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  1. That was also my initial reaction, but holy shit does it get a whole lot better!
  2. So, I'm just killing time waiting for it to get dark to grab some night rides on my favs here, anyone have any questions about Halloweekends post-COVID that I might be able to answer?
  3. SV operates consistently with the three trains it was designed with, what would be the point of that?
  4. In my opinion, your theory is absolutely correct. I did not find any of IB's woodies to be particularly smooth nor worthy of a reride.
  5. So last night I got to experience my first ever Halloweekends at Cedar Point...or is it Haunt at Halloweekends at Cedar Point? Confusion abounds. In all seriousness, I did manage to get through all the mazes (except for Deprivation, screw that "it's just black" theme) once I splurged for the Fight Lane. Overall a mixed bag...some were very impressive, others not so much. Either way, staffing in each of the houses was more than adequate, with 15-20 actors per house (that I could count), and aside from Cornstalkers, they weren't just one big conga line. Crowds definitely came out for opening night of Haunt, with maze lines reaching 2+ hours, though ride lines were very reasonable as the night went on (30-45 minute standby for SV, 45-60 minute standby for Maverick, <30 minutes for everything else). Full report incoming.
  6. My butt leaves the seat on every RMC I ride LOL. You just gotta know how to not get stapled.
  7. Heads up for anyone coming to the park for Halloweekends, they are doing the same early entry for passholders and hotel guests like during the normal year, despite it not being published. 5:00 opening for early entry on Fridays (and presumably Thursdays when that starts), 10:00 on Saturday. EDIT: Double-bonus! Standard re-entry policy applies all night long! A life saver for us smokers.
  8. Nothing like waiting for the last minute, but I'm headed out to CP for tomorrow and Saturday. This will be my first time visiting during Halloweekends proper. I presume the mazes get insane lines like at other CF parks, so Fright Lane is a must (I've already got the all-season, all-park Fast Lane+). My question is, do I get it for Friday night or Saturday? Both days are showing perfect weather on the forecasts. I know this year is a toss up with varying staffing issues, but I'm leaning towards Saturday figuring the mazes might be better staffed and thus the better experience. Any thoughts?
  9. Haha you probably shouldn't be bringing a baby to Scarowinds. It's a separately ticketed event there so no excuse.
  10. @CaptainUnknownYou can still get the wristband. Just bring the voucher to the FP building
  11. My mistake. I glanced at the menu and didn't really recognize anything, then when stepped in detected the distinct aroma that Chinese food has, so made a premature assumption.
  12. Photo TR: A quick stop on Monday, September 6th So, on my way back from SFoG by way of Carowinds, my route took me right by Kings Dominion, and I figured I owed it to the park to stop in for the first time in 2021. After all, I hadn't been on my #2 steel and #2 hybrid since 2019! I got to the park a little after noon with a 11:00 opening, and the lot was already pretty decently packed. Made my way through the front gate and saw a huge line at the redemption center, so ducked into a store to grab my FL wristband, and then made my way over towards the Safari Village construction to check on the progress of Tiki Twirl (yes, I will continue to call it that. Sue me.). But first, I definitely forgot how much better shaded this park's International Street area is compared to Kings Island's. And Woodstock Express got some new paint. As for Tiki Twirl, has there been any actual construction Progress? No. I see you hiding back there, my #3 at this park. Stay rested. What they have done though is decorate most of the walls blocking off access to that area of the park. Hopped on I305, one train wait for row 14. Still awesome. Grabbed another shot of poor, sad Avalanche, only made possible by the sadder removal of Volcano.... And continued down Candy Apple Grove, hoping dearly to finally get some delicious mac & cheese from what is possibly my second favorite theme park restaurant ever... ...but it was not to be. Oh well indeed. Had to settle for some Auntie Anne's pretzels, and then took a lap around the water park to grab some images of the new for 2021 stuff: First off, the permanent food truck circle (only two were open, the bar and pizza): Next, the kiddie-sized wave pool: And finally, the new splash-play area, which is honestly probably the biggest one of these I've ever seen: Made my way back to Twisted Timbers, and found that yes, they have in fact kept running the stupid double-sided locker system like at Steel Vengeance, which merges the Fast Lane and standby queue before them and does not re-separate them. If all of the queue in the station would be used (it wasn't this day), that means that even FL holders get a 30+ minute wait. Not cool, Cedar Fair, not cool. Its not like I didn't just ride another RMC two days ago with zero procedures for loose articles haha. Due to limited crowds, I did get on the back row with only a one train wait, but I blame that more on the lack of a grouper in the station leading to everyone lining up for the front row and the rows right in the middle. Still, an incredible, awesome ride. Oh, and why does a restaurant called "Grain & Grill International Cuisine" serve exclusively Chinese food? After that, eager to get home, I hit the road for the rest of the drive back to Delaware. And that about wraps up my Labor Day Weekend trip, and actually catches me completely up on pending trip reports from this year. Next up is Cedar Point for my first ever Halloweekends experience, September 17 and 18.
