elissa/other TPR members with special events. They're (we're all, really) trying to stay on the good side of park management, so those things continue. So, don't post leaks, because it tends to annoy park management when their message isn't the one getting out first. Don't like it? There's plenty of other park/coaster forums out there at which you might be more welcome.
  6. As of two weeks ago, the only COVID restriction in place is "masks required indoors if not vaccinated and not eating and drinking." No reservations, no temperature checks, no limitations on ride capacity. And I'm tentatively planning a trip for October 15/16, hint hint. EDIT: They're also completely cash-less; don't know if this would count as a "COVID" restriction or not.
  7. Or we could just continue to buy the $50-60 season pass, and have it be good at every park, as it has been forever, if that was still offered. I too do not want to sign up for a recurring thing (I have enough of those already). Granted, I never spent a time inside SF parks and got my money's worth from the season pass, but will likely not be doing that next year. And yes, I only get SF passes when I anticipate going to a bunch of their parks in a given year. I had one in 2017 and then again this year, but no other years since I was a little kid.
  8. I was there Thursday and Friday of last week and pretty much every ride that was going to operate, did. That means no Maxair or Dragster, but everything else was running, and I didn't notice any closed food stands/drink refill areas. In the water park, one of the lazy rivers and one of the tube slide towers were closed, but everything else was running.
  9. I think that Darien Lake local don't have a lot to get excited about, so the bridge is the best they're going to get.
  10. I'm more curious what "major additions" they've done in the past decade to earn @RCjunkie's support in the past.
  11. Glad to see that changed; it wasn't the case last last fall when I bought my SF pass.
  12. The only problem with that is that SF Passes have always needed to be "activated" at the park where it was purchased before it became valid elsewhere. Don't see many people traveling to La Ronde just for that.
  13. So basically the same situation as ever year in the past, when you (presumably) did renew your pass?
  14. Then I would get that. In a heartbeat. if KBF is anything like KI, KD, Dorney, or CP, the maze lines will quickly get to several hours long.
  15. Two nights, at least one with Fright Lane (the skip-the-line for mazes). I always get it whenever I do CF Halloween events.
  16. Can you show me on this doll where the bad man touched you? Jeez....Darien Lake sucks, always had sucked, and always will suck. Just because it's your home park, it doesn't change the facts.
  17. Apologies if this has been asked recently, but is the Gotham City section of the park otherwise open, barring Mindbender of course? Thinking of planning a trip for Labor Day Weekend.
  18. Well, I got ride(s) on Leap the Dips, finally! Stopped by Lakemont on my way home from Cedar Point, and it was running! And by running, I mean, ran for me...I didn't see anyone else trying to ride. The ride op even let me go around again, in the other row that I hadn't on the first lap, for no extra tickets. What did I think? Front Seat: Awesome! Incredibly smooth for its age/type, couple of nice pops of air where the front wheels came up off the track. It's just a FUN ride, not "thrilling," of course, but loads of fun. Its incredible to think than around a hundred years ago this was just about the pinnacle of excitement to be had. Back Seat: How insanely different switching rows on a one-train, two-row car can be. This is like a whole different ride, throwing you out of the seat and slamming you back down into it. The ride op said "the back is a whole lot rougher," and yeah some of those Dips certainly caused me to Leap, but honestly I've been on rougher wooden coasters (looking at you here, Roar at SFA, Wildcat at Hershey, and Mine Blower at Fun Spot Kissimmee). With that, it brings my count to a nice round 180.
  19. I feel the same about IB, but I will likely go back for Triple Loop once operational. In fact, all of these are on my list of one-and-done parks, contingent on them not getting anything new that interests me: Six Flags America Adventure Park USA (MD) Rye Playland Quassy Fun Spot Kissimmee
  20. Some of the current queue times from Cedar Point; glad I left like a half hour ago. The main parking lot was about 150 cars short of being full. FL+ or not, super-crowded parks are not my thing.
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