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  1. Ouch, I'm hurt? And yeah, the Golden Ticket Awards are kinda a joke around here, but with only 86 posts on a not-even-three-years-old account, I shouldn't expect you to know that. Have fun with your "amazing" Cedar Point experience, featuring: -30-minute-wait-after-merge with Fast Lane on two of their top 3 coasters -Their top four coasters being maintenance nightmares, and rarely running for an entire day straight. -Most of the flats not being on Fast Lane. -The only superb food being at Melt and Famous Dave's, which aren't even CP restaurants. -No sense of urgency by most ride ops. -Separate admission water park, without any Fast Lane-accepting rides (the swim up bar is nice, I'll give it that). -Complete lack of a log flume. Like I said, I do not question that CP has the better coaster lineup when compared to KI, and I still consider CP to be my number 2 favorite park. My opinion was, and is, that Kings Island is the better overall park experience. But this is a Six Flags thread, and arguing about CF parks belongs elsewhere.
  2. There are more to parks than coasters. I'll put in in CF terms, maybe that'll help: Cedar Point, without any argument, ultimately has the better top-tier lineup of coasters than Kings Island. No one will question that. However, many people believe that KI is the overall "better park" - I'm one of them. KI just blows CP out of the water in terms of ride operations, Fast Lane offering and access design, food operations, food offerings, layout, overall quality of of coasters, and type of adult flats. Others really love Knott's Berry Farm for all of the shows and the historic Ghost Town section. Point is, you can't judge the quality of a park simply by it's top two coasters.
  3. This will be the only "major investment" your park gets for the next decade; cherish it.
  4. No concerns about Dr. Pepper haha...I rarely drink sodas. Unfortunately the park only closes at 8 on that day, so no chance of night rides. Thanks!
  5. @anonymouscactusAwesome info, thanks! I'll probably be also checking out tube slides (I don't really do body slides) and the lazy river in the water park.
  6. So I know tickets bought through the park are valid also for the last 2 hours night before as "Preview Plan." Does this also apply to tickets bought through Tickets at Work?
  7. So I'm planning a stop here as part of my "big park trip" this year, on Friday July 1st, and have a few questions: 1. Is 6 hours enough time to hit all of the coasters, the dark ride, log flume and drop tower, and the water park? 2. Will they group single riders with strangers on the water coasters? Are there any sort of dividers between seats on the non-Mammoth ones? I don't meet the minimum solo weight for any of them. 3. Anything else I should know about this park? Thanks in advance.
  8. So I'm tentatively planning a stop at this park on my "big park trip" of 2022. Problem is, I would only have 3 and a half hours (up to closing time) at this park, on Thursday June 30th. Would that be enough time to hit all of the coasters, and possibly the drop tower? EDIT: I see also that it's only $5 more for a 2nd day ticket? I was planning on visiting Holiday World the following day, but if I don't need a full day there I guess I could swing by in the morning as well.
  9. I would say yes to the Fast Lane, but I also almost never am without it at a Cedar Fair park. You will want multiple re-rides on Fury and Copperhead Strike, especially if this is your first visit to the park and/or you won't be back soon. But it looks like you're only like an 8-9 hour drive; for me, that's a close enough road trip to do on a 3-day weekend. I've done it several times out to CP and KI LOL. Price will not change between online/at the park purchase (except you won't pay the service fees at the park), but the price may change between now and then. It will likely only go up, not down, so if you buy it now you've locked in the best price.
  10. Guess you haven't been to the park in a while? The area in front of WT's rear spike (where the old theater had been) had been nicely landscaped with a bunch of grass, benches and Adirondack chairs prior to its demolition.
  11. It was closed for so long because it caught on fire, not whatever silly thing you were trying to prove.
  12. Indiana Beach has taken the better part of two years (and counting) to refurbish and install Tripe Loop; this is a company that believes things get done when they get done, much like Knoebels. I wouldn't expect anything until its announced. Given that the website doesn't list a thing about the rides in the dry park, I wouldn't expect anything but the water park and some kiddie rides to be running this year. Which, what do you know, is exactly what was in the news release posted three posts ago on 3/31.
  13. It has a metal structure; with it being painted white it can be hard to tell from a distance. I rode it before any of the Titan track was installed.
  14. Don't show this to the SFStL thread...according to their fanboys it takes two years to properly renovate a carousel.
  15. Fun Fact: That coaster in Old Town is the same exact type that took a bath in the Atlantic after Seaside Heights got hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. A fitting name, eh? I never rode the Star Jet in Seaside, and the Old Town rides were closed during my Orlando visit in 2021, but yeah if you check the Casino Pier thread you'll find nothing but celebration that the Star Jet was destroyed. More power to you for enjoying Mine Blower. I found it unbearable in either the front or back. I found White Lighting to be the vastly superior Fun Spot coaster, so much that it made my Top 5 Hybrids, ahead of some RMCs.
  16. The "adults only" part is certainly appealing to me. Not "$100 for 3 hours" appealing, but still. If that included open bar for all of those fancy cocktails? Sign me up. I also wonder how much Maverick and Steel Vengeance will break down during these things; they're not exactly known as the most reliable rides out there.
  17. Dude, in the second paragraph of that article... Emphasis mine. That implies that some visitors are allowed, which logically means that they are open. Maybe not "fully open," but open. And here's everything you need to know: https://www.japan.travel/en/coronavirus/ It's complicated and a little confusing, but Japan definitely isn't closed to all international visitors.
  18. Nope, it was the standard thin crust. Guess I'm just spoiled by what NJ has to offer.
  19. Meh, I found Cesari's (yes, from the right spot) to be mediocre at best. Good for amusement park pizza, I guess, but still doesn't hold a candle to Mack's, Jonuzi's, or 3 Brothers (Seaside).
  20. What he said. I also cannot imagine a situation in which you would need a full day at Worlds of Fun.
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