  13. Photo TR: Sunday, September 5th, 2021 Knowing that long drives are always less fun when you're headed away from your destination, I decided to split up the trip home from Atlanta and SFoG with a quick stop in the Fort Mill, SC/Charlotte, NC area for Carowinds, a park I hadn't been to since 2019. I arrived at a little before 10:00, for an 11:00 opening, and was decidedly not first here. I got in, parked, and marveled at the mass of B&M visible from the parking lot. Intimidator's new paint looks great. And Fury, as actually intimidating as always. Man did it feel good to be back at a CF park. Anyway, made my way in, grabbed my Fast Lane wristband, and camped out at Intimidator, waiting for it to open. I was on the first public train of the day. Back row left seat. Did not disappoint. I could've sworn I rode this during my 2019 trip, but my spreadsheet didn't show it, so here it is now. Good amount of airtime, despite the trims. I then hopped on Woodstock Express, to see if the rebuild had done any good....and was again on the first public train of the day. Back row. The rebuild has improved it, but amusingly they only did the back half of the ride, leaving it two different shades of purple. That said, it seemed to be entirely new wood everywhere that was worked on. My next stop was Afterburn, again for the first public train of the day. Back row left. Totally forgot how intense this is., Then I took a ride on Boo Blasters; I had never been on this one and now realizing that the KI and KD ones were different, wanted to try it out. Much more like the KD version, without the rotating seats. Got a score of 1318, and amusingly was required to wear a mask since it was indoors. Next up was a walk-on for the back row of Copperhead Strike. I can't remember if I got on the back row during the 2019 trip, but it was definitely good. Love the hangtime and little pops of air. The park was setting up for Monster Jam... ...and Scarowinds. Took a lap on Carolina Cyclone to try out the "new" Vortex trains. Front row. The Vortex trains definitely improved it, but it's still an old Arrow looper. Can't imagine what that one pop of airtime that slammed me into the OTSRs would be like in the back row. Then got on Scream Weaver, my first Schwarzkopf Enterprise. SOO much better than the Huss models. Ran a lot faster, got virtually completely vertical, and stayed there for like 10 rotations. Completely missing any sort of lighting package, but it doesn't matter when the ride is that awesome. The operator could certainly use some work though...after the previous cycle ended, he walked the entire queue, asking people how many were in their group and how many cars they'd be sitting in, keeping a count of how many people he would need to let through onto the next cycle. Why not just do that as you're loading and save the time? Oh well, still an awesome ride. Nerd shot: After that, it was time for my #4 steel, in Fury 325. Front row, awesome speed machine. Nothing more needs to be said, but here's a picture of it's awesome logo: I went to grab some food from the awesome build-your-own Mac & Cheese place that used to be near the Skytower, but it has apparently since been turned into a burrito joint, so I had to settle on some from Harmony Hall. It was still quite good. I then waited 40 minutes for Ricochet, the only adult coaster here not on FL, and also my only missing credit from this park. Whatever, it was a wild mouse, and I'd been on the identical Ricochet/Apple Zapple at KD. The line probably would have only taken 30 minutes or less if it weren't for the slowest crew I've ever seen. I do think this station and sign are a lot nicer though. At around 2:00, I ventured into the water park (my 2019 trip was during Scarowinds and it was closed), to find the lazy river and one of the tube slide towers closed. Spent some time in the wave pool and did the two tube slide towers that were running, then headed out around 4:00 to check in to my hotel. Parked in front of me was a SUV with a quite comical stick figure family on the rear window: After check-in, it was totally my intent to go back to the park and get some more laps on Fury, but I was beat. The past two nights of 4 and 5 hours of sleep had taken its toll, and I was in bed by like 8:00. All in all, a good stop at a park I don't get to visit anywhere near enough.
