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  1. Wow. I agree with that 100%. Espescially with the homophobia. I live in a very conservative suburb, and countless times, I've heard people talk about how much they hate gays. And not just kids, parents have told me about how much they hate gays and whatnot. And btw, I'm bi, and if you have a problem with it, I don't give a $hit. Not that I would think anyone here would.
  2. That's what I thought. Who goes there? Is it safe?
  3. There's A Class For This - Cute Is What We Aim For
  4. Shirt: The Almost Band Shirt Jeans: Skinny Levi's Underwear: AE boxers Belt: Studded Bullhead Shoes: Vans White and Gray slip ons I look pretty emo/scene right now.
  5. No. :[ Maybe someday though... Have you been on vacation within the past month?
  6. DCA is a better experience, but Knott's has more coasters. It a tought decision in my opinion. Did you have a lot of homework tonight?
  7. Uhm... wow. O_O I'm glad I don't have gym.
  8. I'm not fond of her music. But I do watch the show sometimes when I'm bored.
  9. Yes. =D Have you ridden a coaster yet this year?
  10. Misery Loves It's Company - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  11. RCT series, even though I'm awful at it.
  12. Acoustic concert with Aaron Gillespie. Only $5, and there was free starbucks. Anyways, IOA was great, and probably the most fun I've ever had there.
  13. I can't pick a favorite, so I'll just try to list my favorite bands. My Chemical Romance The Almost Underoath The Used The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Saosin Paramore Hawthorne Heights Flyleaf From Autumn To Ashes Mayday Parade The Academy Is... Boys Like Girls Avenged Sevenfold Marilyn Manson Chiodos Atreyu Silverstein Madina Lake Senses Fail Thursday Rise Against
  14. Is It Progression If a Cannibal Uses a Fork? - Chiodos
  15. Just got back from the best concert ever, and going to Islands of Adventure tommorow for a school trip. I have to get up early though. :[
  16. Aaron Gillespie of The Almost and Underoath tonight. It was acoustic, and amazing. Best concert I've ever been to.
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