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  1. Grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter if he's right or not. I wasn't planning on a SF pass next year or any SF park visits so its no skin off my back. But again, I ask, what are these moves and changes and what is your source? I'm as big of a CF fanboy as they come, and even I can admit that SF has been majorly owning all of the other park chains since the pandemic started (especially CF); I find it very hard to believe that the stock holders don't like that direction for the chain.
  2. Still sounds like a whole lot of baseless speculation from low-post-count members with no backing proof of their theories. What are these "changes/firings" of what you speak and what is your source?
  3. Holy shit is Ghost Rider insane. New top 5 woodie without question. That is all. TR of my first time at this park coming eventually, I just had to say this LOL.
  4. Well, I got in to CA yesterday and hit up the Santa Monica Pier and their coaster. Unfortunately I was dead tired after that and went right to bed, sleeping 13 hours. Now at KBF a little early .. I didn't hit as much traffic as expected driving down from Santa Monica LOL.
  5. Thanks @joelwee, @Nrthwnd, and @coneyislandchris for the extra tips. I fly out tomorrow, so I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.
  6. Nah, there's more to it than that. The four large holes are for the height, one per 100 feet, so we're looking at a Strata. The 7 medium holes indicate 7 inversions. The 15 small holes mean it'll have 15 moments of airtime. And of course, the plain white background means that it'll be a flyer. (sarcasm, of course)
  7. That would be correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grizzly
  8. The vest restraints on the B&M flyers are pretty different from those on the wing/dive/inverted coasters. The seats are less wide and the lap-bar portion is a bit bulkier, and actually latches into position on the sides. Those silver bars you see in this image? The lap-bar part actually clicks into those. Then of course there's the aforementioned ankle restraints. As for if it will cause an issue for you @Hasseman, I'd say probably not. Though the seats are a tighter fit, it is impossible for the vest/lap-bar to tighten over the course of the ride, as it can in the other applications of B&M vests. I'm pretty sure there's a test seat out front of the queue, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
  9. Dorney's 2022 pre-Labor Day operating calendar has been posted, at least for the dry park. https://www.dorneypark.com/calendar-and-hours . Opening day is Friday 5/13, daily operations begin Memorial Day, with 9 PM weekend / 7 PM weekday closings until the third full week of June when they move to 9PM closings all the time. At least they're not closed on Mondays and Tuesdays like last year? "Waterpark and Fall operating hours will be announced at a later date."
  10. If they've gotta get equipment that wont fit through the access tunnel into the infield of the coaster, then yeah they can take it all the way down. That looks like a lot though, and all the better. While downright fun in the front row (it is still my #1 wood after all), other rows, especially wheel seats, can be brutal. So long as they're not changing the layout or RMC'ing the thing, I'll be content.
  11. Photo TR: November 27th, 2021 On the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, I hit up Kings Dominion for their Winterfest event. Disclaimer: I generally hate Christmas music, but do appreciate a good stage show and very much dig Christmas lights (fun fact: I once decorated my office at work with 4,700 lights in an area like 350 square feet). So, Google maps tells me that Kings Dominion should be a 3 hour drive from my home. Knowing Virginia traffic can be nuts just south of DC, I left at 12:45 for a 5:00 opening, thinking I'd still be able to get there around 4:30. How mistaken I was...the traffic was even worse than normal, and I arrived at the park at around 5:05. Though still twilight, the main entrance was nicely decorated. Grabbed my Fast Lane band (yes, Kings Dominion does offer FL during Winterfest and honors the all-season pass add-on), and made my way to the bandstand just in time for the end of the Tree Lighting Spectacular show. Made my way down Artisan's Alley, where various craft-makers were selling their wares... ...and across the Old Virginia bridge, where the skull was replaced by a glowing sphere.... ...ducking past the Kings Dominion Theater momentarily... ...for a quick lap on Blue Ridge Tollway (walk-on), which for the holidays is transformed into 12 Days of Christmas. This drive-through features light-up decorations for each of the 12 days, and I actually managed to sync my timing with the song, which plays on an endless loop. I feel bad for those employees LOL. After that, I took in the Charlie Brown's Christmas Spectacular show, which while no different from the last time I saw it in 2019, was still a nice production featuring a ton of costume changes. Here's a bunch of pictures: After that, I strolled down to the entrance of Candy Apple Grove and the Twisted Timbers area... Unfortunately these LED sequenced lights that are on the trees were not as well synchronized with the music as in 2019. ..to take in the Holly Jolly Trolly show. Impressive enough, but yeah remember the disclaimer above? Not really my scene musically. Nice costumes though. I also hung around for The