  14. Not quite...it's actually closer to a Huss Break Dance in that the cars appear to be free-spinning.
  15. I didn't see that. I see realists that recognize that protests of less than a substantial amount of people won't result in any sort of change, and people that have been burned by this shitty park in the past, and people that, while respecting Blue Streak for what it is, are also realistic enough to realize that barring someone coming in to save it and transport it elsewhere, it's days are numbered.
  16. @bert425, no offense intended by not knowing about Monster Mansion. I guess I just missed it. Yeah, I would have preferred to go on a non-Saturday, but the trip schedule was dictated by my work schedule, so there was only so much I could do. I'm generally not one for soaking raft rides, but I definitely wanted to get on the Log Flume, which was closed when I was there on Saturday. I'm a pretty plain eater (many compare it to "eating like a 5 year old"), so anything from Macho Nacho would have been out. I did try to get a burger from JB's Smokehouse but wasn't waiting in either the standby or mobile order lines. I did skip Justice League; I've been on the one at SFGAdv. Guess it would have been a nice air conditioned break, but oh well. I'll definitely be coming back to the area to visit my friend some more, so perhaps I'll swing in again when more things are running. Thanks for the commentary!
  17. Well, it would be a record breaker by being the first wooden racing (not dueling) coaster built in the US in the past 40 years....
  18. Photo TR: My first visit to SFoG, September 4th, 2021 After several planned mega-trips this summer that were cancelled for a variety of factors, I managed to swing a trip to Georgia for SFoG and to visit my friend who I haven't seen since 2014 over Labor Day Weekend. Anticipating major crowds, I splurged for the Platinum Flash Pass, but probably would have been fine with the Gold at the end of the day. Anyway, on to the report. First off, the drive. Google told me 11-14 hours to drive from Delaware, not counting bathroom stops, so I was definitely anticipating closer to the 14. Thankfully, it only took me 12 (including stops), which marks a new record of longest consecutive drive for me. Being from the northeast, I was definitely getting annoyed in NC, SC, and GA....everyone just chills in the left lane under the speed limit, randomly jabs their brakes for no reason, no one understands what a flash of the high-beams from behind means, and my biggest gripe of all - NO ONE uses cruise control. It's so annoying to be cruising along at XX mph, you go to pass someone slower, then they're passing you back, and back and forth for 50 miles. Ugh. I've driven to GA before but didn't recall the drivers in these southern states being so terrible. Second off, the hotel. Wow. Nothing but praise for the Brick Lodge Norcross/Atlanta. It's about 20 minutes northeast of the city proper, so about 40 minutes from the park, but this was hands down the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in outside of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but man were the rooms quality. Oh, and there was this in my room, totally unexpectedly: After the 12 hour drive, I spent about 30 minutes in this thing. Wonderful. My only two gripes with the hotel were that the elevator was super slow, and the tubs didn't have a stopper mechanism to enable baths. Okay, enough about ancillary stuff. here's what you're really here for: the park! I arrived at around 8:45 for a 10:00 park opening, thinking that they open the parking gates an hour early like very other SF park I've been to. First one in line for the "small" lot, which I would later learn is the preferable lot to be in due to the shorter walk. Alas, they didn't open the parking gates until around 9:30. I will say, I appreciated the scenery of coasters on my walk into the park. They opened the main entry gates at around 9:50, and I bee-lined it over to the Flash Pass building to cash in my voucher (none of that "on the phone" nonsense for me, thank you!), and then snapped some pictures of the entry way. I'll say this, the park offers plenty of shade, and is quite scenic, especially for a SF park. Clearly, they were setting up for Fight Fest. A nice fountain/stage that was not in use. See? Plenty of shade. I made my way towards Dare Devil Dive, learning here that it tends to be the slowest operating of all of the coasters, and made it to the station (first one!)