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  1. Four day weekend.

    I qualified for state in all 4 of my events! And on top of that I got 4th overall in my 200 IM out of 26 kids! But even better, after state, I quit swimming since I'm not doing it in college and I finally don't have to swim for 5 hours every day!



    I hate swimming. I used to really like it, but the practices are long and difficult now. I can't wait till I can quit too.

  2. Ok I was on youtube posting alot of comments. As you may know they have those codes you have to type in when you postto much comments. Well I came across one and this is what it said.



    Something totally different.

    LMFAO. Thank you for making my day.

  3. Juno (2007) 9/10


    Great movie, Ellen Page proves that you can go somewhere after appearing on Trailer Park Boys. With a witty script by Diablo Cody and remarkable direction by Jason Reitman and a great cast, Juno is definitely a winner. Just when I thought I finalized my top ten of 2007 list, I've got to revise it all now.


    Thank you! Juno was written by a theme park enthusiast...me.


    I'm bummed I didn't get any Schwarzkopf mentions in there. Maybe the next movie...

    O_O Wow. You did a great job. Juno is my favorite movie I've seen all year.

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