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  1. Nice photos! Atlantis adventure looks excellent, can I have one for my home? Also, are you guys planning on making a stop at Gyeongju World/have you been there? Phaethon alone looks like it'd be worth the trip, and hey if you're already in Korea, might as well!
  2. These pictures have sort of convinced me that I need to upgrade from my little point-and-shoot PowerShot from three years ago. Depth of field adds SO much to photos.
  3. Nice! Glad you finally got your ride, and it sounds like you picked a winning day to go to the park. I thought Memorial Day weekend was a good day for lines, but 25 minutes for Fahrenheit and... um... zero... for everything else? That just takes it!
  4. I'm not sure this helps but from memory (which may not be the sharpest as I was only in the queue proper long enough to hurdle over the switchbacks in an effort to not get trampled by the rest of the crowd doing the same) the queue is all sort of behind the station, right in and around the finale and brakes. As you approach the station, you ascend a flight of stairs, with the main line on the right, single riders on the left. At the station it seemed like the lines just kind of merged (which really... sort of makes the single rider line a lot like a "just wait here if you don't want to wait as
  5. I believe I took that photo from what would be the far side of Tidal Force from Fahrenheit... sort of between Tidal Force and the Boardwalk. I think there's a restaurant there with outdoor seating, and between that and the path around Tidal Force, there're some good views to be had. Also let me know if you'd like a bigger version of that pic, and I can post it to imageshack or something.
  6. Apologies in advance, I wrote a novel. If novels aren't your thing, scroll way down and check out the pictures! I suppose I'm not what you'd call a TPR regular, but as this was the undisputed hotspot of activity surrounding Hershey's Nantimi viral marketing campaign/contest, I thought this would be a good place to post a little TR of my time at Hershey yesterday. If TR's aren't your thing, look at the pretty pictures and read this short version: Hershey was awesome, go. Fahrenheit was awesome, go ride it. Yay. I arrived at the park a little before 9, after making the trip across the st
  7. Great TR! Book-length reports from the day must be a theme... I'm on page three of a word document so far. Brace yourself. It was nice to meet you all Saturday, and I'm glad you got your ride. Looking forward to your photos!
  8. I'll definitely be out there again, whether on a weekday or not will depend on my work hours once all that gets finalized (still sorting out the details with a few different companies). I have to say though, for a holiday weekend, I didn't think the crowds at Hershey were bad at all... I think my longest wait of the day was about 45 minutes for Great Bear around noon. Granted, I got a bit lucky to wait 15 minutes for a front seat Fahrenheit spin, but all things considered it was a great day at the park. Keep us all posted about future Hershey trips, I could use an excuse to get out there again
  9. Nice to meet you all, definitely keep me posted if you're planning on using our bonus ticket at some point in the future. I ended up getting about the 8th public ride on Fahrenheit (courtesy of a sharp pair of eyes, hoard-of-people navigating skills, and a bit of luck), stayed till the park closed, watched the fireworks display, and ended up back in Pittsburgh by 3. So it was a 23 hour day. Even my non-enthusiast friends agreed that it was worth the trip though, so props to Hershey for putting together such a quality park! I'm writing a longer TR, which should be up later tonight or tomorrow,
  10. Out of curiosity, who all on here are members of the 11 that got the Jason Brown email? I did (awesome!) and I thought maybe we could all chat sometime before next spring? I'm BBSpeed26 (creative, I know) on AIM, feel free to drop me a line.
  11. I'm actually not... two reasons. First, we usually only get clues when we run into dead ends. Right now, we haven't exactly hit a dead end, we just haven't found, or people haven't shared, all the puzzle pieces. Second, when we got the emails, we were all told to "play nice". As such I think it's no surprise at all that communication from Nantimi has slowed/ceased following people "joking" by making a fake video, fake puzzle pieces, and the ensuing swirl of arguments that followed each. I think we've hit the end of the game until the 26th or 27th, it's just a matter of whether we'll actually g
  12. Complete bullshit. Honestly, if you're going to try to pull something like that, at least put a little effort into it.
  13. The only thing I'm worried about is that the picture in the lower left is CLEARLY modeled in NoLimits, which anyone can do. Granted, Hershey's StormRunner preview animation was pretty much shite, and NL would be a step up, but still, it lends an air of home-made-ness to the photos that is making me have serious doubts about the validity of this for the first time...
  14. Here's mine, I posted it on Coasterbuzz too. These seem to be scattered around different forums so I'm posting this in several in hopes of easing collaboration. hp_r1_c1 [edit: damn you guys are fast... there was what, a half hour between my post there and my post here and you already nabbed it? nice work.]
  15. Here's mine, I posted it on Coasterbuzz too. These seem to be scattered around different forums so I'm posting this in several in hopes of easing collaboration.
  16. ...but you're wrong. Look at the supports on the structure at the top of the raven turn. There are two track connectors on the underside of the upper supports, meaning that if that's the top of the lift, the track is inverted there and will stay inverted, instead of rolling inverted as it enters the raven turn. And allow me to be a design dork for a second... there's --no such thing-- as a "heartlined" roll when the train's seats are 20 ft apart.
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