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  1. This is great news for our British friends. Man, it can not be cheap to ship Olympia Looping just for a couple of weeks to London. I wonder how much it will cost to ride....
  2. You can get a drop tower experience pretty much at every funfair/volksfest in Germany(and they are hundreds of those). If EP would ever build one, it would have been unique, otherwise there is no point installing a experience that you can have in your home town.
  3. I am glad you liked Phantasialand, not the biggest park on earth, but beautiful. Hollywood Tour is so bad that it is actually cult. Kinda like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is a bad movie, but awsome. I've stayed at the Hotel Matamba, which I loved, so it was great to see pictures of the other Hotel
  4. Great report! From what I understand, there will be a beergarden in Metropolis!
  5. To answer your question about the back of the park, Phantasialand can not do anything there as it is close to a residential area and the citizen complained extensively, hence why the ride is closed all day sunday.
  6. A source would be nice with the post. But if that is the case, I will be in London this Christmastime
  7. SFMM has really done a good job updating the park with every new addition. They kinda work counter clock wise and so far, so good. The only area that needs a re-fresh now is the ex Cyclone Bay area(I assume that is in the plans for 2018) and up on the hill around Ninja and a repaint for Tatsu. Otherwise they did good in the past years in my humble opinion.
  8. Firefighters and emergency crews always used the parking lot as a staging plot in these situations
  9. Just got back from 2 Days Phantasialand, Omg, Matamba Hotel is just excellent. What a treat! I loved every minute there. As you already saw in the pictures posted, the new area is stunning. You stand there and be at awwww. You could walk around for hours and discover new things. As I am too tired (and too drunk honestly), no full trip report, but Taron is just a fun coaster. It is rather long, which surprised me and the first part is fun, everyone has a smile on there face. Second launch, wtf just happpend. It is insane, I am sure I've lost some braincells on that. My experience with multi launch coaster are limited as I only did Maverik and Cheetah Hunt, this one(we are talking second launch)is another World. Raik is perfect for the kids. It is nothing special, but a cool addition to the park that needed a family coaster. The first part is actually pretty exciting and rather fast. The way back portion is slow, but the kids will love it. What Phantasialand did here is quite stunning. You have to understand that there is no Disney or Universal behind it, it is a family run business. From me it gets a A+
  10. Ahhh, Elissa is talking about Raclette at Europa Park all year long. I am glad she had her fix and I am sure she will be there again today,lol. Is there a Fundue place at Europa as that would be the next step. Melted cheese mixed with wine and you consume it with incredible bread. Ugh, now I am hungry
  11. I love Phantasialand, such a beautiful park and with Klugheim/Taron opening next week, it will be even better. I love your tripreport! Btw, there are 6 Dragons at Phantasialand, did you find them all? To bad the bar was closed, it is such a great way to close out the night
  12. Ahhh, are you going to miss the Taron opening by a couple of days or will you stay long enough?
  13. There is some missinformation here. 1. The park has no permission to expand so far 2. It is not true that they can not extend the themepark, there plan is though is to turn this into a year round resort with waterpark, new hotel and a event hall. There is simply no plan to extend the themepark 3. There have been no words with problems in regards of Taron and Raik, Phantasialand simply opens the area when they feel like everything is perfect. Phantasialand is detailed oriented as you can see in the lighning video. 250 individual, hand crafted lights when they could have just bought some lights in stock. 4. I personally assume a Summer Holiday opening in the State the park is located at, which would make it mid July. This is not based on any fact or information from the park, just my assumption.
  14. This is not true, the park did not close its gates... Not sure where this false information is coming from? Hmmm, I was there and yes, it is true, why else would I post it?
  15. The park had to close it's gates at 1.30pm on thursday (fathersday) as over 50000 people already entered the park and they reached capacity. The park stayed open until 9.30pm with all all the mayor rides running(I think normal closing time this time of the year is 6pm) Looks like a good season for Europa
  16. I would say Cologne is way more interesting and fun as a city compared to Orlando
  17. Huh? Gloom is the last word that would come to my mind when talking about Phantasialand. Plenty of sun to be had and of course areas in the shade as even in Germany it can get rather hot in the summertime.
  18. For real amazing Raclette, you go to a swiss ski resort, ohhhhh soooooo goooooood! But I will try the Mc D Raclette Burger, I like when they do some innovative Burgers...
  19. Elissa, you should book a flight to Germany asap, from the end of the month on Mc Donalds will offer a Raclette Burger(unfortunately limited time only) http://www.mcdonalds.de/produkte/produkt-profil?productName=big_beef_raclette
  20. Raik, we hardly knew ya, as it will not be seen thru all the theming. What Phantasialand builds here is spectacular. (pic from the incredible Tobi at phantafriends.de) Edit: CSL posted the same picture at the same time,lol, what are the chances for that? If any mods are around, you can delete my post.Guess we are to excited when it comes to this project
  21. There's been talk in Germany about it moving to Prater Park. From what I understand is that it will be moving for this summer to the Prater and after that gig going str8 to the Oktoberfest(so it will be not traveling the German Fair Circuit in 2016, but again in 2017. ( I would cite a source, but I can not remember where I've read that, could be wrong too, we will see) When Olympia Looping retires from the fairs, it probably would move to Taunus Wunderland as the Barth Family owns that park, unless they are getting a offer they can not refuse.
  22. ^^ You might should add that this is a rendering from Tobi, very talented person, but nothing official from Phantasialand
  23. New steal construction has gone up around Raik over River Quest, so they will really theme/hide that coaster as well? Honestly, I think Phantasialand gone crazy and makes a statement here when it comes to theming. I hope it is ok the use Tobi(who is so talented) from Phantafriends.de model/pic to explain what happend today on the construction side
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