Mistletones show which immediately followed, but apparently neglected to grab a picture. I took in some more of the sights... See, we're not just about Christmas! Hard to tell because of the light, but left to right that's a dreidel, a menorah, and a kinara. Note that these were the only non-Christmas decorations in the entire park. Get with the times, KD...I want to see a Festivus pole next year! Grabbed a bite to eat at Mac Bowl (er, "Vixens Fixins") and made my way back up to the front the park, passing through the Jack's Frost Zone (yes, this is what it's called...I think the possessive is in the wrong place too). There he is... They had some cool plaster snow angels in various sizes for various people: Here's a shot of where you can rent an igloo, which I guess is a thing? Personally I didn't see the point...the event is only 5 hours long, and if you want to see all of the shows and get on some rides you really don't have a lot of time to spare. They had these completely-open fire pits scattered throughout the park. How the Fire Marshall allows this, I'll never know. The Four Drummers Drumming show. Live drummers playing to a techno backing track. Entertaining enough, but not enough for me to hang around. Now this really impressed me. The area seen in the next photo is way off the beaten path, en route to the designated smoking zone, outside the park gates, and is probably only viewed by a handful of people each night. Still, KD decided it was worth it to put some lights here...a very nice touch. Cool Yule Christmas was a show. Tons of typical Christmas songs, with a couple of nice lyrically-tweaked renditions of The Chordette's 1958 Mr. Sandman (modernly known for it's role in Back to the Future), and The Flintstones theme. Talented singers, and nice costumes with plenty of changes, but again...not really my thing. Here's some pictures and a few quick videos: VID_20211127_191216477.mp4 VID_20211127_191457986.mp4 The Flintstones theme rendition: VID_20211127_191707602.mp4 I then took a trip into Planet Snoopy, which was decorated as per usual, with the dim but huge lights up in the trees... ...and light-up Peanuts character bushes. The next show on the agenda was Tinker's Toy Factory. Though clearly aimed at kids, it opened with some Trans-Siberian Orchestra music, so how could I not love it? I had never seen this before and was impressed with another KD show with a cohesive plot. Lots of renditions of Christmas classic songs, but some original songs too. Despite its target demographic, it was a very cute story and I even teared up once. Bonus? The male lead was the awesome performer who was also the male lead in the Heads Will Roll Haunt show! Enjoy some pictures and videos. VID_20211127_193227348.mp4 I just love this guy. VID_20211127_193649245.mp4 VID_20211127_195453089.mp4 After that, I ducked back up in to Old Virginia to take a look at the Jingle Jazz show. Again, not my taste in music, but talented enough performers. I grabbed a walk-on ride on Bad Apple, and then some Auntie Anne's pretzels (which was my longest wait of the day at 20 minutes). It was now nearing 9:00, so I staked out a good place in Candy Apple Grove to watch the Winterfest Wonderland Parade. Very well done, with a ton of floats, characters (including some from every stage show), songs, and audience participation (sing-along and candy canes being thrown at you). Here's two clips containing the entirety of the parade show, for anyone not able to make it. They stop twice, once in Candy Apple Grove and then again around the Eiffel Tower. VID_20211127_210936572.mp4 VID_20211127_211513801.mp4 Now that I had taken in almost all of the shows the park had to offer (I completely skipped the Sounds of the Nativity and Peanuts' Guide to Christmas shows), it was time to hit some coasters! Er...maybe not? Twisted Timbers was totally dark, without even a greeter at the front of the queue to tell people what's going on. So, I made my way back to the front of the park to see if I might have better luck at Dominator, and grabbed this cool clip from inside the base of the Eiffel Tower: VID_20211127_214521435.mp4 Captured some of the cool blue lighting in the Berserker/Dominator area... And then was greeted with this sight: *sigh* Oh, Cedar Fair. It was only 35 degrees. So yeah, if you're planning on going to Winterfest with hopes of riding either coaster that's running, I highly recommend you do that first thing upon arrival lest the ambient temperature drop below 40 (confirmed with guest relations) and Kings Dominion does its nonsensical thing. I could rant here about Six Flags and operating temperatures, but there's really no point. Cedar Fair is gonna do what it does and be happy about it. And you know what, that's okay too. Not everyone is a coaster enthusiast, and this event is clearly not for coaster enthusiasts. Judging by the crowd, they're doing just fine with that decision. I did some shopping at the vendors, and bought a funny tote bag and a cute bracelet... ...made my way out of the park... ..and began my three hour drive home. Overall impressions of Winterfest 2021? Very well done. Much better than the "Taste of the Season" event from last year, bringing back all of the shows (and then some) and lighting effects of pre-2020 years. Though as I said, I'm not a fan of Christmas music, all of the shows were entertaining, and the lights were great. I'll definitely be back at least one more time before the season's through. Thanks for reading, everyone!
