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  1. Just curious of any updates on Wonder Woman. Heading down to Texas Wednesday through Sunday. Looks like I'll miss the Dr. and Wonder Woman. Poor timing on my part. We'll be flying into Houston, hit up Hurricane Harbor there and the two parks nearby and then head over to Austin, Schlitterbahn and San Antonio area before heading back to Houston on Sunday. Don't think I'll make the drive to Dallas this trip. Maybe pick up the Seaworld credit. Been to Six Flags a couple times already.
  2. Another in the 1966 birth year club. Don't think I'll ever tire of riding coasters. Worked at the park for 4 summers. Now call America in DC home, so don't have any sympathies for SFStL woes. You have the best collection of wooden coasters in the chain. But, I can ride up I95 to Great Adventure for my elite fix. Along with a whole set of other parks. I think the whole chain is kind of lost. After the total fail in Season pass sales last fall following giving away the gate for one year and now a list of options that confuses the most seasoned park goer. Coming out of the pandemic last fall they had the opportunity to have a clear strategy and totally re-invent where they wanted to go. They missed it and now they are trying to figure it out. Can't believe they can't keep the water park open all week in the summer. That is a huge PR hit and loss of revenue opportunity. Need a national movement to get all the high school/college students in summer jobs to help bring back the economy. I have so many valuable lessons and stories from working in the park. Oh, well I guess I really am old talking about the good old days! I did ride the Eagle opening year, remember the sky ride and Casa Meramac the original Mexican restaurant. Time to figure out which park to hit next!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Wow. That would have been awesome. I'd love to see a small Intamin hyper be added as well to really round out the park. The new Intamins being added this year look awesome. Hope to get a short visit after picking my daughter up from Mizzou before heading back to Baltimore.
  4. I'll always do a drop ride multiple times if the lines aren't too long. To me and my family they are a staple at the parks. Love the Intamin towers. Heck, I'll marathon them. Done several on the order of 10 times in a row. The unique drop pattern of Superman was great as well. Removal leaves a hole in the ride offering. It's not just about the number of rides, ride balance is important. Pulling two rides in one season with no replacement on the 50th anniversary is a bold move. With everything else going to shit might as well make some hard decisions. Hopefully this will be the end of pulling rides for awhile. Moon car removal was inevitable due to the catering move to it's previous location. The track was just too small to be interesting. Driving through American Thunder was fun though! But you lose another family ride. Maybe it will show up someplace else with a bigger track. Catwoman Whip doesn't thrill me, but a refurbished carousel is awesome! I do think the strength of the park is the 3 woodies. I worked at the park for 4 summers in the 80s and had season passes for multiple years before that. I get to the park 1 or 2 times per year when I'm back in the St. Louis area to visit family.
  5. I just don't get why they couldn't get Superman running reliably. SFGAm seems to have a reliable Intamin drop tower of the same generation. I'm guessing something was never right about this unit after being transferred from Houston. Maybe something about how they dismantled rides at Astroworld. Ultratwister never survived and Viper and Arrow suspended got scrapped. Both would have looked great at SFAmerica. How many rides are left from Astroworld?
  6. Totally agree about cleaning up the Old Chicago area. With the two restaurants closed, Superman closed, the games closed, and the Eagle queue looking like a run down alley, it's time for a total rework. Maybe Catwoman will force that, but won't happen until next year. Glad to hear about the carousel! That almost makes up for everything else they are pulling out. Now if I could just hear about the pre covid plans for the park anniversary to dream of what could have been. Oh well. They still have one of the best 3 woodie combos anywhere! I'll just continue to enjoy that bonus anytime I get back to St. Louis.
  7. What a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The Superman tower was a nice complement to the other rides. I'm with Zach and much rather rip out the Boomerang and keep Superman. Heck the bumper cars were better than a Boomerang. Yes, I grew up at SFoMA and rode Jet Scream 5 times on opening day. I did get to ride both the drop tower and Jet Scream/Viper at Six Flags Astroworld. Both great rides there too! The Old Chicago games area is going to be a ghost town. The walk back to the Screamin Eagle will be very creepy. Did they close the pizza place there too?
  8. This wasn't ever installed at the park, was it? I thought they used to have a kids carousel near log flume as well in Bugs Bunny land with the kids coaster. (Now that was a painful coaster.)
  9. Very sad news about Josh. Always so positive about the park and it's future. I have missed his posts over the past year. Now the world and SFStL have lost another bright light. I'll definitely keep Josh's family in my thoughts and prayers. Please post any links to information about donations or memorials.
  10. Yes, Josh was a fantastic poster. Never met him, but was always looking at the park to see if I might catch him on my limited trips back to St. Louis. Definitely spreading the love and prayers from Baltimore area. Keep us posted on progress or areas we can help. The world needs more people like Josh!
