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  1. Merlin statement released today - 5th June





    5 June 2015

    Merlin Entertainments

    Since the accident at Alton Towers Resort on Tuesday afternoon Merlin Entertainments has been engaged in a thorough review and investigation of the events that led up to the incident and of its safety and operating processes. The investigation is ongoing and we are co-operating fully with the Health & Safety Executive.

    The safety of our visitors is our fundamental priority. We have a strong safety record at Alton Towers and across the Merlin Group. Today we are enhancing our safety standards by issuing an additional set of safety protocols and procedures that will reinforce the safe operation of our multi-car rollercoasters. These are effective immediately.


    Each rollercoaster has its own individual operating process and characteristics. Our central safety management team, together with local Park operations, will now work to implement and brief operating staff on these protocols. As a consequence, two rollercoaster rides have been withdrawn from service until the new safety protocols have been applied.


    The Smiler and Saw, a similar ride at Thorpe Park, have been closed since the accident and will stay closed for the foreseeable future. We intend to complete our thorough appraisal of our safety processes at Alton Towers in the near future and plan to re-open the Park to the public in the next few days.


    Nick Varney, Chief Executive of Merlin Entertainments, said:

    “This has been a terrible experience for everyone involved and one we sincerely regret. Our thoughts remain with those who were seriously injured and we are doing everything we can to support them through this difficult time. It is an accident that should not have happened, and we are determined that it will never happen again.

    “Whilst the investigation into the causes is continuing, we have identified a series of additional safety protocols that we are implementing immediately across our multi-car rollercoasters. These will act as an additional safeguard to further strengthen our operating and safety standards. This has been a devastating experience, and we are committed to learning the lessons from it.”


    The rides withdrawn from service are:

    Dragon’s Fury (Chessington World of Adventures)

    Rattlesnake (Chessington World of Adventures)



  2. According to BBC News TV today, Merlin are also closing SAW at Thorpe Park, and Dragons Fury and The Rattlesnake at Chessington today until further notice until new safety protocols are put in place.


    From ITV News:




    Four rides at three parks to remain closed following Smiler crash


    Alton Towers park is expected to reopen 'in the next few days' following Tuesday's accident, a statement from owners Merlin Entertainments said.


    They added the rides Smiler at Alton Towers; Saw at Thorpe Park and both Dragon's Fury and Rattlesnake at Chessington World of Adventures would remain closed for the foreseeable future after new safety protocols were issued.

  3. Oh dear... Bad news for Rameses Revenge (Huss Topspin) today...




    Chessington World of Adventures theme park riders left stranded


    A rescue operation is under way after about 40 people became stranded on a theme park ride.


    London Fire Brigade was called to Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey shortly after 17:00 BST.


    Those on the Rameses Revenge ride are stranded 20ft (6m) in the air, a fire brigade spokesman said.


    Station manager Justin Coo said: "Firefighters are doing very well to get people down as quickly and safely as possible."


    He added: "We're cutting people out of their restraints, walking them down the ride and helping them down a ladder to ground level.


    "No injuries have been reported though a few people are understandably a bit uncomfortable as they've been stuck for some time."


    'Personal discomfort'


    One mother whose 13-year-old daughter is on board said the ride stopped at around 16:00 BST when the electrics failed.


    "They have been sending up water and sun cream to them because it was rather hot initially," she told Sky News.


    "It is very concerning because they were stuck and all the electrics failed.


    "They were on the ride for 90 minutes before the fire and rescue service came out to them.


    "I think they are all in a little personal discomfort. I hear some people are in a bit of distress now.

  4. As a non-US resident this seems like it would penalise non-US citizens.


    Likewise, due to the cost of using cards abroad I would be skeptical about the payment method when I would have had to change money to Dollars for all my other spending.


    That said the idea as a whole seems neat in its ease for people who can easily link everything.


    Just get a credit card which doesn't charge to use abroad. There are a number of cards for UK residents that actually have better rates of exchange than most Bureau de Change and Travel Agents, as well as not charging to use them - Halifax Clarity being one example.


    I really like the idea and can't wait to try it out on my next visit.

  5. Festyland is a small theme park situated inside the Caen ringroad, in the Normandy area of France. The carpark is on one side of the ringroad, and you have to go through quite a dark, dank, some would say festy... tunnel to get to the park entrance, which doesn't really look like an entrance.


    Anyhow, quite a few kiddy rides, 2 credits, a Disko, a drop tower, a broken Frisbee and random theming everywhere, made this a good way to spend a couple of hours before getting back on the ferry to the UK.


    Oh, and my 7 month old daughter went on her first ride here...


    Here are some pictures...


    Welcome to the car park... OMG what is this place?


    Welcome to Festyland...


    Looks like how the new entrance at Seaworld San Diego will look...


    Festy Telegraph...


    Festy map...


    Festy carousel...


    Festy baby on a carousel... No - she isn't festy really... well maybe after a number 2...


    I really don't understand what this place is all about...


    Ah, finally, a credit... Hi Larry!


    The Drakkar Express...


    Ok, this just shows that I am losing more hair...


    A drop tower themed to something about Pirates...


    As was the Disko next to the field...


    Just YES!


    I may have had more hair, or an axe in my head, I really don't know...


    Pirate themed play area for the kids...


    Now thats more like it...


    Who is that I see...?


    Yes, a credit whore... She dragged me here... HONEST!


    A viking themed land...


    Eretic was unfortunately closed...


    Not the Valhalla we all know and love...


    We dined here, but there were no dancing girls. Caen-Caen, do you get it....???


    Random titanic theming inside the vintage cars...


    And random Titanic pictures...


    This was the exit to the park... Bye bye Festyland...


    And then my phone told me we were in Iceland... how very strange....?

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