  12. Thanks everyone for the tips! My time off from work was approved, so the trip is booked! I was able to get a hotel cheap enough right in Santa Monica, a block off and a half the beach, so yeah totally excited. Final Itinerary: -Arrive at Burbank Airport on Wednesday, 12/8 at 12:45 -Check in to hotel, then check out the "Boardwalk," Pier and 3rd Street Promenade. -Back to the hotel to get changed into proper nightlife close, check out bars. -Thursday, 12/9, full day at Knotts Berry Farm (Fast Lane included on my Platinum Pass) -Friday, 12/10, full day at SFMM (Platinum Flash Pass purchased) -Fly out at 9:00 AM on Saturday, 12/9. One new question: Any idea how many of the kiddie coaster credits I can get at these parks, or do they all require a child? Yeah, I've heard about the traffic issue. At least there's no non-EZ-Pass tolls like down in Florida. I do love me a good beach, and will bring my beach gear, but it's only supposed to hit 60 degrees on the days I'll be there so I'm not entirely sure if that's beach weather haha. Thanks a lot of the bar recommendations! I've really only got one "night out" but I'll try to hit as a many as I can. I'll definitely check out the 3rd Street Promenade too. Thanks, I'll definitely plan ahead. I'm used to getting to parks super-early anyway haha. Normally I'm not a big chicken person, but with all of you recomending it how can I pass it up? Thanks again, everyone!
  13. EDIT: Trip reports are done! 1. Flight out, Santa Monica Beach and Exploration. 2. Knott's Berry Farm 3. Six Flags Magic Mountain, Flight Home ***** Original Post: So, now that I'm all COVax'd up, I may have an opportunity to get the most out of my CF Platinum Pass with all-park Fast Lane and my SF Season Pass with a trip out to the LA area, December 8-11. My itinerary would be as follows: Wednesday, 12/8: Fly in to Burbank airport, hit the Santa Monica Pier before checking in to my hotel near Knotts, and then check out the bar scene at night. Thursday, 12/9: Full day at Knott's Berry Farm Friday, 12/10: Full day at SF Magic Mountain Saturday, 12/11: Fly back home. I cannot vary the start and end dates at all, and given the park hours for this week this seems to be the best way to try to tackle all three. And though I may be able to do the trip around New Years, I figure this is the better time to go for crowds. Of course, I have a few questions: 1. I'm correct in my belief that flying in and out of Burbank would be much less of a headache than going through LAX, right? It doesn't hurt that flights are substantially cheaper. 2. The hours for Knott's on Thursday are 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM. I presume this is enough time to hit all of the coasters, dark rides, and the flume with a Fast Lane? I know I'll likely be missing out on Xcelerator. Any general tips on ride order or cool things not to miss? 3. The hours for SFMM on Friday are 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM. Will this be enough time to hit all of the coasters (and flume if its open) with a Platinum Flash Pass? Or would Gold be enough (Platinum is only $40 more)? Any general tips on ride order or cool things not to miss? 4. Any suggestion on cool/unique bars to check out in the area, particularly of the LGBT-focused variety? I'm not much of a foodie so I don't really care about that, but always appreciate a well done bar. 5. Any other general tips for surviving a few days in LA for an East-Coast-er who is generally predisposed to not like anything about California? Thanks in advance!
  14. On another topic, I may have the opportunity to visit this park December 10th/11th. Is it safe to assume that, as a year-round-park, everything runs during Knott's Merry Farm (except of course whatever rides are closed for refurbishment)? I know I'll miss out on Xcelerator, but this is the only time I could make it work and I just have this feeling that Montezooma doesn't have long to live and want to get on the only Scwarzkopf shuttle loop left in the US.
  15. True, but it wasn't always there....it used to be on the other side of the peninsula where Millennium's queue line is now. On that side all you had was views of the Marina and Famous Dave's....maybe the move was a downgrade haha. EDIT: Nevermind, it wasn't Famous Dave's back then.
  16. They have them at Dave & Busters in NJ and Philly, and probably a bunch of others. It's not that traumatizing in person haha.
  17. That's one way to run a Paratrooper....LOL. I'm curious how they operate/load it. Is it... "Okay, we'll load/unload one car, then move it a tiny bit, load another, repeat until full, then run it up to speed, then reverse the process," resulting in a whole lot of boredom, or... "Let's load/unload one car, give it a few good spins, then load another one," resulting in a super-long ride time.
  18. As much as I rag on Parques Reunidos, I agree they're better than Six Flags. I can only imagine the fate of their three woodies (You get a seatbelt, and you get a seatbelt, and you get a seat belt!) and Noah's Ark.
  19. I'd argue that they did quite well, both from an enthusiast and GP standpoint. They added lots of themed (sure, not Disney level) attractions in the Days of Thunder rides, Italian Jobs, Flight of Fears (Flights of Fear?), and the Tomb Raider rides (especially the one at Kings Island). They also proved to be innovators in the industry with Volcano, Stealth, Son of Beast, and Hypersonic XLC (even if the latter two didn't work out that well). I mean, I love what CF has done with the parks in terms of major coaster expansion, but there's nothing to say Paramount wouldn't have done the same had they stayed in the game. Having been in my mid-teens to early 20s during the Paramount Era at Kings Island and Kings Dominion, I do look back on it fondly.
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