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  1. I know' the Skull looks so cool. Are they destroying the mountain or the Skull's face itself? The YouTube video of Apocalypse features a Skull Face, so why not keep it and find some nice way to incorporate with the ride? Or for theme keep some of the boats, put skeletons in them and position them at various points near the ride, to match the Apocalypse theme. It would look great while riding.
  2. I hope so, because the marketing that they are doing for this ride is fantastic. With a name like Apocalypse, people may be expecting some sort of stellar ride. But when they get there, they see that's it's only 100 ft, 2 inversions and a few turns. I know SFA's crowd; people will start comparing it to KD's Dominator. And sense Dominator opened in 2008, that's 3 years of appeal it's had on DC, MD and Northern VA. Now I could see if they added both rides the same year. Then people would be just as impressed with Apocalypse, before they make the 2 hour drive to KD and notice that there B&M is more thrilling. For all it's worth, I hope the crowd is impressed with Apocalypse.
  3. Your right KDCOASTERFAN. That's pretty much going to eliminate the old station. I sure hope this ride does the magic trick in boosting attendance. Because if it doesn't I could see the company making this park going another extended period time with no new rides. Sense it's style is new to the DC area, it should grab attention it's first year. But as we have all discussed, it's one of the older B&M's so it's more of a simple course. After riding it a few times, it will get dull pretty quick. That's just my opinion.
  4. I'd assume that theyr're getting rid of the old station as there's no further need for it. You don't think it could replace SFA's Hall Manor building? If their looking to improve Fright Fest for the future, this would be a good start. The old Skull Mountain station could easily be converted into an indoor haunted house. They could even extend the building to the further left; away from the ride for more space.
  5. What are they going to do with Skull Mountain's old station? I'm assuming they are building a new one for this ride because it's station in Six Flags Great America was up off the ground. Could they possibly convert Skull Mountain's station area into a sizable haunted house for the future?
  6. I was thinking the same thing but more with a pirate theme. Here are some ideas. It would be nice for them to just install pyrotechnic skulls near the course, that flame up when the ride passes by certain censors that they place on the track. Of course it would have to be linked to the pyrotechnics. Depending on what the line queue is, they could install skeletons and creepy theme music that plays while your in line. From what it looks like, the queue area is going to stand up off the ground and outside. If the line queue is similar to Batman: The Ride's queue, with the indoor parts, they could so some nice cave theme.
  7. I contemplated the same thing. If they were to put it in Gotham, they could stick it on the left side of Penguin Blizzard River, where all that open space is. The opening to get in that area, starts right across from the Thomas Town entrance that is near Superman. Just walk straight across from that and the path to Apocalypse would have started there. That would have left Skull Mountain where it was and we wouldn't have lost a single ride.
  8. KDCOASTERFAN, I have a question. When Mark Shapiro & Dan Snyder were thrown off corporate, were there other members that left with them? That would explain why these ride relocations are still progress? If we have a new corporate management, maybe they thought it was cheaper to give us a B&M that was being removed, rather than buying a new one. If people pack the park for this new attraction, I believe the new corporate management will give us a new coaster for 2013. It's possible that they are resuming the old master plan that they had for this park. You never know, next attraction could be the indoor ride we were suppose to get.
  9. Um, if corporate needs to be shown something, then who exactly is making the decisions? Listen, the only reason this park still exists is because it's an anomaly. For some strange odd reason, the place continued to turn a profit in recent years. That's the only reason it wasn't sold off. So you tell me, do you not think corporate already knows that it's okay to continue feeding this place crap and making them like it? If some place remains in the black, why change things? Also, God hates SFA. That's why. How are they feeding us crap?
  10. I'm not trying to make assumptions, but when people see the commercial for a new ride for this park, they are going to slam the parking lots and the park is going to be just like it was when we received Two-Face, Joker's Jinx, Superman and Batwing. And that means opening day the park is slammed with people. Lines for the other rides will probably be rather short and everyone will be at the new one. Sense this is the first coaster we have had since 2001, it will probably get it's own store and everything.
  11. That's exactly what I was thinking. New trains are an easy perk they can thrown in with a relocated ride. I think it's going to be a decent ride to tie us over until our next attraction. Sense there trains sit 4 people wide, the line should move quick with a fast ride team.
  12. Ohhh, okay. That's better than nothing. If they give the ride new restraints, won't it make it smoother? Second, is it possible that they could make two exits to this attraction? One that leads back out into the Pirate area and another that leads back into the former Thomas Town themed area? That way you would't always have to walk around, just to see something that is right behind you. Restraints don't make the ride rough. If they do change the restraints to something softer, then sure, it would make the ride a bit better. But Iron Wolf needs wheel adjustments or something to make the overall layout smoother. And I'm guessing by how Chang got rougher when turned into Green Lantern, I doubt Iron Wolf would get any smoother. Wow, I never knew Chang got rougher. Well, I guess that says it. Now on to the next. Is it likely for SFA to put Iron Wolf in Skull Mountain's spot? Or will Skull Mountain become a un-used area like Two-Face's land is? Here is the only reason I ask that. If they aren't going to give us a new coaster in 2013, they could use Skull Mountain's spot for another type of water attraction. Other than Two-Face's old spot, they could put Iron Wolf in Gotham.
