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  1. Objective: Simply create a coaster to replace Dorney Park's Laser, removed at the end of the 2008 season. Four Entries: Kumba830's "Atropos" (Page 4) thelegendarymatthew's "Sky Dungeon" (Page 4) coastb2's "Sky Flipper" (Page 3) Mike240SX's "Blue Lazer" (Page 4) As Obama's camp would say, "Vote early and vote often!" And the winner is... Kumba830's "Atropos" Thanks for playing. Laser Footprint.nltrack
  2. Is it just me or does it appear the Big Wheel has NO lights on the wheel itself whatsoever? I'd think it would've been easier to install the supposed new LED strips while the parts were still on the ground...
  3. If it's anything like any other themeing at the park, it'll be nice for a month tops, before the delinquents that frequent the park and/or reluctance to fix things ruin it. Not that I personally care. A fancy station or whatever does not make or break a ride to me. Some of my all-time favorites have regular old brick/steel buildings with no "theme" whatsoever. Hooray for a long needed paint job and some maybe cool "effects," but it's not enough to get me to spend money at that park this year. Of course, maybe six seasons of employment there has left me bitter.
  4. Superman can certainly be skipped especially if you've been on any B&M flyer before. It gets long lines and really isn't that good. I also wouldn't wait more than 10 minutes for The Dark Knight.
  5. Sounds more like a hardware problem. Try running the editor in Software Rendering Mode (separate icon in the start menu folder) and see if that works. If it does, it means the GPU in your computer isn't up to the task.
  6. "Category 2" Manufacturer: B&M Model: Giga-Coaster Backstory: Upset with seeing comments on various forums that they have lost any sense of innovation or originality, B&M released information on their first-ever Gigacoaster. Category 2 delivers all the force of a hurricane with speeds nearing 100 miles per hour, two forceful helixes, diving and climbing turns, and 6 hills full of airtime, and a drop that nearly turns you upside down! Statistics: -Maximum Speed: 96 mph -Peak Height: 375 ft -First Drop: 271 ft, 100* -Length: 9110 ft (~1.7 miles) -Lift Hil : 57* LIM-powered at 40 mph -Max Negative Gs: -1.9 in back row, on first hill. -Features: --700* and 540* helixes --6 airtime hills --270* climbing turn --270* dive-and-climb turn --50mph, 2.5g boost launch into lift hill. World Records: -Longest -Fastest (traditional drop) -Tallest (traditional drop) (100% trackwork by hand - no prefabbed elements or tools used; 99% supports by hand - everything except the brakerun and pre-lift). Video coming maybe eventually. Category 2 (B&M Giga).nltrack
  7. What's the problem with necroposting this up? The OP obviously got no responses initially, and it makes it findable for people who weren't "awesome enough" to be on this site back then. Pending the OP sees this...I liked it, but it didn't feel very B&M at all. The overbank turns and spiralling dive felt much more Intamin, so I did a little 5 second edit job to see what it would be like. Feels better to me, I think. Orion_intamin.nltrack
  8. They shouldn't look like prefabbed elements, because they're not. Update: YouTube video in first post.
  9. BUMP! Final Version (and updated story!) in first post.
  10. Have locations been confirmed? El Dorado would fit right in somewhere in the old "Wayne's World" section that's got the 50s themed restaurant.
  11. I can vouch that it WAS there in 1995, so "well before '98" may be pushing it. .
  12. My vote is going to Volcano, but honestly it's not that far above Shockwave and Avalanche. Seriously. Of course, that's largely biased by their uniqueness; find me another Mack Bobsled or Togo Standup anywhere nearby.
  13. I did, which you can clearly tell from trains ALONG the course in the screen shots, so don't be a prick. While taking the screenshots (with it obviously running the course), I noticed that occasionally a train would get stopped at the MCBR or on the lift, so I slowed the lift to put some more space between trains without running another test. Now it's fixed. Updated file re-uploaded in original post.[/b]
  14. Motorbike: Meh, decent I guess. Woodie: Some transitions are a little too quick, and there's a lot of OVER banking (and I don't mean that in a good way), but I liked it. LIM: Very nice. Floorless: Very creative, takes some elements too quickly, but I liked it. SROS: Very nice.
  15. Though certainly not my first NL coaster, it is my first big-wooden-twister type. Trackwork 100% by hand; Supports generated by Woodmagic and then cleaned up and modified by hand. Enjoy! Statistics: Length: 5655 ft. Max Height: 185 ft. First Drop: 150 ft Drop Angle: 60 deg. Max Speed: 66 mph Devil's Highway (Wooden Twister).nltrack
  16. I dunno...maybe...not have a lot of trains? Definitely some awkward transitions, and over-supported for a B&M IMHO, but not bad.