... ...only to have it break down, with the employee tester stuck on the vertical lift hill. I didn't stand there and watch, but she was still up there around 30 minutes later when I passed by again. Anyway, at this point I met up with @Kyndmusicand we wandered a bit, discussing the parks history, trying to find something that was actually running aside from Georgia Scorcher. He did turn me onto Monster Mansion, which I'm glad he did because I probably would have skipped it, but I'll talk about that when I got on it. Great to meet you, sir. As of approximately 10:30, pretty much nothing in the park was running aside from Scorcher, so I went to find something that I sorely miss from Cedar Fair Parks: The park has a pretty nice atmosphere.... ...with plenty of shade... ...but is still Six Flags. Are they going to reinstall the Sky Ride at some point or what? LOL After wandering around for a while, I decided to make my way back over to Gotham City to see if anything was running back there. That poor ride op was still up there... Got into Gotham City... ...and proceeded to grab a whole bunch of pictures of the good assortment of flats, most of which were not running. Joker (one of two rides here that bear his name), not running and wouldn't run all day. Crime Wave, not running and wouldn't run all day. But I gotta give it to the park here, they really nailed the theming on this one. Toxic Spin. Wild Whirl, not running. Maybe ran later in the day? And finally, Catwoman Whip, which I would ride later in the day. For now, though, it was time for Batman! I would wait 13 minutes because I couldn't find the Flash Pass entrance. Back row, right edge. Definitely smoother than the one in NJ, and I like this paint scheme better (still not as good as the original black/black with silver rails though). Amusingly, in the station the two back rows were blocked by a giant fan, but they were still letting people board them from the other rows' chutes. Just too lazy to move the crap out of the way? And this brings me to a good time to talk about the staff. While none were downright rude, and they were doing countdowns in the station to try to hurry people up ("You have 10 seconds to board your seat...9....8...."), most didn't seem to really care to be there. The only enthusiasm I would see from employees was at Mindbender later in the day. They also frequently did not have anyone manning the merge points for Flash Pass/general queue, meaning that the investment was largely a complete waste. I get it, short staffed blah blah (the panel operator at many coasters was also checking restraints!), but come on. Anyway, on with it. After Batman, Mindbender was still not running, so I headed back to Dare Devil Dive, which was now running. Walk on for front row (with Flash Pass). Interesting ride, only my second Gerstlauer. Very intense restraints though...they power-lower when you're in the station and clamp you right in. Did I wander into a Cedar Fair park? I then decided to hit Georgia Scorcher, since I was right there. 16 minute wait for row 7 left edge with the Flash Pass. Surprisingly smooth for a B&M standup, not terrible at all. Now that the park was starting to open up, I made my way to Goliath (back row inner right). Very impressive, nice bit of ejector air on the hill and substantial positive Gs at the helix turn-around. Better than Nitro and even Mako in my opinion. Next up was Monster Mansion. How this continues to exist in a SF park blows my mind. Super-cute, awesome animatronics, very long, great visual effects (the evil face projected onto the wall of fog was great). With some research after the fact I learned that this was one of the original rides in the park, and most recently underwent a major refurb in 2009, right in the middle of the RedZone bankruptcy phase. Impressive. Next up was Joker Funhouse Coaster. A better ride than Blackbeard Quinn's Lost Crazy Train at SFGAdv, but still a kiddie coaster at the end of the day. Took some time to just peruse the park's shaded, but hilly, terrain, and came across this: The remnants of the old splash boat ride, just hanging out and deteriorating. Closed for three years now, this just looks horrible from a guest perspective. And worst off, it still shows on the park map in the Six Flags app. This is the Six Flags I know. This definitely isn't: a 1908 carousel, perched at