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  1. Oh i missed that reaction. Sorry! haha funny how that works. You hear about all those amazing coasters and you don't realize there is an amzing one near you. I love the ride, i've been on it over 50 times i guess, but i never expected it to be a top 15 coaster! I really need to go back to Walibi. it has been too long!
  2. yeah i guess that is it. I have been to a couple of great parks (like Heide Park and Europa Park), but i have been to Walibi quite a lot until (i guess) 2008. Once you've seen something special a lot, it is probably not that special anymore. I also don't like the way the park changed and maybe that has influenced my opinion as well. But i was kinda proud to see it in your list! Maybe i should go back and try it again!
  3. Is no one surprised about Goliath being in this list? Don't get me wrong, i like that it is there and i love Goliath. It is the only one i rode (from the list), but i don't really think it is tht good of a ride compared to the others. So my question is: why Goliath? BTW: Great list and a great article!
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