  11. Awesome about Dave Roemer coming back. Would love to meet him sometime and talk about evolution of the park. I'll be back visiting family over Christmas and hope to attend HitP. Do they have any bring a friend free days with 2016 SFStL passes? They did at SFAmerica. Next two Sundays. Along with 2017 pass bring a friend free. Trying to bump attendance I guess. I know BAFF days are only for pass of origin. I have family in the StL area with passes and they don't always follow the emails or check the app. Second question, can you process (just print out someone elses pass) without registering the fingerprint at the gate? You can at SFGAdv. Goal is to lock in Gold status with discounted price before Christmas. Can the fingerprint then be added at any other park? (I know SFAmerica still uses the picture as ID.) Final question is at what age at SFStL do they use fingerprint and not picture for the pass. We have two 9 yr olds and a 5 yr old. Thanks in advance, just want to follow the rules and try not to have too many surprises. Time for Christmas present shopping.
  12. Yes, horrible. The roof/ceiling is totally peeling and rusted. Needs to be totally sandblasted. All horses need to be totally rehabbed. My niece and me on our very fun visit! It should have never gotten this bad.
  13. Rode Jet Scream 5 times on opening day. Worked in the sit down restaurant (DJ's Diner) that is now Johnny Rockets. DJ's Diner opened in 1984 same year as Rail Blazer accident. DJ's Diner had tables from the Admiral. The Admiral was run by Six Flags for a couple of years before it was converted to a casino. I used to ride the Admiral when I was a kid, but never when it was docked and run by Six Flags. The food stand by Jet Scream was Potato Patch and had fresh cut fries. I remember all the teens and tweens would hang out on the weekend at the dance club. I think I worked in every food location in the park during my 4 summers there. I also was fortunate enough to ride the Viper at Astroworld during a work trip. Astroworld turned out to be really fun mix of unique rides. Can you say Ultratwister! I've got a couple of stories about riding the Jet Scream, but I'll leave that for another post.
  14. I visited both SFNE and SFStL (old home park) this year. If the new guy gets SFStL to look like SFNE, its a great thing. I'm sorry to see Dave go, but SFNE has made huge strides forward and the park looked great. Now to get a Superman/Bizarro clone for SFStL. None of the B&M hyper nonsense, Intamin all the way. (The operations I saw at SFStL were the worst of any parks I visited. I'll just mark it up to a tough couple of weeks.) SFMM had the best look and feel of any of the parks. (I've been to SFGAdv, SFNE, SFA, SFStL, SFMM this year)
  15. Wow. What a day! We haven't even received positive confirmation of the ride yet and people are throwing punches. But, I'm betting on the Larson Loop as well. Spent 21 years in St. Louis and worked at the park 4 summers. Yes, I'm a Six Flags fanboy. I now live in DC area (25+ years) and got to live through a year of FireBall. Both SFA and Great Adventure got one. No, I didn't ride it. My son did and almost lost his lunch. No thanks. Never seemed to pull a large line. It did look nice at night. I did ride JLBFM. Awesome ride and Zach needs to cut the park a break on that one. That ride outclasses any of the regional parks. Super re-rideable. And I actually thought Scooby ride was best Sally dark ride around, so tough act to follow. Other issue is you may not like the steel collection, but the wood collection is top notch and brings me back year after year. It stands up to any other park in the country. Don't even say Holiday World, because the Voyage is a piece of cr*p in my view. I know others like it, but it's my opinion. If they add RMC to Boss next year, watch out. (I've been on every RMC except Texas Giant (closed during my visit the week before the accident) and Twisted Colossus. Not a big fan of Outlaw Run (the corkscrew ruins it), but I do love SDC. The SFStL thread has become very negative and I don't quite understand. I visited Cedar Point, Kings Island, Dollywood, Universal Studios this year and many others last year. I still have a great time at SFStL. Don't get me wrong, there were many things that SFStL could be doing better, but it's not about the ride collection. It's operations. (Maybe it's just the curse of 2015. Too many rides weren't running on the dry and wet side.) I've visited SFStL, Great Adventure, SFA, New England at a bargain price. New England had the best feel and two awesome rides! I still like El Toro as my #1. I'll be visiting SFMM at the end of the month. Twisted Colossus and Yolo! I'm praying for a good ride on X2. Six Flags just isn't dropping the money into the parks like they used to under new management. They aren't keep pace with Cedar Fair. This upsets me more than anything. I don't know if anyone in the chain will see a huge coaster. X flight may be the biggest?? I hope Zach and HWfan can call a truce, because both are valuable to the forum. HWfan would be the biggest loss since he brings such awesome information to the thread from inside the park. The number of posts has jumped with his involvement. Hope things calm down a bit. I know there will be plenty of complaints following the announcement. On a hockey note, the Capitals know how to choke in post season as well. Wicked Cyclone last week in between 2 days at Great Adventure
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