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  1. Exactly like Great Escapes. Good for as total of 4 people. Good all season. Any ride.



    ^ cool. Do you have to state the ride name ahead of time or can you use as you please? Also... expiration date on the slip?


    I only ask because at Great Escape it was the same thing... multiple people, it was good the entire season, and no need to state what you were going on in advance. Just wondering if it's the same, I didn't even bother picking up the skips on opening day but it would be nice to know how it works

  2. As for the portal, has anyone else that has gotten the all season dining noticed that it isn’t mentioned on the portal? It says that I have the drink bottle for the plan but not mentioned the plan itself anywhere in my offers.



    I have Diamond Elite and I don't see any of those yellow food discount deals there. What kind of pass did you have? I see the start dare in September 2018. When did you get your pass or see those show up?

  3. Is it normal that on Sunday May 6th my order was shipped and still on May 14th from california to new york I haven't recvied it is it normal that I haven't gotten it?

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