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  1. Understood and apologies i did see the price estimate but wanted to double check which relates to which tour. Bit of chicken or the egg scenario as i wouldn't submit an application if i knew we couldn't afford the price. Cheers.
  2. Apologies if this is a silly question - but where can we see the total trip cost so we can know if we can afford.
  3. big congrats - its been 10 years since my now wife and I did our first and only TPR tour to the Midwest in 2007. We'd book another asap.... but growing up and 2 kids have put a bit of a hole in that idea... that and Australia is just sooo far away from you guys. Here's to another 10 years!
  4. chriskq

    2015 Trips

    looking forward to seeing the 2016 and 2017 planned trips - hopefully might be able to do another. It seems like another life time ago i did the 2007 Mid West Trip Enjoy your Holiday Rob, Elissa & Kidtums
  5. What is the reason you say that, being from Australia I'm very interested Also what is the actual ranking purpose of the poll, I gather it is the coaster that you have the most fun on? Not the coaster that made you scared the most? Sorry for the newb q's - first time I've heard if this poll Wing coasters, generally speaking, are considered essentially forceless and occasionally boring in comparison to some of the higher quality B&M's out there, or many inverted or sit down B&M's. As for the rankings, at least from my understanding, ballots are based on the best coaster experience, and voters can interpret that how they like, depending on what they prefer in coasters (airtime, intensity, speed, etc) Thanks Pass dude- personal choice makes sense. Since coming back from Japan i'd have to say Fujiyama was my fav ride, but Eejanika was the scariest ride i think i've EVER been on.... much scarier than X2!
  6. What is the reason you say that, being from Australia I'm very interested Also what is the actual ranking purpose of the poll, I gather it is the coaster that you have the most fun on? Not the coaster that made you scared the most? Sorry for the newb q's - first time I've heard if this poll
  7. Thanks Garet - more great tips From the looks of when we will be there on March 17 the ride idle information still shows February so i guess will check back later March park schedule thanks for the info on the booklet also, i doubt we will be back in Japan any time soon will prolly get a 7 day pass unless for some strange reason the park is not busy. Happy friday all - I still need to read your TRs Garet. Cheers ALL!
  8. Just read a review of Toy Story Mania - it looks great with all the theme-ing - the popularity makes it a little scary to line up for the fast pass. Did read in some reviews it gets a lot quieter at the end of the day so might try and wing a fast pass a few hours before park close time. Still really interested in find out details on the Universal express booklets. Where to get them, and with a 7 ride pack do you get to choose multiple of the same ride? Thanks again!
  9. Wow thanks for the detailed response Rob - big help esp with Fuji Q! Fuji Q In light of you saying risky to do anything without Fastpasses, i am thinking we forgo paying the 50,00 yen all day ride fee (as we get free adminision via Hotel) and just pay for 9 fastpasses for each of us and hit the big 4 rides (all twice) and the haunted hospital. Will camp at fastpass booth after park opens before going anywhere. Disney OK great info - will try and get to sea and land at least an hour before opening time Fastpass Sea rides: Journey, Tower > then whatever else we can do after What order would someone recommend, I.E. run first to Journey? Fastpass Land rides: What order would someone recommend, I.E. run first to Splash? Universal Also will try and arrive an hour before opening time. If anyone knows where abouts you purchase the express booklets from that would be great. Also what booklet would suit us for these rides (from what i gather you cannot pick and choose rides in the booklet, they are set?): Jaws, Space Fantasy, Hollywood Dream (forwards and backwards), Spider-Man and Jaws again Big thanks again all, hopefully i can get the last few areas sorted and then need to start documenting everything in English and Japanese Cheers - Chris
  10. Hi All, Long time TPR member but haven't been able to take a tour since our midwest trip in 2007 which i still have fond memories of. So myself and the missus are heading to Japan in mid march to early april this year and have pretty much booked everything, but i have a couple of 'planning' questions so we might be able to avoid any pitfalls. I have checked relevant threads so have got the jist but some more detail can't hurt Fuji-Q Highland. We are staying at the Highland hotel which means discounted entry and 30mins of early entry before public. It is school holidays at the time though, we will be there 31 March Does anyone know if rollercoasters would be operating during 30mins early time or if you can buy fastpasses from the Hotel? From researching wait times i think we will try and get 4 fastpasses (Eejanaika, Takabisha, Dodonpa & Haunted Hospital) each as soon as we get into the park from area near Carousel/Mouse, will the rides/times written down but will try and speak Jap also. I have a feeling fastpass booth will be not be open with our early entry, if so plan to queue for Eejanaika then check back for fastpass after or is that risky? Thoughts on this plan after getting fast passes and riding Eenjanaika (hopefully): Queue for Takabisha (without fastpass) then do Fujiyama and then onto whatever is shortest before using the 4 fastpasses for rest of day and riding smaller attractions Disney land/sea Staying at a hotel about 20mins away on bus & plan arriving 30mins prior to opening time 9am. We will be there 26/27 March which is school holidays and will buy a 2 day pass online. Any preference on which park to visit first? We have never been to any Disney parks How many fastpasses for disney sea E.G. 1) Journey to the Center of the Earth, 2) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 3) Indiana Jones & 4) Tower of Terror How many fastpasses for disneyland E.G. 1) Pirates of the Caribbean, 2) Splash Mountain, 3) Big Thunder Mountain & 4) Haunted Mansion? We actually do not know what rides would be good for us so any suggestions would be great (we both like high-thrill rides the best) Universal Osaka Staying at a hotel about 30+mins away on train & plan arriving 30mins prior to opening time 9am. We will be there 17 March Where do you buy express booklets from? How much are they and should we get a 4 booklet each? Recomended rides/order to see them in? Any other tips would be appreciated if i have missed anything. Also please feel free to respons to individual park questions and not everything of course Many thanks, Chris
  11. would love to come on another Mid West trip - But unfortunately Kylie and I are trying to get the funds looking a bit healthier now that we have finished renovating our place. Hopefully next year R+E+T
  12. Good thing we got to see this park on our mid west tour in 2007. Cant wait to do another tpr trip (only done the one) cept my gf and i just bought a house and planning to rennovate so might be on the backburner for another year. Thanks Rob
  13. i liked yours the best Kevin. Great work buddy! unfortunatly i dont kno if i remember you from the midwest trip or if you were even on it.... seems yonks ago now. i just bought a new car so no holidays for a while for me. althou tpr trip is definatly on the cards for 09
  14. your entitled to your opinion, but im sure alot of people disagree with you. I don't understand how you cannot like the ride.... like arn't rollercoasters fun because they make u scared and you get the adrenaline rush... well X did that the best to me. maybe its more of a younger generation ride.
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