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  1. Nice, fun little coaster that would be perfect for a park tight on space looking for a good thrill ride (cough ELITCHES cough cough).



    -The layout was very characteristic of what the real coasters look like. It also had a typical selection of elements and some fun turns as well.

    -The colors. I liked them but maybe it was just me.



    -The trains stacked weirdly in the sim. In real life you could switch the blocks they occupy but the way you have it now, the trains stopped on lift!

    -Tunnel test failed. Before releasing a coaster or even during construction, put the entire track into a tunnel and see where things cross into the track. My concern was the helixes on the ground, they were too close to the track.


    Besides those couple of concerns, this coaster was very pleasant to ride and I wouldn't mind seeing it be built. Great job.


    Funny you should mention that. It looks (without it yet being confirmed) just like Rage at Adventure Island, Southend-on-Sea.


    The coaster was built two or three years ago I think at a park that is very compact.


    Bearing in mind it has the same colour scheme and (without downloading it) looks like it has a very similar layout, would I be mistaken in assuming this is a recreation?

  2. Trust me, from smelling some of the British backpackers we get up here ( Cairns Far Northern Australia ) where the temp very rarely drops below 29 during daylight hours.


    I can understand why Thrope did this, but they would be better of teaching some of there country man/woman how to maintain personal hygiene.


    The temperature doesn't very often reach 29 degrees in the UK. Tomorrow is forecast to hit 29 making the hottest day of the year so far.


    Is it a general idea by Australians that the British don't know how to maintain personal hygiene? I find that rather insulting and I'd be even more insulted to be escorted off of a ride if someone complained about BO on a clearly (by UK standards) a hot day.


    As said earlier, your on the ride for 2-3 minutes. DEAL WITH IT!

  3. Best time to get there is before opening. It gets really busy pretty quick especially being summer and hotel guests being inside an hour earlier.


    For food I'd suggest Annette's Diner at the front of the Disney Village, you can't miss it! Great 1950's American theme with great food. Although you may need to walk it off if you're planning a big ride straight after.

  4. I went in February when the staff said it was "quiet". I suggest starting at the Hollywood Studios, grab a fastpass for Tower of Terror before running to Crush's Coaster. When I did, the queue was already at 90 mins five minutes after opening!!


    Queue times are significantly lower if you avoid the parades.


    But the best advice is to make full use of the fastpass where ever possible.

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