a a top of a hill overlooking another section of a park, completely shaded by trees. Made my way into Metropolis (got enough DC-themed areas here, SFoG?) and rode Great American Scream Machine, my second coaster with that name. I don't get what everyone complains about. Rode in the front, found it to be very smooth and a great classic coaster. Next up was Superman: Ultimate Flight, the OG. 17 minutes for the back row. Only one train running; second was in the never-used other loading station and the third was disassembled in the storage area. Definitely better than it's NJ counterpart, entirely due to the use of the terrain as opposed to being installed in a parking lot. Next up was the mine train, which I found to be better than expected as well. Front row, 17 minutes. Three lift hills, nice and long. Came across this nice monument to Angus Wynne, Jr, the founder of the company. And yet another shaded walkway. And then it was time for coaster #200, Twisted Cyclone. Train shot and nerd shot in one! The wild pre-lift area. 21 minutes for the back row. Wildest pre-lift section that I've seen yet on a RMC. Too short, but a good ride...that inverted-cobra-roll whatever they call it was awesome. Better than Wicked Cyclone at SFNE, but just barely scrapes into my top 5 hybrid rankings. After that, I made my way back to Blue Hawk, which was now running. Very picturesque coaster here, and I think the blue/grey paint scheme works great over the water. 23 minutes for front row. Very intense, especially the butterfly element. Wish it would have stayed in Wildwood. I also noticed this: Like, seriously, that just looks like shit. I get not cleaning the rails around the whole course, but in the station where everyone sees it? Just looks horrible. After Blue Hawk, I had ridden everything I figured I was going to here. The log flume was closed, as was Acrophobia, and I don't do spin-and-swings like Pandemonium. So, I made my way back into Gotham to see if Mindbender's preview period had started yet, and it had! Awesome!. 26 minutes for the front row, and I'll just copy-paste my review from a few posts earlier here: -The whole operating system has been replaced. Brakes, sensors, drive tires, lift chain, presumably the PLC, basically everything except the track itself appeared to me to be brand new. Even the track *appears* brand new, because of the paint, but we all know its not. -Capacity was great. They were chugging through the trains, and the ride ops here actually seemed to have some enthusiasm for the job (can't say the same for the rest of the park). Since it was just preview, Flash Pass wasn't an option, but I waited 26 minutes for the front row, with about 4-5 trains where I didn't move since exit-pass people jumped to the front. Probably would have been under 10 minutes had I gone for any other row. Notably, I entered the line maybe 10 feet out of the station. SFOG's lack of groupers didn't help here, so the station got very crowded and at one point a group of people waiting for the front blocked the entire line and some empty rows went out before they made an announcement to fill in the station. -The trains: Yes, they are lab-bar only. Yes, there are seat belts. Yes, there are carve outs for your butt with the little bit that goes between your thighs. I have to imagine it was better with the original Schwarzkopf trains, but as it stands these trains were not bad at all. Yes, there are only 5 cars, but there are 3 trains (though they double-stacked every cycle I saw). -The ride itself: It's a Schwarzkopf, which means positive Gs. And you get them in the loops here, even the "non-loop" in the middle of the ride. No grey-outs for me, but it did force my arms down at the entry to the two true loops and at the bottom of the non-loop. That said, it is what I believe to be tamer than it once was (entirely speculating here); the lift slows considerably before cresting, and each of the trim/block brakes at the start of the turns definitely took off some some speed. Without those, this ride would be absolutely insane, but even with them it was still pretty damnned good. and the fact that they chose to invest so much into this instead of just scrapping it wins a lot of points me with. And here's some nice action shots: Catwoman Whip (I still say it should have a 's in it) was running now as well, so I hopped on that. A poor replacement for a real Enterprise. As with most Zamperla rides