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  1. Yeah, no other park compares to CP. Far and away the best park in the world. There are a few over seas that I have not been to, so I cant speak for those, but I have been to every major park in the United States and not one gets close. BGE is the closest. It is such a clean park as well. Wouldn't you agree?
  2. I really hope it is better than the Hulk. The is the most overrated coaster I have ever been on. Looks like it could be a good one though.
  3. Good luck with your girlfriend and good luck at the hospital. I hope all goes well.
  4. Well, you are hearing it from me first folks. Kings Island will be getting a looping invert coaster. It will be properly named 'Return of the Bat' Anyone else no more about when they will be building it or who is building it? I would love to know.
  5. Why would I want to stir things up? I just gave an opinion of my visit. I really thought this was the reason for the forum. I don't complain when people bash my favorite parks and that happens all the time. So I think maybe you should turn that frown upside down. Don't get mad at other peoples opinions.
  6. Just got back from SFGAD and I have to say that the park is a dump. Yeah, they have El Toro, but that is it. Nitro, Medusa, KK, are all way overrated. The park itself is overrated. Batman is the worst invert I have ever ridden and The Chiller, well no comment is really necassary. I guess if you enjoy mediocre coasters SFGAD is for you.
  7. My real favorite flat ride is the octopus. That ride remains one of the most exciting flat rides in the world, bar none.
  8. Did anyone ever ride The Bat? Those are the best pictures I have seen of it. I remeber seeing the coaster before it was torn down, but it was well after it closed. I have never heard what the ride experience was like. I would love to hear from those who were lucky enough to ride it.[/i]
  9. The rumor I heard was that Wyandot Lake is either getting a B&M dive coaster or a giga Intamin. I really hope this rumor is true. The big addition will be themed after Lion King, since the park is part of the zoo.
  10. My favorite 'out and back' is the Sea Serpent at Wyandott Lake.
  11. 7/10 There are always a few questions that I have no idea of the answer.
  12. Is it me or do these reviews still leave you unsure of how good the ride is? Sounds like everyone might be reaching to make this ride sound exciting. I hope it is alot better. I want to see Kings Island become a player in the industry.
  13. I agree, this ride is awesome! The airtime is sweet, the drop is amazing, and the immelmans are spectacular! This is definitely the second best new ride of the year, way behind Maverick. I think B&M got it right this time. BGE rules!
  14. Should have been called "I hate every ride report!" Kinda depressing!
  15. LOL Thats what I was thinking. I only saw one or two positive comments on coasters! However, great pics.
  16. You can tell this guy is a hater!!! To claim that not one CP coaster cracks the top ten, you are nuts!! Don't be jealous of CP.
  17. Yes, that is true. There are plenty of days when you don't have to wait long for rides. If you go on a Saturday, then you will likely run into long lines. Who am I? "I will not go ride Maverick, because the line will be long!"
  18. Nice reason to not go! LOL Any park with a great collection of coasters like CP will have long lines. Der!
  19. Deja Vu isn't really that scary. I have rode 2 of them and neither one was fun or scary. Wicked Twister, on the other hand, scared the crap out of me! Also, the Drop Xone at PKI was freaky!
  20. I heard an employee say he heard something about a giga-flyer. Anyone else hear about this? Please be true:) Also, look for a BM dive machine at PKI.
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