  17. Here's the stats on the B&M Hyper: Max Speed: 96 mph Peak Height: 375 ft peak height First Drop: 271 ft, 100* Length: 9110 ft (~1.7 miles) Lift Hil : 57* LIM-powered at 40 mph Features: -700* and 540* helixes -6 airtime hills -270* climbing turn -270* dive-and-climb turn -50mph, 2.5g boost launch into lift hill. And the 470ft Intamin: -Max Height: 474ft -Max Speed: 112mph -First Drop: 440ft beyond vertical -Secod Drop: 339ft diving turn -Length: 10,329ft (1.95 miles) -Inversions: 8 **313ft vertical loop **278ft vertical loop **236ft inverted top hat **168ft zero-g-roll **Figure-8 Roll (signature element) **121ft immelman roll **-double heartline roll -Lift Mechanism: 50mph cable-launch -Trains: 6x (3 cars, 2 rows of 2 per car, 12 riders per train)
  18. My currently in development projects. Trackwork completed and finalized on all but the wooden, all others just waiting on supports. Wooden Out-and-Back/Twister. Wooden Out-and-Back/Twister. Schwarzkopf portable triple-looper. Schwarzkopf portable triple-looper. Intamin 470-footer. Intamin 470-footer. B&M LIM-Launched. B&M LIM-Launched. B&M Hyper with beyond vertical drop. B&M Hyper with beyond vertical drop. Arrow launched interlocking-loop shuttle.
  19. I visited four of them this summer. Granted, I visited Cedar Point on a Tuesday and Thursday and King's Island on a Wednesday, which mean lines will be shorter, but that doesn't impact my observations on operations. At Cedar Point, trains were being dispatched often before the previous one even hit the final brake run (so man ops seem to forget that a train can leave the station before the previous one clears the MCBR, so long as it won't crest the lift hill before that happens), opening gates as the previous passengers were getting out (not after they all leave the station as at many SF parks), helping people put their bags/drinks in the stoage bins, etc. I could've finished the entire park in one day with time to spare if I didn't take time for sitting down to eat, smoke breaks, and photos. King's Island had some pretty low attendance the day I was there, but still operations were very efficient just like at CP, so much that every ride (except Firehawk and Flight of Fear) would've been walk-ons if I didn't want front or back row. Finished EVERY thrill ride in 6 hours. I visited King's Dominion on a busy Friday with great weather and a decently sized crowd. The only ride I had to wait more than 10 minutes for was Volcano, which has inherently slow operations due to limited train size and the lack of a MCBR. I visited Dorney Park on a very busy Sunday. Walked through the entrance gates at 10:45 and finished every coaster, the bumper cars, and many other rides by 2:00PM when we crossed to the water park. There, I didn't wait more than 10 minutes for any slide (except the Mat Racer) and did the entire park (including a 10-ride marathon on Riptide) by 7:00 PM. Again, 6 hours for nearly all adult rides in the dry park and every slide in the water park, on a busy weekend day. Conversely, I went to Six Flags America on a not-so-busy Sunday and met with one-train operations (or cycling so slow it might as well have been one-train) throughout the park and no less than a 30 minute wait for every coaster. Batwing would've been 15 minutes, for back row even, except my group was jumped by Flash-Passers 8 trains in a row. On each of my visits to Six Flags Great Adventure this summer, regardless if it was a weekday or weekend, I faced at least a 45 minute wait for everything except Rolling Thunder and Mine Train. Of course, here the blame is shared between Flash Pass, the no-articles-in-the-station policy, and slower operations. Don't even get me started on the Six Flags Great Adventure's "VIP Tour" system where I waited four full cycles while the same large group rode Kingda Ka, in the front two rows, on all four trains, over and over. Don't get me wrong, I could easily afford SFGA's Q-Bot prices, or even the VIP tours one or twice a year. However, after spending X amount of dollars to get in the park and Y amount of dollars on necessary hydration, I don't feel I should have to pay Z amount extra just to be able to ride every coaster (pretty much all there is for an adult to do there) in the park in one day when I see that other parks can and actually do much better. Food and parking is expensive at nearly any park you go to and is a given, but between SF's entrance prices and the Flash Pass system, I cannot see how anyone can claim that Cedar Fair runs equal or worse parks. Yes, Flash-Pass and the like get you past longer lines. But, if the reason the lines are long is the line-skip system, then management is the only one to blame.
  20. I should consider myself lucky to live in the north east if something like that being added to an entire region is a big deal.
  21. Cedar Fair doesn't need them. Even at their highest profile park, lines rarely exceeed 30 minutes except for their new "big thing" attraction. Efficient general operations + motivated employees > pay-to-play system.
  22. So for excuses for poor guest experience we've gone from "Well, this park is like that, so deal with it" now to "Well, the whole chain is like that, so deal with it (but other chains aren't)"? Wow. Fact: Cedar Fair has fewer parks to worry about than Six Flags. Fact: Cedar Fair has generally much better operations than Six Flags. Conclusion: Six Flags needs to sell off parks to a point where they can run the ones they want to focus on as best as they possibly can be run. For all the "good" the Premier acquisition did in terms of ride additions, I feel that SF has been on a steady decline since. Their massive expansion and rebranding of parks to SF parks set up the future regimes for failure with too much to do and too little money. I say bring it back to the original 6 park count (Great Adventure, over Texas, over Georgia, Mid-America, Magic Mountain, and pick one to replace Astroworld) from the Time Warner era and be done with it.
  23. Well, Arrow's not around anymore so they need to copy someone...
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