I've been on, the seat/restraints are just not comfortable...and me being super short (26" inseam) had some struggles getting in and out of the seat. I did not particularly like how the swinging of the seats "locks" into place when the ride gets to its max elevation; spin it faster if you don't want the seats to fall over. After that, I decided to hit the road at around 4:00. It was hot (85 and no breeze) and I was exhausted from the hills. I did take a glance in their tiny water park, and decided to pass based on the lack of things to do. A note on food before I wrap it up: Every where I went had massive, massive lines. Often, the line for mobile-order-pickup was just as long as the standard line and was taking just as long. Also, food and beverage here is STUPIDLY expensive. $6 for a 20oz drink out of a machine (though "only" $4.25 for water), $8 for a shitty pretzel, etc.) I don't know if all SF parks are like that these days, since I try not to spend any money when I'm in SFGAdv or SFA, but wow. In closing, this park is tough to describe. It's definitely Six Flags, but some rides like Monster Mansion are decidedly not modern Six Flags. Decent coaster collection, but nothing that really stands out as incredible. Very scenic in most places with lots of shade, but the remnants of the splash boats and Skyride detract from that. That said, probably my favorite Six Flags park overall. I think Great Adventure has the better ride lineup, but the overall experience at SFoG is top notch (for Six Flags LOL). I probably won't be back until their next major ride (thanks, Six Flags, for your new Season Pass policy), but still my favorite park in the chain. And now, some rankings: Coasters at SFoG 1. Twisted Cyclone 2. Mindbender 3. Goliath 4. Batman 5. Blue Hawk 6. Great American Scream Machine 7. Superman: Ultimate Flight 8. Georgia Scorcher 9. Dahlonega Mine Train 10. Dare Devil Dive 11. Joker Funhouse Coaster Six Flags parks (that I've been to) 1. over Georgia 2. New England 3. Great America 4. Great Adventure 5. America Thanks for reading!
  19. @tykunkel1031How many hours of the evening? If it's 6 or more, then I'd say yes it's worth it, and you should also get it for your full day on Sunday.
  20. If you're going on a Saturday and the weather forecast is even halfway decent, just get it.
  21. And do what, exactly? Yell at them yourself? That is absolutely not your place. Listen, I hate when I have to wait any longer due to boarding pass people jumping me by using the exit ramp as much as everyone else. But the park has deemed it appropriate. Some people have injuries or disabilities, or got stuck on another ride and were compensated with exit passes. You don't know. If anything, having them use the FL is a preferable solution, this way they don't "surprise" anyone by taking their row from the exit ramp. I'm also disgusted that you call them them "boarding pass abusers." Not all disabilities are visible.
  22. Okay, we've finally arrived at my last stop on this whirlwind blitz of NJ's boardwalk amusement parks, a place that I had completely forgotten existed: Fantasy Island, Beach Haven, NJ This is basically an outdoor FEC with a big arcade. Great for kids, very little for adult thrill seekers. This place is so out of the way, too (about a 30 minute drive from the nearest highway), it's really only for locals and those who vacation on that barrier island. Which is fine by me, everyone needs parks! NJ is truly gifted in that department. On with it, then. The only coaster here, kiddie or powered or otherwise, is Hang Ten, a standard figure-8 SBF Visa Spinner, but 7 laps though if that's your thing. Whatever, it got me to 191, in the perfect place to break 200 at SFoG the next weekend. Here's the rides: Ferris Wheel Drop tower, unknown make. Carousel Pirate ship Boats-go-round (without water) Junior swings Kiddie train Tilt-a-whirl Tea cups themed to the beach. Looks like a Zamperla "Dizzy Dragons" model Cars-go-round Scrambler Bumper cars Baby pirate ship Pirates-go-round Kiddie Ferris wheel Mini-himalaya And finally, Hang Ten. There's also a very small water park next door. So that was every boardwalk amusement park in New Jersey. I know it was kinda repetitive, but thanks for reading...I just kinda wanted to share something that people in a large part of the country don't get to experience. I hope you enjoyed. If not, oh well, you'll be more entertained by my next report.
