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  1. Then I would get that. In a heartbeat. if KBF is anything like KI, KD, Dorney, or CP, the maze lines will quickly get to several hours long.
  2. Two nights, at least one with Fright Lane (the skip-the-line for mazes). I always get it whenever I do CF Halloween events.
  3. Can you show me on this doll where the bad man touched you? Jeez....Darien Lake sucks, always had sucked, and always will suck. Just because it's your home park, it doesn't change the facts.
  4. Apologies if this has been asked recently, but is the Gotham City section of the park otherwise open, barring Mindbender of course? Thinking of planning a trip for Labor Day Weekend.
  5. Well, I got ride(s) on Leap the Dips, finally! Stopped by Lakemont on my way home from Cedar Point, and it was running! And by running, I mean, ran for me...I didn't see anyone else trying to ride. The ride op even let me go around again, in the other row that I hadn't on the first lap, for no extra tickets. What did I think? Front Seat: Awesome! Incredibly smooth for its age/type, couple of nice pops of air where the front wheels came up off the track. It's just a FUN ride, not "thrilling," of course, but loads of fun. Its incredible to think than around a hundred years ago this was just about the pinnacle of excitement to be had. Back Seat: How insanely different switching rows on a one-train, two-row car can be. This is like a whole different ride, throwing you out of the seat and slamming you back down into it. The ride op said "the back is a whole lot rougher," and yeah some of those Dips certainly caused me to Leap, but honestly I've been on rougher wooden coasters (looking at you here, Roar at SFA, Wildcat at Hershey, and Mine Blower at Fun Spot Kissimmee). With that, it brings my count to a nice round 180.
  6. I feel the same about IB, but I will likely go back for Triple Loop once operational. In fact, all of these are on my list of one-and-done parks, contingent on them not getting anything new that interests me: Six Flags America Adventure Park USA (MD) Rye Playland Quassy Fun Spot Kissimmee
  7. Captain Marvel is also a DC character, he's just usually called Shazam.
  8. Some of the current queue times from Cedar Point; glad I left like a half hour ago. The main parking lot was about 150 cars short of being full. FL+ or not, super-crowded parks are not my thing.
  9. @coasterbillLOL. I was expecting you to mention Kings Dominion, at where basic Fast Lane only includes one of their adult roller coasters and FL+ only adds 3; they have 11.
  10. I thoroughly expect the super-strict Japanese government authorities to kill this coaster, even if just as punishment for not reporting the injuries right away. Sad, I was looking forward to it if I ever got out to Japan.
  11. LOL. Like $15 per person is going to break the bank at Disney? Had they simply raised the ticket price by $15 no one would have bat an eye. And, if you haven't been following the Cedar Point thread, Fast Lane Plus can now cost as much as $250, so...yeah. Things everywhere are getting more expensive. Blame rapidly rising wages.
  12. I made that point and no one paid attention. May the odds forever be in your favor.
  13. Which park's site did you do it through? I remember something about Canada's Wonderland pass holders getting an extra year, but that's not even that far. I'd print that out, put it in a safe, and run with it.
  14. When parks initially started introducing them, and I wasn't making quite as much as I do now, I hated them. Now, that I'm pretty financial comfortable, I pretty much always get them regardless of the weather forecast or anticipated crowd level; at local parks that I have season passes to, I have the all-season Fast Lane/whatever option when its available. My time is much more valuable than money. My personal tolerance for waiting in lines is about 15-30 minutes. After that I start to get annoyed. Since I often go to parks alone, there isn't much worse than standing in an hour+ line without anyone to talk to to pass the time. Even when I am with friends, eventually we run out of things to talk about.
  15. Sandy's barely goes over 47 MPH...far from the 120 of Dragster. Besides, even if LSMs could get the speed up high enough, the launch would be a lot less forceful. Personally I'd rather them tear it down than neuter it like that, and TTD is/was in my top 10 steel coasters. Also, the reports all indicated that something few off the train while it was on the return sides brakes, not the launch, so I'm not sure why anyone would be concerned with the launch.
  16. I think you'll be pushing it. LAS is a huge airport, so depending on what terminal you're flying through it could be anywhere from 15-45 minutes to get outside. You're also vastly underestimating the time it'll take via Uber/Lyft (getting one shouldn't be a problem, but traffic will). Sorry, I think it's doable, but paying $40 for one hour of rides (MAYBE one hour) doesn't seem like a sensible plan to me. If your first flight is delayed even a little bit your plan goes to hell.
  17. Yes, on Firefox/Windows 10, and even slower on Chrome/Android (but that could just be my data plan).
  18. @hoppedup, the only problem with waiting until getting to the park to make the decision on Fast Lane/skip the line pass is that many parks are selling out on a regular basis. Personally that's not a risk I'm willing to take.
  19. My best possible hope for this park at this point is that Knoebels buys the Blue Streak and transports it to their park, the same way they did with Rocket/Phoenix.
  20. Digitally Imported (di.fm) has almost 100 different channels of electronic music. I'd recommend any of the following: Classic Eurodance Classic Eurodisco Eurodance (I think this is what you're looking for) Oldschool House Oldschool Rave Oldschool Techno & Trance Synthwave I'm sure one or a combination of them will have what you're looking for.
  21. I almost exclusively go to parks by myself (my one coaster-fiend friend from college is now married with two young kids, so it's hard for him to get out more than once or twice a year, and almost never on an overnight trip). I'm not exactly the most social person out there either, but honestly going to parks by myself for these past three or four years has really gotten me out of my shell. You should be able to pick up pretty quick as to if others wanted to have conversations with you. ProTip: Don't randomly start spouting off coaster facts like the enthusiast you likely are unless you have already confirmed that the other person is an enthusiast as well. As for people thinking oddly of a person by themself? I've never noticed it...if they think something odd of it, screw 'em. You're not interacting with them, so what does it matter what they think anyway, right? My biggest gripe about solo park trips is the lack of anyone to chat with to kill the time in lines - a large part of why I will always splurge for the skip-the-line pass if available.
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