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  1. Yeah well thats what i ment lol he will be working merch in the england pravillion. -peter
  2. He is a member just not a regular poster soren is it you that is a mod on WDWIP? i remeber when you did the progrtamme a couple of years ago and i was pming you from disney quest to see when you were working in merch lol. -peter
  3. HAHA well he says to make sure you say hi i will post a few pitures of him later on so you will recognise him. -peter
  4. Well he found out ages ago but after having an extremely good phone interview and apparently a very good face to face interview, My brother, James , has been accepted on the cultural representative programme in EPCOT!!!! WALT DISNEY WORLD HERE HE GOES!!! He Fly's out on september 9th 2008 and will be away for a year and maybe a bit more if he decides to have a holiday in the 40 days he has until his visa runs out. please congratulate him how ever you like as he will later be reading this topic. ps James is 18 bit will be 19 when he leaves. oh yeah and i get my own BEDROOM Here is a pic of the information pack that came a few weeks ago in the post.
  5. Exellent, I really should get building again and put some models up on TPR. -Peter
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