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  1. The closest one is in Orlando, so I have a slight chance of being able to check it out.
  2. You've probably gotten past this part by now, but if I remember correctly, you must get the bombs from Barnes, because you need them later, and you can get the Hawkeye if you want to. After that, you find another patch of Twilight, and track ilia's scent to Hyrule Castle Town.
  3. I personally like howl o scream more, as it's less crowded, and has haunted houses about as good as HHN.
  4. Sprite at Islands of Adventure today for like $3
  5. Paris Hilton(slore and spoiled heiress) Nicole Richie (see above) Anna Nicole Smith(goldigger/skank and I'm glad she's dead) Ashely Simpson(not a real singer) Disney channel Stars(untalented)
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