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  1. Fair enough regarding Haunted Mansion and scaring the kids, but be advised the "upcharge" is only $3 a person, so don't let that dissuade you. I too noticed a lot of the rides I listed as being "closed" on the website right now....I have to assume they're either temporary or staffing related, because everything I mentioned in my list (except Flying Turns and the Flyers), were running during my visit on May 1st. Power Surge I think was running, but rides with that kinda rotation mess me up so I skipped it and can't be sure. A month from now who knows what might be up and running. Good luck.
  2. Sorry, my only trip there was on a Saturday (the second one they were open for the year, in fact), so I can't comment on crowds. Things to not miss at Knoebels, roughly in order of importance: -Phoenix -Twister -Haunted Mansion (why don't you plan on doing this?) -Looper -Black Diamond -Stratosphere -Cosmotron -Scooters (bumper cars) -Motor Boats -Flyers (if they're running) -Whip -Paratrooper -Grand Carousel (outer, ring-grabbing seats only) -Skyride -Flying turns (if it's open) -Satellite (if your stomach can take that kinda rotation) I'd say you
  3. I don't mind it. It spent most of its life being called "Dreier Looping," which literally translates to "Triple Loop." Then again, I also see nothing wrong with CF naming their drop towers "Drop Tower."
  4. As @A.J. said, if you've already been to Kennywood, your full day would be better spent at Knoebels. If you haven't been to Kennywood, but have been to Knoebels before, then the trip as you've planned it makes a little more sense to me. If you've never been to either park, definitely choose Knoebels. No idea on Flying Turns. My guess is that they're in no hurry. It'll open when it opens.
  5. I got attacked by no less than 3 birds over the course of my two days at the park at the end of May. I think they might have been nesting in the bushes and we just got too close.
  6. So, unfortunately, my big trip to the southeast is cancelled due to a variety of factors: impending weather, financial constraints, and the general state of parks this year. I'm going to try to get down to SFoG and SFStL independently, to make the most of my SF pass, but nothing set in stone yet.
  7. Staffing for rides has never been a problem. They have no issue dedicating 20 people to work the carousel (a slight exaggeration but not by much). The staffing problems have been food service aside from Melt.
  8. The parking gates open at 8:30. You want to be there at that time. Get FL+. Sorry. For the double post; can't figure out how to edit to include a quote on mobile.
  9. So the hits keep coming for CP... Gatekeeper's chain snapped today.
  10. I swung by the park today at around 4:30, to find the main parking lot 80% full, Flash Pass sold out (they were giving all-season FP holders 2 skip the line passes,WTF?), And Jersey Devil with a 2 hour line. Yeah I'll try another day LOL.
  11. I had the Fast Track Unlimited for my trip in 2020. It is indeed a wristband (with a RFID chip in it) that you need to touch to a panel in each FTU queue; that got kinda annoying since it didn't really work that well, but on the positive side most employees didn't care. As for how it actually works, yes, each coaster has a separate queue with a merge point where you join the regular line; none have designated seating. Where this merge point is varies by ride. From what I remember, Fahrenheit and Great Bear are the only ones where the FTU line goes all the way to the station. On SkyRus
  12. Jackson Township is decidedly Central Jersey, thank you very much. And the 80s were a weird time.
  13. Have you been to a park this year, 2021? If no, then all of your experiences are invalid for this conversation. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is...unless the weather is absolute shit, parks are packed.
  14. Is your trip on a day that ends in y? Buy QuickQue. Rides that are open and closed are listed on the website.
  15. Let them kick you out, then make a boat load of money in the lawsuit. Chances are they won't actually kick you out though, just harass you. Yet another reason why I refuse to give that dumpster fire any of my business.
  16. Haha I didn't use SV as my example because of the lockers, but yeah. And when I was there there were two at the lockers, one on each side, and a dedicated spiel-er in the station.
  17. This is neither here nor there, but I think a large part of CF's staffing woes come from how many employees they dedicate to each ride. For example, at Millennium Force on the Sunday I was there, here's how many employees were working just that one ride: -Two greeters -One at the FL merge -One grouper in the load station -Four checking restraints in the load station -One actual panel operator -Two in the unload station That's 10 employees for one ride. Meanwhile, when I was at SFGAdv back in early May, El Toro had the following: -Two contracted, outside-company e
  18. You know the days they listed in this post are Fridays and Saturdays, right? I agree that it's not a big deal, but please don't misrepresent.
  19. I think this entire coaster was built from the ground up in the time that Iron Gwazi has been SBNO LOL.
  20. LOL everyone misses the little ramp from 537 eastbound into the park. They've been doing it since the 90s. At least back then people had the courtesy to go down to the light at the McDonalds and WaWa and do a proper U-turn rather than do...that.
  21. Just read back through the past few pages. Things are busy, but running spectacularly. As with any park, weekdays would be better than weekends....just common sense stuff. I would wait until after June 26th, when 10PM closings resume, so you can get some awesome night rides on Beast (or Mystic, or Orion, or Adventure Express....) EDIT: In fact, @Carrie, here is a link to my report from my trip there last Tuesday.
  22. And this my friends is why I always have the Fast Lane/Flash Pass, and don't frequently wait in food lines, at a park that has more than 3 other people in it.
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