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  1. An excellant movie, CD5.


    Two things made me start to wonder, what your motives were for i) the plane crash scene (possibly the view that victims had during 9/11 (RIP)) ii) and the concentration camp scene (millions of polish/jews were killed that way) what do you expect people's reactions will be.


    Despite that, both scenes were beautifully crafted and I hope you enter this film in an amatuer competition as I think it could do well.


    The musical score played whilst Ben and Sapphire were walking to the camp was brilliant and definately captures the imagination.


    Bravo, DC5! Bravo!

  2. I heard about this incident in the Evening Standard the day after it happened. It's such a shame that this has happened as there hasn't been an incident like this in Britain for a decade now.


    Having read through the past posts, I agree with several points of view.


    Yes the parents should have been watching the child;

    Yes the fences were clearly not child-proof (but then again, the parents should've been paying attention)

    At the end of the day, this was an accident and lessons will have t be learned!


    My sympathy not only goes out to the child's parents but also the ride operator who tried to stop the coaster.


    PS - SharkTums - the 13 year lod father you reffered to: fyi, a dna test around one or two months ago proved he was not the father.

  3. A 25 year repayment mortgage: £44,550




    Tickets to the Chelsea vs. Club America game in Dallas in July.



    Don't really like Chelsea and haven't heard of Club America, but its world class soccer and the seats are pretty decent. Also a hell of a lot cheaper than seeing a team of Chelsea's caliber in just about every other stadium in England.


    As an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan, I can't believe that the decent taxpaying American public are prepared to pay to watch a Chelsea "warm up" game. But then again, how much did LA pay for David Beckham lol.

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