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  1. Jesus you're all so cynical and almost naive


    So they're not focusing as much on the hardcore community, well that's because they need to appeal to a broader community in order to make a profit, because that's the whole point of developing and selling a game. If you haven't realized that by now, you've missed the boat.


    Once it's released, I'll pass judgement, but I'm going to be realistic and not bash a game until it's shipped. I would hope you all do the same.

  2. Eh, I tried. I have to backtrack to a previous save that was around year 3 for it to work correctly. I think its time to call it.


    I have a new park I'm working on but nothing worth showing yet, kind of waiting for RCTW and Planet Coaster to come out. I tried getting into Theme Park Studio but I wasn't feeling it.


    For now I'll just lurk, I never felt like I was really that good any way...

  3. Year 12 Pre-Opening Update


    Crews have worked day and night to bring Illum Hills back to life! A few major changes to the park layout has opened up exciting new possibilities and experiences. Ken Brower, spokesman for Marquee, has said "You won't be disappointed with the changes!"


    Here are a few more preview shots, only a short while until guests can pass through the gates again!


    The entrance plaza has been restored to its former glory


    A manmade lake has been dug and filled in the middle of the park. What's that in the distance?


    The new park gift shop , information center, and restaurant has finished all exterior work. Interior still has a lot of work left to be done.


    The park has installed CONDOR and added BATTLE BOATS to its amazing lineup! No word on the Wonder Wheel's location


    The Rotor survived! It has been moved next to CONDOR. Over in the distance, Plunge still stands!


    Marquee has spent a lot of money to finish Kanaloa Rapids and landscape it. They trucked in and planted a lot of bamboo.


    Park overview for Year 12. Such a small park has grown so much, and continues to grow! What does the future hold for the park?



    Westworth, VA- Members of the press were invited into the defunct Illum Hills park to survey what remains of the once bustling park. Many of the smaller attractions were removed, victims of quick sales to solve the rising debt from operational costs. But even with all the removals, Marquee Attractions spokesmen Ken Brower said that each of the blank areas is slated for some type of new attraction or addition this upcoming season. When asked if a major roller coaster could be coming, Ken declined to comment, stating that the focus is to get the park back in an operational state for opening day.


    Both Eagle's Nest and the Wonder Wheel were removed. Eagle's Nest was deemed unfit to operate and scrapped. Wonder Wheel was placed up for sale when the park closed its gates but remains in storage.


    Lots of dirt being moved around. Some of the former game tents and arcade have been stripped down and are being remodeled/refurbished


    The Jolly Roger pirate ship was sold off to a nice seaside park in New Jersey. Ken Brower stated a new gift shop and park information center are in the works for this site.


    5 attractions were removed in total- Eagles Nest, Wonder Wheel, Super Swinger, Jolly Roger, and Spin Cycle.


    A new food stand will take over the old arcade building


    Kanaloa Rapids didn't even open to the public, it sits unfinished


    A lot of space to work with. At least the Rotor made it through! Now can it make it to opening day?


    Stay tuned....

  5. I can get past the theme as long as they retain sandbox mode. I'm no fan of cartoony themes, but as long as there is a modding community for the game, we should be able to create whatever we want.


    I'm actually a bit excited for the collaborative park mode. I remember attempting group parks that got passed around and it would always end up a mess at some point and I would open the file and just sigh at what happened.

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