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  1. ^ WOW! So negative. Cedar Point a close second? I know everyone has their opinion and I certainly respect that. However, CP has become an amusement park icon around the world, just as SFMM has. To say that it has regressed almost as much as KI tells me that you simply don't like the park. In fact, during the 80's most people would rather go to KI over CP. Now the opposite is true. When people talk about roller coasters and amazing parks, Cedar Point is always on the top list. It is always ranked the #1 park for years, even though many of you would disagree. It may have had more trees in the 80's but the draw was not there as it is today. People do not go to CP for themeing or trees. They go to ride roller coasters.


    It seems real strange to me that so many people, like the above poster, are never happy with anything certain parks do. It is because of the parks progression from the 80's that so many people go out of their way to visit CP. The strategy that Kinzel has come up with is to build big, fast, and unique coasters and become "Americas Roller Coast." He seems to have accomplished what he set out to do and I, like most, love the park because of it.


    If you are jealous or don't like CP, thats fine! Who cares, but you don't have to make bone headed comments all the time, that make no sense at all! LOL

  2. Hurukan, easily.


    Have you been there? LOL

    I have not, but as far as looks go, this looks like one of the best. I would love to try this thing out.


    I wonder if Robb or one of the crew could tell us what they think about Hurukan. I looked at his pick for the best drop ride and I have to say that it looks sweet too!

  3. it was in no way Six Flag's fault at all for expanding it like they did! Seriously, they knew Cedar Point was an hour west of it, they HAD to make some big additions to compete with CP if they were to be successful, and the additions they made were quite superb, so SF did there job and then realized later on that it wasn't working so they did the business thing and sold it to CF who basically destroyed it. SF did what they needed to do as a business too, unfortunately it didn't work, taking a gamble can have that result.


    So, with that being said, shoudnt Six Flags take some crap too since they gave up on the park? They are just as guilt as Cedar Fair if you guys want to place unnecassary blame on either of them. The park didn't stand a chance and Cedar Fair is finally going to do the smart thing.

  4. Let's face it, they sandbagged the park.


    Look at it:

    Remove the shows, remove the animals (CF didn't want the hassle, no sweat.) remove two coasters, put in over-priced cabanas as an up-charge, put in a new waterpark, when the one there seemed to handle a higher capacity.

    Raise the price this year and we got CornHole.


    yep, we got CornHoled alright...


    I thought cornhole was an insult when they announced it. "oh yeah, yank two coasters and give us a tossing game to replace them???/ !!!!?????


    You are so right. I notice a shortage of locals willing to applaud this "business decision". So maybe Six Flags was more to blame in the downfall of Geauga Lake for overexpanding it. But Cedar Fair took on the task of trying to save the park, and they didn't seem to give it much of the old college try.


    Moving rides to parks where they are more appropriate is good business, but not giving the locals something to make up for the loss is not good business.


    Most locals didn't even go to the park. LOL

  5. Oh please. Most of the locals thought the park was closed already. Don't go boohooing about how the locals are going to care. If they cared, they would have had their butts in the park and it wouldn't be closing.



    Couldn't have been said better. Noone really cares except for a few people and the ones that want to bash Cedar Fair. This place died after Sea World was shut down. That was before Six Flags took over.

  6. It makes sense that CF would only need 2 major amusement parks in one state, especially one as small as Ohio, with parks as big as Kings Island and Cedar Point. The only reason Geauga Lake made it this far is that SF bought it in hopes of competing with Cedar Point. With SF out of the picture, and GL in the hands of it's former rival, I think many of us saw this coming.


    Ohio is currently the 7th largest state in population, coming in at about a million less than Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has the following parks:










    plus a few misc. smaller parks. Yes, none of these parks are as big as either Cedar Point or Kings Island, but I think it illustrates the fact that Ohio *could* support another park, especially in the Columbus area. Columbus has no local park, and is a reasonably large metropolitan area.


    What Ohio could not support was another largish park in the Cleveland area. Had Six Flags not overexpanded Geauga Lake, it may have done fine as a smaller park just like all those smaller PA parks keep chugging along without gradiose dreams of becoming the next Cedar Point.


    Yes, those are mostly very small parks. Geagua was a big park relative to many of those. If you want to count all parks then look at all the little ones Ohio has, such as, Wyandot Lake and Coney Island(or what ever theat little park is in cincinatti). I believe there is one more but I am not sure where.


    How are you shocked? I saw this coming for quite some time. They have been removing rides for 2 years! I dont know anyone that visisted this park frequently. I went one time in my life and I would probably never go again. The water park idea is the only thing that could make this park successful. If they could make it the best water park in the state then maybe people will come.

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