  13. Ohhh, okay. That's better than nothing. If they give the ride new restraints, won't it make it smoother? Second, is it possible that they could make two exits to this attraction? One that leads back out into the Pirate area and another that leads back into the former Thomas Town themed area? That way you would't always have to walk around, just to see something that is right behind you.
  14. So are we getting a Green Lantern clone? Or is it still up for debate?
  15. Agreed. Let's talk about Fright Fest. How many of you think the park could pull off a huge outdoor maze using the water park area? I was thinking something along the lines of Captain Black Beard at Kings Dominion. An opened aired haunted maze with a pirate theme with tones of creatures lurking around. Given the fact it would cover a huge section of the water park, it would probably take the average person at least 12 minutes or longer to get threw. Good or bad idea?
  16. KDCOASTERFAN, I guess Shapiro thought it was cheaper at the time to invest in SFA's water park and leave the dry side alone. Back when I was ranting against his decisions, I got slashed for it because people thought it was the best thing to do, given the shape the company was in. But I wasn't a fan of him removing rides and replacing them with nothing in return. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but was it Shapiro's decision to remove Iron Eagle and replace it with a stage? Was it Shapiro's decision to remove Two-Face and replace it with nothing? Was it not Shapiro that toured our park and decided to retire Brutal Planet? Maybe it was Terry Prather, but all these things are factors that began to declined the park. Not just that, but why did he fire our old park GM, Janet Porter? She had been there since the Wild World days, if I'm correct. The only thing I may have agreed with was cutting park hours in order to save money.
  17. Very true. Only Bizarro ride are at SFGADV and SFNE. Both those two renovations happened in 2009. So it's been two seasons and no more Bizarro has been added. As far as themes go with Six Flags rides, they will probably stick to the DC Comic theme and creative naming thing, with their future rides. Green Lantern was the last thing approved by Shapiro. With him being gone now, I believe the ride relocation thing will die down and parks will start receiving more newer rides. Other than rides, I want to see Six Flags really return back to their teenager/adult theme for Fright Fest. Which brings me to another question? SFA use to have Hall Manor and it was free. But when we had Brutal Planet, you had to pay $5.50 for a ticket. Do you think all Six Flags haunted houses should be free?
  18. Batwing was installed in 01 & replaced a 140 ft tall,3,000 ft long B&M standup that had previously been approved by PG county as part of a multi-ride package that the park ultimately never recieved when SFI started playing favorites with SFMM,SFGRADV & SFGRAM for the past ten years. The last "adult" ride the park recieved on the dry side was PBR in 03. & since then they've lost more rides than they've added. A little bit of the favoritism were things that Burke had line up for the future. I believe El Tora at Great Adventure was approved by Burke. But all the other things like Buccaneer Battle at Great America, Goliath at Over Georgia and a few others were approved by Shapiro because they came much later after Burke was left. Either that or he just had a huge line up. But even with ride renovations, Shapiro could have showed us some love and never did. As far as it being Bizarro, I doubt it. Six Flags still has the licensing agreement with Warner Bros/DC Comics, but don't you think Bizarro left with Shapiro?
  19. True. But here is why I made the above post. Six Flags America has been known for being misleading. For example, you would have thought Two-Face was in Gotham, but for some reason he was situated over in Southwest Territory. Now when Two-Face was removed, they put a sign up in front of it, that said under construction, which made people think that something new was coming. Guess what, nothing ever came and the spot is still empty. Then Thomas the Tank Engine was confirmed to be installed in SFA, and everyone was almost certain that it would go in Two-Face's old spot, but for some reason Thomas & Friends took a detour and ended up in Gotham City with Batman, Superman, Joker and Penguin. Now how did that happen??? The same thing could happen with this new attraction for 2012. Now here is a FUN, assumption I had. If they gave it a DC Comic theme, they could call it FIRE FLY, based off the DC Comic villain. They indicated burning the envelope in the picture, but that doesn't mean Scorcher. Of course this is a wishful assumption.
  20. I agree with a few other post. I don't understand why they would call it something like Maryland Scorcher. Georgia Scorcher sounds better because the state of Georgia is generally hotter than Maryland on a day to day basis. Maryland can get humid at times, but the temperature is generally in the 80's or 90's. We're not really known for our heat being unbearable. Georgia, Texas, Arizona and Vegas and generally scorching, but not Maryland. Has it been confirmed that they are going to build it where Skull Mountain was? I know it makes logical sense to build it there, but could they possibly just make that area a new place for games, show and stores and then stick the new ride in Gotham?
  21. I just hope the ride has a good theme, unlike all their other coasters that just sit out in a field. Imagine walking through a semi-indoor line queue area that's dark. Then you finally get to the ride and the journey begins.
  22. Yea my bad man. I'm just so happy this place is getting a new ride. It's been way too long. I'm also wondering what the theme will be? Maybe they will theme it off a sea monster. I don't think they want to lift the entire theme of the area. But then again, this is the same park that put Two-Face in Southwest Territory and put Thomas the Tank Engine in Gotham City. You never know, they could give it a DC Comic theme.
  23. If they are creative enough, they could give it a pirate theme. Has it officially been confirmed that the new attraction is going to be a stand-up or is it still speculation?
  24. Well I have been criticized in the past for thinking up these big coaster ideas, so I started thinking more of the smaller ideas. Still, I doubt they will give us a big coaster anytime soon.
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