  23. Okay, getting close to the end here... Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ So, if you ask me, this place really shouldn't exist as it does. All of these efforts to try to make Atlantic City "family friendly" are pretty much in vain. It's still a casino town, first and foremost, and will always be ridden with crime and poverty. No boardwalk rides pier, outlet shopping, massive arcades on the old Showboat casino floor, or proposed water parks are going to change that. I say they should go the other way with it - legalize all drugs and brothels in Atlantic City only, and reap the tax revenue. Hey, NJ just legalized recreational marijuana, so they're part of the way there, right? I've gotta get one thing out of the way, right off the bat. Security here is nuts. I was approached by a security guard, asking me about why I was taking pictures of everything, rather confrontationally. I explained that I do write-ups for a website (don't worry, I didn't mention TPR), and was documenting the park. I also explained that I'm a LEO, and was not a threat to anyone. He "let me go," but then later while walking around approached me with the owner of the park, who again questioned me on why I was taking pictures. When I pulled out my badge to clearly demonstrate that I'm not a threat, he took a picture of it as if he thought it wasn't real. Absolutely unprofessional, but not very surprising for Atlantic City. I hate to think what would have happened to me had I not had that badge. Needless to say, I will not be back here, missing credit or not. Anyway, if anyone is still curious about the rides here, I did take pictures and got on their kiddie coaster, Loco Motion. 5 laps on that; it's a kiddie coaster and not much more to say. Their spinning wild mouse, Crazy Mouse, was non-operational when I went to it but appeared to be running when I bought my tickets. So, I gave the rest of the tickets I had to a family and headed out. Here's the ride lineup: Buggy bouncer Baby pirate ship themed to a plane Motorcycles-go-round Planes-go-round Double-decker carousel with some odd empty spots Junior roto-drop Tea Cups Adult-sized bumper cars in a kiddie-sized field Junior disk-o style ride Dumbo-go-round The kiddie coaster, Loco Motion. "Giant" ferris wheel...psh, only 227 feet, that's only half of the High Roller in Vegas, and that has bar cars. This is separately ticketed, and costs $11.25. Zamperla spinning flyer THIS is the most comically short drop tower I've ever seen. Pirate ship Kiddie bumper cars Sling shot Crazy Mouse Junior Moby Dick themed to surfing Inverting spin-and-swing Rock-n-Roll Wave Swinger After my very brief trip here, I stopped in at White House in Hard Rock for a cheese steak, which was also quite disappointing (overcooked, not enough cheese - should have gone to the original location on Arctic Ave). Made my way out of that shithole of a town, and headed north...and then south. Next up: Fantasy Island in Beach Haven.
  24. In the middle of this trip, I had planned an overnight stay at Wildwood's Bolero Resort. Definitely one of the nicer hotels/motels in the area, even though I stayed in the outdoor-hallway "motel" section of the place. They had two pools (one indoor, including two hot tubs), a tiki-bar near the outdoor pool, and a decent enough restaurant/bar that featured an Elvis impersonator on the night I was there. Only in Wildwood LOL. Morey's Piers, Wildwood, NJ So, this report will be very brief. My main point in including Wildwood in this trip was to get the two credits I didn't have, Doo Wopper and Wild Whizzer. Doo Wopper is your standard wild mouse, this time by Zamperla. I don't know what it is with their rides, but I always find their seats/restraints needlessly uncomfortable. Wild Whizzer is your standard figure-8 SBF Visa spinner, but gave 6 laps. I did also grab a ride on Dante's Dungeon. After that hilariously bad dark ride experience at Gillian's, I needed to cleanse the pallet. It was awesome, as always. Everything was working. No one on the ramp to jump out at me this time, but the ride op was TOTALLY in character. Proclaiming himself "Master Dante," he would interact with everyone who boarded the ride, trying to scare the little kids and having some adult fun with the grown-ups. Being a bit of a sub in my private life, I absolutely loved it. So, big shout out to Joe, who was kind enough to let me take a picture with him. I'm honestly a bit surprised that Morey's lets him get so into character with it (though he did say my recommendation of a bondage harness "would be great, but they won't allow it"), then again they do have Ghost Ship (quiet for two years now, though). We chatted a bit about haunted houses (which he does in the off-season) and dark rides, and was a pleasant end to my night. I didn't take pictures of every ride here because the place has been discussed ad nauseam, I figure most of you have already been here if you're going to be, and I was in a rush to get back to Ocean City for the rest of Castaway Cove. I grabbed a slice of Mack's pizza (actually sub-par this time, too much sauce), got a good nights' sleep, then it was back on the road in the morning for the parks I missed. Next up: Steel Pier in Atlantic City.
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