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  1. Okay, my first ever NL review, so here goes... In short, a great coaster. The layout is original with tell-tale signs of other tried-and-tested B&M Inverts. The pacing of the inversions works very well, enough to make me think I was riding Nemesis Inferno through half of it


    My only issues were the e-brake test and the placing of trees in some areas. After the MCBR, the train is unable to clear the second loop. This was easily remedied by editing the brake run to include the transport option at 16 mph, matching your minimum speed set on the brakes. The trees will need to be moved around a little as there are a number of collisions along the track.


    Overall, I enjoyed this coaster very much. It's exciting to look at as much as it is to ride! 8/10


    I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with.


    Eric Lucas

  2. Had a lot of trouble with this one, there is just no way to make a rider move the way they would on a real surf ride or if there is I can't figure it out. What I came up with I am about 50% happy with.


    This is the first attempt at a FlowRider I've seen and I must say I think you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. IMO it's as good as you're gonna get with RCT2's limitations.


    Keep up the good work, I'll definately be downloading when/if you release.

  3. Okay guys. New one. Will be getting a new computer in the new year. One that will hopefully have a video card at least twice as good as that in my current laptop ("stupid video card, runs No Limits at only 4fps!"). Anyway, it's almost a dead cert that the new desktop is gonna come with Windows 7.


    Has anybody tried RCT2 and the add-ons with Windows 7 and if so, how well does it run? Does Windows 7 have the same issues with 8Cars as Vista or does it work better?


    Haven't seen these questions asked yet and thought they were obvious questions to be asked




  4. Hi guys. I've been away from RCT for a while predominantly due to a creative block. However, I'm now back ready to see my entry through to completion before the contest deadline.


    Not a lot of progress has been made, just some tweaks here and there to make the park a bit more peep friendly and a new coaster, Kali...


    This ancient goddess, protector of the forests is angry to say the least. She'll launch you out of the station at speeds in excess of 60mph and hurl you into the skies above. At 160ft, that's a long way to fall!

  5. I think, as far as the foliage goes, less is definatley more. The map looks a bit too overcrowded with trees to me. A couple more buildings will definatly help as long as they are themed correctly. I also think the coaster is slightly over supported.


    Just my two cents, otherwise good layout. Although, being brutely honest, I don't think it'll make Design.


    Eric "honesty is one of my middle names" Lucas

  6. ^^ You can find my last update on page 6.


    I am documenting my progress as and when I feel it is suitable. I've not kept any aspect of my park a secret as this is my first contest entry and I doubt anything I create would be "groundbreaking" enough to warrant excersing the UK Official Secrets Act


    As far as the Woodlands Park Season Pass goes, I added this as a little bit of fun in the hope of energising some new ideas.


    Rest assured more pictures will be posted when I have anything new to mention.



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